“There is something special about having a vampire for a lover”, Liz said to her one true love with a sigh.
Lina, her arms around Liz’s waist, stiffened and then frowned, “Vampire?  Where did the vampire part come in?”
“I was meaning to tell you..   Nadja.. she.. she is also a vampire. I meant to tell you…”
“You meant to tell me.. but you kinda forgot?”
“I was going to…”
“..But it just slipped your mind?!”
“No.. not really. I was looking for the right moment to break it to you. I thought you might get upset…”
“Upset? ” Lina tasted those words, “I might be upset?! You know why they do what they do?”
“I heard the sermon.”
“It is one thing that I tolerate you exploring yourself with your little encounters, but this is something beyond… beyond exploration and tolerance…It is dangerous.”
Liz suddenly kissed Lina on the mouth, “Oh hush..You’re so sweet in allowing me to have my little adventures.. Like you’re so sweet when you bought this gown for me. It is beautiful..”
Liz stroked the Ivory Maxi gown Lina had bought for her.
“I think black looks better on you.”
“It’s our wedding gown.. can’t have them in black. Black brings bad luck.”
“You deserve a black look awesome in gowns.. Unlike me. Fat behind.” Lina slapped her buttocks.
“Why thank you,” Liz kissed Lina again, “And you are wrong about your behind: it is lovely”
“Hold on!”
“Trying to sidetrack me with kissing and flattery won’t work, young lady. I was lecturing you about vampires…. This is a serious game for them, they seduce you, drain you and leave you empty and soulless. So yes.. I am upset!

“It’s just a game, Lina. They do not really suck your blood. It’s just a silly game they play. The blood is not real. Just a computer keeping score.”
“I don’t like those games.  It makes you unsure about peoples intentions. How do you know she isn’t just being nice to you because of the game?”
“She probably is, but she also says I am a great lover…It can be both…”
“Or she might be lying just so you come back.”
“I am sure she isn’t. Not it the way she reacts.. she goes pretty wild. I am still blushing when I think about it.”
“Hmmppff.. So how much blood did this Nadja take already..”
“We have been together twice.. and. well, she really likes to bite..”
“It goes with three percent at the time. So I guess we are at… well… the first time she bit me twice, but the first time is actually fifteen so that makes for eighteen the first time. Then the other time she bit me twice.. So that makes six. So it must be like twenty-four?. No wait.. it is twenty-seven.. She bit me three times the second time.”
“I mind is boggling with the calculations.. so three quarters left… What happens when your blood runs out?”
“I understand you can buy new blood.”
“As if people do not create blood by themselves. But hey it’s a game  so you have to buy it, so others can suck it. Neat game.”
“It’s the way the people get paid for creating and maintaining the game..”
“I figure when your blood runs out and you don’t buy new, Nadja suddenly stops being wild..”
“She could buy it for me, I guess. She seems to have money.”
“But if she doesn’t? Are you going to buy it yourself?”
“Can I buy it myself? You know who has the money in our arrangement..” Liz smiled a lovely smile at Lina, “So can I?”
“Can you buy it yourself? What do you think?”
“I think the answer is no. And I would not expect anything less,” Liz smiled broadly and kisses Lina warmly.

“Right, with this vampire business settled, how about shopping for a black gown to go with the white?”
“How about I shop alone so I can surprise you?”
” Surprise me? That sounds like a deal.”
“I need some money to buy one. They are not free, you know..”
“Here you go.. Surprise me, Liz.” Lina pulled Liz against her then kissed Liz in her neck.
Liz reached up her neck where Lina had kissed her, still  moist with Lina’s kiss, and her fingers touched the still sensitive bitemarks.
“I am going to.” Liz murmured  dreamily, “I am”.

Story-telling: Being beautiful in the art scene, a PimperPuppets Production by d-oo-b.

Sometimes things happen that you need to act upon quickly.

And so it is with the exhibition, a PimperPuppets Production and the brainchild of d-oo-b.
It’s a tale that must be familiar to artists, so I imagine, for it’s about an artist, Serge, who gets this big chance at fame: an exhibition in the Grand Hall, the Valhalla of art.. Unbeknownst to him, his moment of glory is at the expense of Lucia, an starting artist who is sees herself as much more deserving(of course), she with his art academy background, while Serges has had not artistic education whatsoever. And even though Lucia is told that she actually never stood a chance in the first place, she is determined to set Serge up for a fall. This then is the setup for the drama that unfolds.

The exhibition uses puppets set up in various area’s that are scenes or stages, if you will, that are displayed in a snapshot fashion. You could say it’s an comic in a way, for the camera moves from one scene to the next. Each scene however is not just a static display.. there is a small dialog and sometimes the camera shifts within the scene and the puppets are animated.
I would like to tell  and show more, but at the moment I would like just inform people with access that the exhibition is there. More will follow.

Here a link to Ziki Questi’s blog.

Here is a link to his d-oo-b’s blog.

Events at pimperpuppets

Here is the link to the inworld location:


Second Life Scrapbook: Discovering Innsmouth(once more).


Innsmouth needs saving.
That is what I gather from the save Innsmouth tip-jars in Second  Life.
Innsmouth is a place in Second Life that is named after the place of the same name from the novella ‘The shadow over Innsmouth’ by H. P. Lovecraft,  and it promotes the works of Lovecraft and offers a place for people who like to role-play in the world of Lovecraft. This world of Lovecraft is maybe better known as the world of the Cthulhu mythos. I specifically mention this because this world includes more writers than Lovecraft such as Clark Ashton Smith(one of my favorites)  You could say that Lovecraft was the one who laid the foundation and because he corresponded with a lot of other writers he influenced others and others of course influenced him. One such writer is the writer of Conan the barbarian, Robert E. Howard.  Another such writer was August Deleth who founded the publishing house Arkham House, a publisher specializing in printing works of weird fiction, such as that from Lovecraft.Lovecraft’s world actually inspired a lot of other people who made movies(The Dunwhich horror, Dagon, the call of Cthulhu), board games(Arkham Horror, Elder Sign), video games(Alone in the dark and lots more) and even art( through the iconic Necronomicon: see Giger’s Necronomicon. Which in itself influenced the movie Alien. Can it be said that Lovecraft indirectly influenced the movie Alien? Perhaps it can :P).

I thought to make a few pictures there as kind of exercise but perhaps also as a kind of memorial.

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Chronicles of another world: the poledancer

poledancer1 copy

She was like that..
Her art was not in the way she snaked her body around the pole. Those movements were animations made by others and then automated through scripts.  It cost  her no effort at all.
Her art was picking – or getting picked by – the right companion, the subsequent conversation and  the possible follow-up. It was the unspoken promise: the possibility of pleasure once you got to know her more intimately. The outcome was never fixed: she was a poledancer, she entertained with easy banter: stirring, sensual and silver-tongued. The price was the tip. The ultimate reward was her avatar. And always and only on her terms: she was a poledancer after all.
Sometimes she was more interested in the other dancers then the customer. Girls like her, twisting their often similar shaped bodies around similar poles in similar ways while they made out or chatted over private channels, mostly between each other. For some that was all the sport they wanted: the other girls and not those male customers. The latter were just a way to earn a living.
She knew one girl who only danced when a new girl had joined the club.  She wanted to get to know the newest dancer and put her on her list of exclusive female contacts. Once that was accomplished, she would withdraw to her skybox again.  Every morning she went through this list of potential diversions and invited one to come over to her place up in the sky. Sometimes she had little to choose from, for in her morning few were online, but she always picked one when one was online, for she craved a quick lay before going to her monotone real life work. When she was able to she tried the newest first, hoping and fearing that that one would be the one true love she was destined to meet. Hoping: for was she not told that there must be a special someone out there? Fearing: and what demands would that true love have?
One girl hated her male customers and she proved to her own satisfaction their depravity each and every time when they paid her for her company in  a shady room filled with pre-animated adult poses and beds that were hugely oversized. They, so she told the other girls, just wanted to use her for sex, while she suffered them, all for money. For half an hour of her time for which she was paid the equivalent of a dollar. She could not devise another way to earn it. If that was possible, she would not have to sell herself. So she told them.
And a few girls were searching for others – other girls mostly – to have them bowing their heads at their feet or to grovel on the floor themselves.  For – to them, – nothing is of such unreel  beauty as an avatar bound with shiny leather, coarse chains and chafing ropes. And it is compassionate creativity that drives them to trigger the twisting and bending animations that mimic discomfort and thus find or cause liberty through restraint. So it says.
She suspected that some of the other girls were no girls at all, but rather men using the countenance of women.  Most girls drew the line there and called such individuals dishonest, even though their real life selves were decades older, many pounds heavier and their skins of any other color but tan. But gender was the deciding moral factor and they howled their anger, as did their clients and the girls who were men.
Some girls have darker passions.. secret forbidden fantasies,  not tolerated by  society. In this virtual world, were anything could be possible, as long as the computer supports it and the graphic card renders it, these could be played out..provided one could find the right companions to play with. And poledancing was a good way as any to find them.
She was a poledancer and it reminded her sometimes of  that old movie she once saw in which one person desired an other, who desired another,  who desired yet another again and so the camera drifted from one spurned lover to the next,  from one broken heart to the next until it returned to the first person. For this world was a world of short passions and desires. It is so much easier to hurt a pretty puppets when it starts to bore you.
She was a make belief poledancer in a make belief world and nothing was real, but she knew one thing for certain: that she would never ever touch a pole in real life… ..again.

Two Nekos do Urupe 8: Brussels

Chocolate and lace

Sooooooo we are probably reaching the end of this Nekos do Urupe series as I ran out of European Cities to depict. There are some places that have the name of a city, but do not on any way represent the city or parts of it. However.. we might show them to, just because some people love their city even though it does not look like that city.

(Krisp says there is a place called Dublin that we went to but did not quite cover so we might go and look that place up).

Anyway, lets have  a look at Brussels that has been declared to be the unofficial capital of Urupe because it is the formal seat of the European Union. I must say we have a rather vague feel about Brussels. So what we did is find what we could find on youtube. And we ran into this guy.. Rick Steves. We took the liberty to offer a few  links to some his movies(see beluw).

We liked this one cause she looks cool, even though we did not have a clue what she was saying cause she speaks French and we do not understand French. But you know, it is a great way to learn some, cause that is the language they speak in Brussels. You see, Brussels is the capital of Belgium too and Belgium has a French speaking population, called Walloons and a Dutch speaking population, called Flemish. And there is even a small group that speak German. Brussels is on the border between the two parts, but most of it’s citizens speak French.

We recall once visiting Brussels and ordering some chocolate with a Leonidas store because chocolate is a thing that Belgium is famous for. And Leonidas is a famous Belgian chocolate store. So we were Dutch and did not speak a word of French, but we indicated what we wanted with pointing and that has helped in many countries of which we did not speak the language. But the Walloons and Flemish do not like each other very much, so speaking Dutch – which is similar to Flemish – no doubt acts on them Walloons like a red cloth does on an enraged bull.. So they pretended no to understand us. But well, my dad, who was there, just shrugged his shoulders and said in Dutch, “well then we buy something in the other store.” And he put his wallet back in his pocket. And for some reason they understood that and got us the things we wanted.. See…money talks!

At the top of this post you see us, to the left was a store that sold chocolate and to the right is another product that seems to connected to Belgium or Brussels, which is lace.  So Krisp is trying to make some and I am trying to get eat something.
Next to lace and chocolate Mussels seems to be a dish that is associated with Brussels, which is interesting as Mussels come from the sea and Brussels is smack-bang in the middle of Belgium, nowhere near the sea.


This is the Atomium, built for the  Expo’58 and, I am reading this from the wiki, represents the iron atom very large. It seems that it has not been used much in movies and such, which might be cause by the fact that someone has claimed intellectual property rights on it  till 2075 and any depictions of it, although not for private individuals depicting it for private non commercial reasons(which would cause a revolution, we think.). One wonders how the world would be like, when everyone was copyrighting their house, their car, their whatever. Oh, how about my cows? Or my windmill? A barren world will unfold. The upshot is no doubt that nobody wants to show it. Hence you get to see the Eiffel-tower,Trafalgar square and what not.. but not the Atomium.

brussels-1 copy
Royal Greenhouses of Laeken

Last picture^^ is a picture of a the  inside of the Royal Greenhouses of Laeken. It was not a big representation of the real thing, but with the proper light it actually looks a bit magic. The real life Greenhouses can only be visited during April and May. The Second Life version is never closed.

Rick Steves

Two nekos do Urupe 2: that darn capital city.

Screenshot - 10_1_2013 , 11_39_45 PM
Screenshot - 10_1_2013 , 11_58_50 PM
Dinner in Luxembourg.. which settled the big question for us: which was the capital city?

So….what is actual the capital city of Urupe?  Figuring out that was not easy. Some of the inhabitants told there was no such thing as the capital city of Urupe, but you and I know that they are just confused because they are Urope people. For that is what Urupe people are…confused about themselves. Like the United States of America has gotz it states and the capital city, which is Washington, so Urupe people has their states.. like German land and that place with French speaking people.. eh.. Walloon? France? Anyway.. And you gotz those Spanish people down south and those Pizza creators  somewhat to the south east.. Anyway.. since we figured the rest of the world might like to know what the place is actually their capital city we listed some candidates here.. Our pick was Luxembourg.. we settled that over dinner: it was capital.

Paris. The Moulin Rouge was bon ton we heard so we tried to get in, but we were not dressed seemingly according to the person at the entrance.
Munich. A city in the south of German land near the border with Austria. They got all kinds of fun parties going on. Southern Urupe people seem to like to party outdoors more than people up north. Must be the weather. It was October so there was a big party going on that consisted of lining up long wooden tables, have people sit at them and hand them a big mug full of beer. .
Berlin. The tower in the picture used to be a radio tower when there were still commies in German land. Communism went out of fashion during the previous now people find other excuses to resist the blessings of modern capitalism(and be lazy layabouts someone remarked)  . Which is okay for them… but is it okay for you and me?
Lundun.. It actually reads London everywhere.. but people seem to say.. Lundun. Like it some kind of ancient roman place.. which it actually was. even older..Anyway. Someone said whe had to make sure to find Big Ben. We did not find him so we took this picture of these lovely trees lining the street and this tower in the back.
Lundun. It actually reads London everywhere.. but people seem to say Lundun. Like it some kind of ancient roman place.. which it actually was. even older! Anyway. Someone said we had to make sure to find Big Ben. We did not find him so we took this picture of these lovely trees lining the street and this tower in the background. Don’t you love that little red car?! It is a mini.
English people call the subway an underground, which is an apt name until it gets above ground, then it is still called an underground, but above ground.. shows how confused people in Urupe are.
Venice.. that is a place in the north of Italy. It was a place full of water, bridges and old buildings. A plaza was called a piazza. Normally it is very hot and suffocation were were told, but we had this strange foggy weather which made the place a bit mysterious.. especially because it was devoid of people.
Amsterdam is known for canals which the Dutch people call grachten. Dutch people are very confused about their identity as they live in the Netherlands, which they call Holland at times and they refer to themselves as being Dutch. Up north live Dutch people who call themselves Frisians. Amsterdam is also famous for the red light district and other pastimes like smoking grass and bicycle nicking. The last thing means those canals have to be cleaned at times as most stolen bicycles end up in them.