Bauhaus museum


A small and nice exhibition  about Bauhaus on Lea 2 (
Had some fun with Gray Child(the neko(cat human hybrid) in the picture) and a few lyrics of Massive Attack to which I was listening. Some of which had relevance to the exhibition.

Bauhaus(1919-1933) didn’t last long as an independent art movement in Germany once the Nazis came to power(1932) as it quickly became  un-German and ‘degenerate art’, not strange if you look at how some of the women dressed up and behaved(go and watch the exhibition).

Being unconventional is something no repressive society can cope with. And since women had to fit a specific mold, (blond, blue-eyed, docile and focused on motherhood) being manly(smoking, unmarried and having unruly hair, look below) was a no no.
Bauhaus did live on because it influenced and interacted with other art mostly because the artist fled from Germany to other countries of the world. In a way this was their luck as apparently the rest of the world was prepared to be influenced by them.

There is a certain irony in the statement at the top of the picture below. The picture is called Marcel Breuer mit seinem Harem= Marcel Breuer with his harem.
Mag ich flapper sein? pfft! Nein danke means something like: Can I be a flapper(but in German it actually also can be: Am I allowed to be a Flapper)? Pfft!. No thanks.
Flapper was a nickname for young women in the 1920’s who broke with conventions by wearing short skirts, bobbing their hair and listening to jazz(another degenerate art form).
There is an irony in the statement in that these women are Breuer’s group of women who were associated with him and they actually do not look like flappers to me(usually they were more elegantly looking) but neither do they look like the conventional women of the day. They were a third kind 😛  At least that is my take on it.





Movie review: 2 Nekos went Ultraviolet(but remained logical)

“I like to learn from movies,” Jenney folded her hands just after correcting her glasses.
“And?” Krisp smiled. She had already stood up, being unable to sit still for long times.
“Did you learn anything from Ultraviolet?”
“That swords make excellent torches.”
“I knew that!”
“It is new to me,” Jenney said.
“Everyone knows.” Krisp gestured wildly with her hands, “You know… like everyone. At least I think they do…”
“Except for me…”
“Uhmmm…Except for you.”
“Like everyone has coffee breaks in the middle of fights?”
“Yes. Priorities. We all need priorities. Ice cream is one, coffee breaks is another. Except that I don’t drink coffee.. but it is the thought that counts!”
“Talking about breaks… is it me or did you find the in between fight bits also rather.. How would I say that politely….”
“Good word that. I think someone must have said at some point while they were doing the cool fight scenes: ‘Guys, we need something to tie these scenes together so people know what is going on. Guys, we need a plot. So someone get busy and write one’.”
“What is a plot?” Krisp asked.
“Uhmmm. Let me think..A plot is what makes the movie make sense. You know. So you go like… ‘Oh, now I get it’!”
“I see.”
“So someone wrote one. A plot, that is. During a coffee break,” Jenney said and shifted her glasses a bit.
“That is helpful!”
“And then they fitted the fights scenes to the plot. And then someone said: ‘look these don’t match up. It doesn’t make sense.'”
“Does it have to?”
“That is exactly what the writer of the plot said. And the director agreed. We have a plot and we got some really cool fight scenes. The movie is done!”
“I bet they were glad.”
“Of course they were. For a movie with a plot is always better than without one.”
“Great!” Krisp said.
“But I think they sort of felt uneasy anyway. So they decided to spice the fights and in between bits with CGI.”
“That is graphics.. it is what you use to make scenery or creatures that don’t exist or are hard to film. Like Gollem, or dragons or science fiction cities. It is like painting, but with a computer.”
“Ah. Fake pictures.”
“Which is okay, until they get noticeable. Then you feel like someone is whispering in your ear: fake.. fake..not real.”
“I thought I ignore that voice. Spoil sport voice!”
“And then they blurred Ultraviolet’s face.”
Krisp nodded.
“Cause, you know.. Ultraviolet is ugly.”
“Is she? Poor Ultraviolet.”
“But you can’t tell, cause they blurred her face.”
“But I don’t think she is ugly,” Krisp shook her head.
“Why not. How can you tell?”
“Because of logic.”
“She is pretty because the ugly people were not blurred.”
“Logic!” Krisp held up two fingers close together.
“Yus…Logic.” Jenney said a bit uncertain.

Two nekos: credits for other people’s merits -4: Exhale, UfO Abduction & Slave

slave-by IGOR-1
Slave by IGOR


We were a bit pressured for time, because  the SL11B event was approaching  it’s end, so we are not in them pictures this time. Just takes some organizing to get everyone together. Nevertheless here are some we liked or which somehow caught our attention. It will be almost be last one. The last one? No  wait there will be two more. The next one will be a post dedicated to one artist alone. It is one that we discovered quite late and we liked. Most of all Taubie,she goes for eyecandy. 😛
All the pictures you see here are not exactly as they might appear on your viewer. That is because Taubie likes tweaking a bit with Photoshop, which is why we do this anyways, so Taubie can learn Photoshop.

Above the first picture: Slave by Igor. It is best just to have a look at the picture. You’ll get the drift.

Exhale by Eliza Wierwight

The next one is Exhale by Eliza Wierwight. No comment either. cause you can read the text, can’t you? We liked the shadows and the light from the back.  The installation looks better then this picture.

UFO Abduction

This one was a bit funny. I hope that it was meant to be funny that is. (You never know in SL). Didn’t say much else beyond: UFO Abduction.  I guess we got a peculiar future to look forward to.


Two nekos: credits for other people’s merits -3 Dream, my prince & The processing center&Thought-Birth-Existence

Dream, my prince, by Nintin.

Originally this was the last picture. It is Dream, my prince by Nintin.  I decided that it should not be last, but first. There is this single object, but it has a little story around it, and a machinima.  Here is the  text from the notecard of the artist

While advances in technology give us exciting entertainment and allow us to play and dream, “we are put to sleep with a lullaby.” The installation reminds us of how vulnerable we have become and how crucial it is to stay alert and fight, if necessary, to keep our freedom.

Description of exhibit: A sphere made of graphic figures, representing the global network, rotates around a sleeping figure. A lullaby starts playing when someone steps on the exhibition parcel via collision script.

The Machinima:

The Making:

The processing center: Merit and Taubie

We kinda cut loose from the original two nekos concept, so instead of two nekos we are doing a bunch of nekos and a raptor, but we are still calling it two nekos. The processing center was a quaint little building with various displays inside it.  There seemed to be no connecting theme, but that didn’t seem to spoil the fun. And we kinda went overboard with a few pictures. Above is a picture of me and Taubie. Me is to the right and Taubie to the left. We liked the cardboard trees, so Taubie gave a bit of cardboard feel to the picture.

The processing center: the entry

The second picture shows the entry of the processing center. We wanted a kind of strange feel, like they do for covers of albums, with people standing around.

Nekos and.. a raptor.

No comment really. Yes, it is a raptor in the back and it is wearing a tophat and a tutu.

The processing center: happy birthday!

The processing center can be found here:


Before visiting the processing center we actually landed on  Thought-Birth-Existence and we spent a while there to get some good shots, but it was all wasted. So after some tweaking in photoshop Taubie made this.  The real installation looks totally different.,  but it was this or nothing. Thought-Birth-Existence can be found right across the processing center:


That is all folks.

For now.

Two nekos: credits for other people’s merits -2: Elin Egoyan and Snail On A Virtual Razor Blade

The first two nekos post hasn’t cooled off and there is a second already, Jenney says.

That is because there is so much to see! O.o, Krisp replies.


So here we go.


Elin Egoyan


Crossroads of Life by Elin Egoyan

(Jenney to Taubie) A bit vivid. Think we overdone it a bit in photoshop?
I thought it would come out closer to real life that way?

Entry to Exhibition

(Taubie to Jenney) Words, words, word. Why?
(Jenney)Well, cause we wanted to experiment with them, don’t we? Broken narration and all. Fractured story telling.
(Krisp)Look at the umbrella.. it is flying!! And the tail.. so cute.


Elin Egoyan – Crossroads 1

No comment needed!
That is a comment!
Oh dillydally.

Elin Egoyan – Crossroads 5

More crossroads?


Snail On A Virtual Razor Blade

This is a philosophical and metaphorical art work

that delivers a cautionary tale about the potential for a nightmarish VR experience.

Inspired by movies like eXistenZ, The Matrix, Inception, and The Naked Lunch. By Tesla Miles and Liz Venenbaum.


We asked Butcher(he is sitting in front of the other butcher) if he minded to be on the picture and he said he was okay with it as we were showing his best side. So there you go. I forgot your last name Butcher, and since there are so many butchers in second life it’s kinda hard to find it. Guess he was right, Second Life must be a meat market, considering all the butchers. (Incidentally we typed meatmarket as meatmaket and the spelling checker  suggested matchmaker as alternative. Go figure).


Thought we make a composition^^


Snail On A Virtual Razor Blade can be found here:
Mind the puddles of green gooey though.


Two nekos: credits for other people’s merits -1

Two Nekos: Krisp

Time to do some exploring again and what better place to be at the moment than SL11B: the eleventh  birthday, a representation of Second Life spread out over six simulators., Jenney says

Wasn’t there some fashion event someplace,? Krisp asks.

Aren’t there always fashion event someplace?

Oh, there might be. Just saying..

We can always look at those later can’t we? The birthday is just once a year.


Two Nekos: Jenney



So Jenney, why credits for other people’s merits?

Cause  we are sort of using other people’s work to fill our blog with and thus taking credit in a way for other people’s work aren’t we? They make the stuff, we make the pictures..

Oh, right.

Or rather Taubie does. We just have to be in them.

Hard work!

Then we have some icecream.


While Taubie edits them pictures.

And have some pineapple juice.

While  Taubie uploads them pictures.

And then you type some words.

And we are done.

Need lot’s of clothing for them though. To look right in the pictures. Don’t want to look like we never have a change of clothes!

Let’s have a look at the first pictures..

Gotz us in them.^^




Notice: the imagery you see in these posts are my interpretations and do not necessarily represent the imagery as intended by the makers involved.  In addition my nekos will often be in the pictures because I want to prevent these pictures from being taken from our website and used without  the  original creators permission.













Two Nekos do Urupe 8: Brussels

Chocolate and lace

Sooooooo we are probably reaching the end of this Nekos do Urupe series as I ran out of European Cities to depict. There are some places that have the name of a city, but do not on any way represent the city or parts of it. However.. we might show them to, just because some people love their city even though it does not look like that city.

(Krisp says there is a place called Dublin that we went to but did not quite cover so we might go and look that place up).

Anyway, lets have  a look at Brussels that has been declared to be the unofficial capital of Urupe because it is the formal seat of the European Union. I must say we have a rather vague feel about Brussels. So what we did is find what we could find on youtube. And we ran into this guy.. Rick Steves. We took the liberty to offer a few  links to some his movies(see beluw).

We liked this one cause she looks cool, even though we did not have a clue what she was saying cause she speaks French and we do not understand French. But you know, it is a great way to learn some, cause that is the language they speak in Brussels. You see, Brussels is the capital of Belgium too and Belgium has a French speaking population, called Walloons and a Dutch speaking population, called Flemish. And there is even a small group that speak German. Brussels is on the border between the two parts, but most of it’s citizens speak French.

We recall once visiting Brussels and ordering some chocolate with a Leonidas store because chocolate is a thing that Belgium is famous for. And Leonidas is a famous Belgian chocolate store. So we were Dutch and did not speak a word of French, but we indicated what we wanted with pointing and that has helped in many countries of which we did not speak the language. But the Walloons and Flemish do not like each other very much, so speaking Dutch – which is similar to Flemish – no doubt acts on them Walloons like a red cloth does on an enraged bull.. So they pretended no to understand us. But well, my dad, who was there, just shrugged his shoulders and said in Dutch, “well then we buy something in the other store.” And he put his wallet back in his pocket. And for some reason they understood that and got us the things we wanted.. See…money talks!

At the top of this post you see us, to the left was a store that sold chocolate and to the right is another product that seems to connected to Belgium or Brussels, which is lace.  So Krisp is trying to make some and I am trying to get eat something.
Next to lace and chocolate Mussels seems to be a dish that is associated with Brussels, which is interesting as Mussels come from the sea and Brussels is smack-bang in the middle of Belgium, nowhere near the sea.


This is the Atomium, built for the  Expo’58 and, I am reading this from the wiki, represents the iron atom very large. It seems that it has not been used much in movies and such, which might be cause by the fact that someone has claimed intellectual property rights on it  till 2075 and any depictions of it, although not for private individuals depicting it for private non commercial reasons(which would cause a revolution, we think.). One wonders how the world would be like, when everyone was copyrighting their house, their car, their whatever. Oh, how about my cows? Or my windmill? A barren world will unfold. The upshot is no doubt that nobody wants to show it. Hence you get to see the Eiffel-tower,Trafalgar square and what not.. but not the Atomium.

brussels-1 copy
Royal Greenhouses of Laeken

Last picture^^ is a picture of a the  inside of the Royal Greenhouses of Laeken. It was not a big representation of the real thing, but with the proper light it actually looks a bit magic. The real life Greenhouses can only be visited during April and May. The Second Life version is never closed.

Rick Steves

Two nekos do Urupe 7:Amsterdam

Amsterdam-1 copy

Now Amsterdam.. that is that city I was born.. and we(= my avatars) went into Second Life when we found it existed. And exist it does.. I mean not in a small way, but actually there is a rather big place in Second Life that looks in a certain way as Real Life Amsterdam does. Although without the myriads of tourists plodding around and without, for some reason, the bars and the coffee shops pandering soft drugs. Yeah.. that is Amsterdam for you, yet it is not. There are coffee-shops there but it is not like every inhabitant is intoxicated.
I recall my friends and me had this moment in which we smoked pot and stuff like that. It started one day with someone bringing us a cake made with grass and a year or so later it stopped. Just like that.
Smoking lingered long after that. I mean one of those friends, he smoked until his late thirties, until one of his lungs collapsed and his doctor said: if keep this going…
If you were to say that one drugs lead to another.. it would be hard to proof. For nobody of the eight people involved ever touched any kind of drugs after that one year. It was this wild moment and it was over a year later. In fact.. studying at the university and doing soft drugs is not a good mix. I suspect most of us were to serious for that.

Now the picture above shows the dam. That would be the central square of Amsterdam in a way. I guess most inhabitants my beg to differ. I mean the Leidseplein is more of a center for people who want to go out and have a drink. And the museumplein would be more of a culture place. And yet the munt, not really a square, would be more of a place to watch a movies. The dam however holds the most dominating landmarks that illustrate the dutch mindset: a church, a big shopping mall, monument for world war II, a palace which isn’t actually a palace but rather a symbolic palace and also the gathering place for the ruling elite untill it became a democracy. And not far off: the stock exchange. For the three pillars of the dutch are: commerce, religion and a vague authority.

amsterdam-2 copy

This is a picture that more or less show the damrak that is a broad street running from the central station(way  to the rear of the picture) towards the dam.(behind us in the picture). The building with the flag on it (the dutch flag: red-white-blue) is the former stock exchange. I am not sure what it is for used for now. You can have coffee in front of it as it has a kind of bar. It also seems to have some kind of stock exchange function, but what it is I do not know.
In the front of the picture are the typical trams.. the one you see is somewhat old, as nowadays they have a yellow basic look and somewhat more modern.

Screenshot - 10_5_2013 , 12_36_33 AM Screenshot - 10_5_2013 , 12_34_47 AM Screenshot - 10_5_2013 , 12_31_40 AM
Ok I am sorry but I like the versions of the above place. Those show the typical dutch canals, called grachten. I think it’s a nice example of how a gracht might look like in Amsterdam. However the grachten seldom ended in a way like this in the way you see here. Usually they either continue on into another gracht. A building that is located at the end of a gracht I have seldom seen.

So that is Amsterdam and I finish with one picture less than at my blogger place.

Next up will be Brussels and it gotz the Atomium, lace and sweet and some real neko pictures. 😛