Two nekos do Urupe 3: Lundun

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Hiding out in the London Dungeon was Jack the Ripper.

The first place the two nekos visited was Paris, but because they are pretty unpredictable we do the Lundun visit first. Lundun in SL has many suprises and one includes this rather creepy guy called Jack the Ripper. Deemed responsible for the deaths of many women in Lundun at the end of the 19th century and the start of the 20th century,  he has gotten away with his foul deeds. It is a shame.

His identity and his motif  are a mystery, a mystery that creates one book or movie every decade or so.. no doubt more. Sherlock Holmes was probably not around at the time, otherwise he would have apprehended the bugger.  A pity indeed.

Part of the list of victims.
The street where you can find the London dungeon.
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Some fun activities to do. Also inside the London dungeon. Seems hanging was just as popular in the old times as it is among the young today. Only in a different way. breathtaking view, don’t you think?
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Soho..who does not like trendy restaurants, shop sand the lingering remnants of a darker past? But this is of course not Soho, but Trafalgar square…

Two nekos do Urupe 2: that darn capital city.

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Dinner in Luxembourg.. which settled the big question for us: which was the capital city?

So….what is actual the capital city of Urupe?  Figuring out that was not easy. Some of the inhabitants told there was no such thing as the capital city of Urupe, but you and I know that they are just confused because they are Urope people. For that is what Urupe people are…confused about themselves. Like the United States of America has gotz it states and the capital city, which is Washington, so Urupe people has their states.. like German land and that place with French speaking people.. eh.. Walloon? France? Anyway.. And you gotz those Spanish people down south and those Pizza creators  somewhat to the south east.. Anyway.. since we figured the rest of the world might like to know what the place is actually their capital city we listed some candidates here.. Our pick was Luxembourg.. we settled that over dinner: it was capital.

Paris. The Moulin Rouge was bon ton we heard so we tried to get in, but we were not dressed seemingly according to the person at the entrance.
Munich. A city in the south of German land near the border with Austria. They got all kinds of fun parties going on. Southern Urupe people seem to like to party outdoors more than people up north. Must be the weather. It was October so there was a big party going on that consisted of lining up long wooden tables, have people sit at them and hand them a big mug full of beer. .
Berlin. The tower in the picture used to be a radio tower when there were still commies in German land. Communism went out of fashion during the previous now people find other excuses to resist the blessings of modern capitalism(and be lazy layabouts someone remarked)  . Which is okay for them… but is it okay for you and me?
Lundun.. It actually reads London everywhere.. but people seem to say.. Lundun. Like it some kind of ancient roman place.. which it actually was. even older..Anyway. Someone said whe had to make sure to find Big Ben. We did not find him so we took this picture of these lovely trees lining the street and this tower in the back.
Lundun. It actually reads London everywhere.. but people seem to say Lundun. Like it some kind of ancient roman place.. which it actually was. even older! Anyway. Someone said we had to make sure to find Big Ben. We did not find him so we took this picture of these lovely trees lining the street and this tower in the background. Don’t you love that little red car?! It is a mini.
English people call the subway an underground, which is an apt name until it gets above ground, then it is still called an underground, but above ground.. shows how confused people in Urupe are.
Venice.. that is a place in the north of Italy. It was a place full of water, bridges and old buildings. A plaza was called a piazza. Normally it is very hot and suffocation were were told, but we had this strange foggy weather which made the place a bit mysterious.. especially because it was devoid of people.
Amsterdam is known for canals which the Dutch people call grachten. Dutch people are very confused about their identity as they live in the Netherlands, which they call Holland at times and they refer to themselves as being Dutch. Up north live Dutch people who call themselves Frisians. Amsterdam is also famous for the red light district and other pastimes like smoking grass and bicycle nicking. The last thing means those canals have to be cleaned at times as most stolen bicycles end up in them.

Henry and Kristl sweat during the Reign of Fire(2002)

“So this movie is about dragons destroying the world..” Kristl sat back
on the couch resting her heavy booted feet on the old worn surface of a
table. Something Henry felt as being very unladylike. He wasn’t quite
sure if he ought to mention it, but from Kristl’s eighties punk look,
with her short hair, sturdy black leather jacket, worn jeans and high
laced army boots, he gathered that she was not going to give a toss.

“That alone should be good for big haul. Who doesn’t want to see
dragons?” Henry said.

“Well, people will be disappointed no doubt. It is not like there are
that many to see. Dragons is plural.. I can’t recall to have seen more
than one up close in any one scene. If they had not killed one to show
there are two, it might as well have been only one dragon. The dragon.”

“But when you get to see one it looks really cool. I know people moan
at cgi, but I liked the way they did those dragons.”

“One dragon. They just made one dragon and then reused it. The big male
one they kill at the end looked just like the female one they killed
earlier in the movie. They did not even bother to give it another
color. Just because it was male.. or something. Or different. Little
lacking details.” Kristl added.

“Anyway there were dragons, cool ferocious dragons. Fire Breathing

“Exploding dragons..And for the rest it awash just hogwash..the story
was just laughable. Somewhere under London sleep dragons and when they
are woken they start destroying life as we know it, just like they had
done before with the dinosaurs for instance, so the over-voice tells
u.. I wonder how people found out about it, did the dragons tell them?”

“I liked the scenes where they try to kill one by throwing a net on
them and use people as bait. Really cool. ”

“Yeah, that was a cool scene. Cool scenes are far in between though,
mostly you see dirty scruffy men in brown-gray rags sneering at each
other. They never get along or develop in any sense. Many movies have a
group of reluctant people who have to team up to solve a problem. They
eventually start to respect each other even if they don’t agree. This
movie has no such development. Nothing changes in the persons

“And eventually everyone dies..Haha.” Henry laughed, “almost everyone,
that is. Only the guy and the girl remain.”

“And not one joke or witty line. I mean a movie like that should have
some relief. Some moments of humor to break the continuous gloom that
pervades, but I can’t remember one intentional joke or witty remark,
Not even sarcasm. Just two guys bickering for the sake of bickering. ”

“Yeah. They could have added some jokes in it.”

“I also can’t say there was exceptionally or interesting scenes in this
one. The only memorable screen moment is when the American dragon
hunter jumped from that two with an axe to attack the main dragon.”

“So basically a grim humorless movie that has nothing working for it
but some cgi dragons that some might like and others might hate.
Especially considering the lack of dragon movies overall”

“That is the gist of it.” Kristl nodded.

“Which reminds me.” Henry said and he reached down to open a box, “I
wanted to celebrate the movie with this.” He took out a few bottles.
Most were of different sized bottles made out of brownish glass, except
one complete white one, but covered wide variance of of colorful
labels. “Dragon stout, Double Dragon, Red Dragon, St. George & the
dragon, Dragon Troll Ale, Dragon’s milk, Gulden Draak, Dragon Year,
Copper Dragon and finally Green Dragon. A random selection of beers.”
Henry smiled broadly..

“Oh nice.. though, come to think of it, are we supposed to drink them?
You know I sort of stopped drinking alcohol.. well unless there is a
special occasion, that is.”

“Isn’t this a special occasion?”

“Well, it would have been if we had drunk them during the movie, but
since it is done and I don’t want to see it again the moment seems to
have passed.”

“Ah.. but I have thought of that.. We can go and see the hobbit.. that
has a large dragon in it.. at the end, if we ever get to the end.So we
reserve them for that moment”


“And if you by then still don’t drink alcohol I make sure the beer is
duly replaced with water… or any other non alcoholic beverage you can
think of..” He scratched his head.

“You are my hero.” Kristl said.

“A real dragon hunter.” Henry said.

“A dragon beer hunter you mean.”

“That to.”