Second Life Scrapbook: Discovering Innsmouth(once more).


Innsmouth needs saving.
That is what I gather from the save Innsmouth tip-jars in Second  Life.
Innsmouth is a place in Second Life that is named after the place of the same name from the novella ‘The shadow over Innsmouth’ by H. P. Lovecraft,  and it promotes the works of Lovecraft and offers a place for people who like to role-play in the world of Lovecraft. This world of Lovecraft is maybe better known as the world of the Cthulhu mythos. I specifically mention this because this world includes more writers than Lovecraft such as Clark Ashton Smith(one of my favorites)  You could say that Lovecraft was the one who laid the foundation and because he corresponded with a lot of other writers he influenced others and others of course influenced him. One such writer is the writer of Conan the barbarian, Robert E. Howard.  Another such writer was August Deleth who founded the publishing house Arkham House, a publisher specializing in printing works of weird fiction, such as that from Lovecraft.Lovecraft’s world actually inspired a lot of other people who made movies(The Dunwhich horror, Dagon, the call of Cthulhu), board games(Arkham Horror, Elder Sign), video games(Alone in the dark and lots more) and even art( through the iconic Necronomicon: see Giger’s Necronomicon. Which in itself influenced the movie Alien. Can it be said that Lovecraft indirectly influenced the movie Alien? Perhaps it can :P).

I thought to make a few pictures there as kind of exercise but perhaps also as a kind of memorial.

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Traces of Second Life: MBK( Masterbastler Kreise.)

mkb-6 copy
It is me.

After I had visited the exhibition of Instincta van Helsinki at the MBK gallery, I wandered out of the gallery on to the nearby sim. I had expected it to be just one sim with perhaps a few shops, maybe a dancing perhaps another gallery or some houses. A general sim from sl. Instead I found that place consisted of  no less than eight sims connected to one another and was made to resemble a part of Germany. While you can wonder why people would want to remake parts of real life in SL if they are at liberty to do any fun stuff, I have to say that we had some really nice time going about the place. With me: I mean Missie and me.
Here is a picture of us both at the trainstation Frankenhain.
mkb-5 copy

I have made a few more pictures of the sim, which are not exact screenshots, as I altered them a bit in photoshop as part of my desire to experiment with images, but they should give you a general idea of the sim. I understand you can rent shops, houses and so on. At one place there is a ski-track where you can get ski’s which you can also use for lang laufen. There are also bicycle stands.

mkb-8 copy

This was a picture I made when I had just walked out of the gallery. The gallery is that church like building in the top right corner. I have visited Germany at times.. and it captures the general mood of it. Or to be more precise. It breathes the atmosphere of rural Germany.

mkb-1 copy

This picture is somewhat more altered then the above one. It still resembles the picture I made though.

mkb-4 copy

The sim was set to a winter landscape. And this was one of the villages we happened on to.With the white fog it makes for a chilly winter picture.

mkb-3 copy

Another town called Grunau. Look at the timber-framed houses. There is a bit of a mystery about this place, which I did not try to solve. I leave it to you to find out. The mystery is this. The coat of arms that you see on the windows of the shop to the right side, shows a fir tree, partly white and partly green.You can see it behind the busstop. This is the coat of arms for Grunau in Austria, but the whole place is advertised with Germany.

mkb-2 copy

mkb-7 copy

Not much to add. I hope you like the pictures.. I like to make and altered them a bit. In general I tried to capture the mood of the sims.. It is interesting how people spend time in making these things look nice.

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Lovely Details: Twink Nation

Sometimes you visit a place in Second Life that is nice or pretty or has good atmosphere.

Like my interest in many things I am also interested in beautiful designed places. Places which keep on getting more beautiful because the availability of mesh and other features that are added to improve the eye candy.

One such place I visited recently and I made a few pictures that only captures a small part of the sim. It is called Twink Nation. It is a gathering place for Twinks: you gay males.

I especially liked the record store that was near the landing spot.

This is the landing spot.

Twink Nation 6

Twink Nation 5

Twinknation 3
I liked the inside and contrasted it with the light that you can set in second life. One turns the sun into a red/yellow ball. The light contrasted with the green of the pictures of the women against the back wall.
Twinknation 4
These are old vinyl records. There are still some stores who sell them. One I know looks a bit like this one.
twinknation 2
The crossroads is near the record shop and shows the strong red and yellow sun. The letters on the sign were mirrored, so it is not my mistake 😛
The power of mesh can be seen here. Mesh is a technique that allows for better looking objects. Wind the right light it can have a strong moody effect.

Twink Nation is an adult sim and advertised as male only(Quote:Men, boys (18+) no females av or rl  please.). Notice that this does not reflect my opinion. I have no problem with whatever gender and I fail to see why women can’t be allowed on a gay sim, certainly not rl women who have male avatars.