About Merit Coba(Copyrights)

(Update 21 Januari 2015)

This website is run by Merit Coba and hosts blogposts written by Merit Coba and written and graphical works made by Tau(Taubchen Sonnenkern)


This website shows textual works by Merit Coba and textual and graphical works by Taubchen Sonnenkern which are copyrighted under the respective names.. You can link to the posts and reblog, but you cannot use and build upon them. There is exception for those works that have been copyrighted under the creative commons act. When they are listed under the creative commons act this will be noted in the picture/movies.

I recently added some text and pictures of others as part of a review or a showcase.. The copyrights for those products are not owned by me. Which means you cannot use them for your own without the approval of the copyright holders. In pratice this means that  you are allowed to link to my blogs, but you cannot use the pictures or texts in your own posts.

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