Two nekos do Urupe 7: Luxembourg

Screenshot - 10_1_2013 , 11_39_45 PM Luxembourg is both the name of a small country and its capital, located in the West of Europe lodged between Belgium, France and Germany. In fact it is so small that you might see it as a city with outlaying districts and surrounding country side.. Perhaps the inhabitants of this small country might best speak for themselves about that. So go and ask them. And did you know there are just like 600.000 of them.. so the country is smaller than a lot of cities elsewhere in the world.

“How come that it exist at all?”  Kris asked..

“I bet because someone forgot to conquer it.” Merit said.

“You think?”

“Well.. perhaps someone would have.. but then other countries frown on such things: they get jealous, because they want to have it for themselves,.. so, it might exist because one does not want the other to have it. You know.. politics. The kind of self servicing politics that some enlightened philosophies like to take for being the prime motivation of humanity.”

“I bet it was just because after the centuries of conquering the bigger countries ran out of steam.  So by the time Luxembourg was eligible to be absorbed international laws were accepted as and it was saved by the bell Like.. why would we want to invade our neighbors? We want peace.. and love. Positive stuff.” Kris said

. “Perhaps.  it is a quiet little capital though. Nice and quiet.”

“I likes it!” Kris said.

“I like it too… and since it is in between some very big and powerful countries that could have conquered it or divided it, it. is like a sign of what peace can do. For we have not had a war in Western Urupe  since world war II. And certainly not Luxembourg. So I think it should the capital of Urope. As a symbol.” Merit said, “It already has a lot of European  Union institutions.. so why not all?”

“We could have multiple capitals can’t we?”

“We could. Who says we can’t?”

“Well, we name a few others we liked.”

“Didn’t we like them all?”

“Yes, but we can’t have all cities as the capital of Urupe?”

“Who says we can’t?”

Screenshot - 10_1_2013 , 11_34_22 PM
It is that quiet.
Because most decision are made by the stomach.. we thought Luxembourg is a good candidate for being the Capital of Urupe because of the many little restaurants. Haute cuisine, you’ll never go to war on a full stomach.. at least we don’t.
Fort Thungen
Fort Thungen was rebuilt at the end of the twentieth century and tthe start of the twenty-first after the original fortification was demolished between 1870 and 1874. In 1867 the treaty of London, signed by most of the then bigger European powers, guaranteed the neutrality of Luxembourg provided it had no fortification that might be used by outsiders as a base for waging war. So to remain neutral it should not be able to become a threat. Therefore the fort was demolished.
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The fort is a nice example of a late 18th century fortress built by the famous Vauban.. Well.. famous with those who know him. Nowadays the heap of stones is a nice backdrop where they let horses graze and you can do some site seeing. Being able to ride around without fearing some kind of violence is nice indeed!
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Picking a horse was hard. So many to choose from.

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Forts are pretty useless most of the time -this one did not even have a public toilet or a cafe. Which is why it is nice that we do not have wars anymore.

Two nekos do Urupe 2: that darn capital city.

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Dinner in Luxembourg.. which settled the big question for us: which was the capital city?

So….what is actual the capital city of Urupe?  Figuring out that was not easy. Some of the inhabitants told there was no such thing as the capital city of Urupe, but you and I know that they are just confused because they are Urope people. For that is what Urupe people are…confused about themselves. Like the United States of America has gotz it states and the capital city, which is Washington, so Urupe people has their states.. like German land and that place with French speaking people.. eh.. Walloon? France? Anyway.. And you gotz those Spanish people down south and those Pizza creators  somewhat to the south east.. Anyway.. since we figured the rest of the world might like to know what the place is actually their capital city we listed some candidates here.. Our pick was Luxembourg.. we settled that over dinner: it was capital.

Paris. The Moulin Rouge was bon ton we heard so we tried to get in, but we were not dressed seemingly according to the person at the entrance.
Munich. A city in the south of German land near the border with Austria. They got all kinds of fun parties going on. Southern Urupe people seem to like to party outdoors more than people up north. Must be the weather. It was October so there was a big party going on that consisted of lining up long wooden tables, have people sit at them and hand them a big mug full of beer. .
Berlin. The tower in the picture used to be a radio tower when there were still commies in German land. Communism went out of fashion during the previous now people find other excuses to resist the blessings of modern capitalism(and be lazy layabouts someone remarked)  . Which is okay for them… but is it okay for you and me?
Lundun.. It actually reads London everywhere.. but people seem to say.. Lundun. Like it some kind of ancient roman place.. which it actually was. even older..Anyway. Someone said whe had to make sure to find Big Ben. We did not find him so we took this picture of these lovely trees lining the street and this tower in the back.
Lundun. It actually reads London everywhere.. but people seem to say Lundun. Like it some kind of ancient roman place.. which it actually was. even older! Anyway. Someone said we had to make sure to find Big Ben. We did not find him so we took this picture of these lovely trees lining the street and this tower in the background. Don’t you love that little red car?! It is a mini.
English people call the subway an underground, which is an apt name until it gets above ground, then it is still called an underground, but above ground.. shows how confused people in Urupe are.
Venice.. that is a place in the north of Italy. It was a place full of water, bridges and old buildings. A plaza was called a piazza. Normally it is very hot and suffocation were were told, but we had this strange foggy weather which made the place a bit mysterious.. especially because it was devoid of people.
Amsterdam is known for canals which the Dutch people call grachten. Dutch people are very confused about their identity as they live in the Netherlands, which they call Holland at times and they refer to themselves as being Dutch. Up north live Dutch people who call themselves Frisians. Amsterdam is also famous for the red light district and other pastimes like smoking grass and bicycle nicking. The last thing means those canals have to be cleaned at times as most stolen bicycles end up in them.