Two nekos : Credits for other people’s merits : The Garden of Abandoned Stories by Talullah Winterwolf

” A mysterious overgrown & abandoned garden, filled with weeds, rust, reverie and birdsong Come explore where forgotten stories have come to life…” – Talullah Winterwolf.

Art by Talullah Winterwolf. The background and free growing plants make for an interesting atmosphere combined with the pictures. It is a place left to itself.

IT took me a while to get around to this post because I understand that Talullah Winterwolf is pretty well known in some art circles.. It is not that I am against showing work of known people, but I am heistant to do so because such people will already have enough exposure while obscure artists or new artist or fringe artists probably benefit more from a post by an obscure blogger.. In addition I am not inclined to show work as is nowadays but rather make pictures of the works of others that give an impression or capture the essence, mostly to protect these artist against  theft. As suck the pictures get changed and this might not always be in agreement with the artist. If you get my drift.

In the case of Talullah Winterwolf  however I was also intrigued by the place where this work was shown, which created an interesting atmosphere grungy atmosphere and  I therefore decided to make a post about her exhibition at eleventh birthday of second life exhibition.  I want to make a note that this post shows an impression of her work and it is my impression. What you see is not always what you get.

A bench was in the middle of the exhibition. This Tau in one of the many forms we gathered overtime. Art work of Talullah Winterwolf is in the background 😛 The Garden of Abandoned Stories

The exhibition look a bit like an unattended garden like you sometimes encounter by houses that have been abandoned.  I like the art because it has a kind of disturb beauty in it.













More Talullah Winterwolf:




SL11B: Monkey Mind: a movie.

A movie about the Emphatic Eccentrica build as the Eleventh birthday of second life. The EE team consisted of Almut Brunswick, Ohmy Shalala, Veleda Lorakeet, Laughton McCry, Merit Coba and Tau.





SL11B: Monkey Mind : Laughton McCry


new gil
New Gil by Laughton McCry

I think this one is the last post on the monkey mind build and it is about the last participant Laughton McCry. Originally he was not a participant, but because Almut saved is a lot of prims(primary objects) so we were able to make room for one of his statues.  Which is shown below.  Also he put up some of his paintings/drawings which are marvelous. Below you will see the picture of a mesh statue he made. I also added a picture of mine in which i used it in the background because it invoked a mood of mystery and reference.. a kind like the statues you see on Easter Island.

I don’t have much to add to these pictures otherwise that too me there is a unique style to them. But maybe I am wrong so Judge for yourself.

More McCry:


City by Laughton McCry


Old balloon with grumpy tower Laughton McCry.
Statue by Laughton McCry.
the-city copy-2 copy



SL11B: Monkey mind: Almut Brunswick

The pictures you see below might look familiar to you, and if they do, then you are right. My reason I am showing you these again is because I had posted my first article about Emphatic Eccentricia’s build for the Eleventh Second Life celebration before I determined that there is actually enough material for a separate post for each of the participants involved. And so I started writing…

This part is about Almut Brunswick who has eventually shaped the overall look of the Monkey Mind. Below you see the initial design as was made as a draft at Emphatic Eccentricia’s (EE) Itsy Bitsy skybox. Our preliminary design was made of prims to establish a basic framework for our ideas to mount in. Almut’s idea was to make the build resembling on a computer rack populated with a bunch of corresponding modules and other components in which data is fed and processed to run the Monkey Mind. This framework became the stage for our collaborative artwork


In this computer Almut  wanted to have spaces to allow different artists to create their own worlds withing the monkey mind. These space became like modules that like computer boards are plugged into the monkey mind.


Above is an already more developed version of the mock-up build still on site in the itsy bitsy EE sandbox.


This third picture above shows the initial build on our SL11B plot. Initially it was a rather high design with a lot of extra levels. Everything was still done with prims, although in this picture the stairs were already made in mesh. We decided, however, to reduce the number of levels in order to let the building looking more compact and impressive but not too dominant on this prominent corner of the celebration area.

The next three pictures show the final build in a normal daylight setting already surrounded by the neighboring assemblies. Monkey Mind had meanwhile its final height and many parts have been replaced by mesh. All artists had their own modules in the board rack. They equipped their inner side after their own ideas whilst Veleda Lorakeet’s talking robot heads literally conveyed curious visitors directly from ground level to this board level high above the sim. The front displays were equipped with a picture changer script, so that the EE group members could show even more of their work. One eye-catching addition was the binary stream raising up from a pool at ground level which represented a constant flow of world impressions feeding the monkey’s head in the building’s glass dome.





Personally I am happy with the overall result. Regarding the building, I think it was   the best one we have had so far, although my personally favorite is still The Masque of the Red Death. Pity that we haven’t had mesh and Almut at this time. I bet she would have been a good addition.


SL11B: The Box

A movie about my installation at sl11b. That is the eleventh birthday of second life.


‘The box’ is a fluke that I got after a friend (Veleda Lorakeet) made the black frame that forms the backbone of the exhibit. I thought the box with boxes insides looked a bit like self contained existence with smaller existences inside it and I somehow recalled the thought experiment of Schroedinger’s cat. In essence this experiment boils down to this: nothing happens to the cat until you take a look.. Hence just by looking at something you influence it.
Now you too can influence something and take a look inside the box by pressing on the prim with the EE symbol on it and, like an all powerful being, create existences -or not- for the mice. All imaginary of course. Just like SL.
Be in awe of the cat.
Have fun.


Two nekos: credits for other people’s merits -4: Exhale, UfO Abduction & Slave

slave-by IGOR-1
Slave by IGOR


We were a bit pressured for time, because  the SL11B event was approaching  it’s end, so we are not in them pictures this time. Just takes some organizing to get everyone together. Nevertheless here are some we liked or which somehow caught our attention. It will be almost be last one. The last one? No  wait there will be two more. The next one will be a post dedicated to one artist alone. It is one that we discovered quite late and we liked. Most of all Taubie,she goes for eyecandy. 😛
All the pictures you see here are not exactly as they might appear on your viewer. That is because Taubie likes tweaking a bit with Photoshop, which is why we do this anyways, so Taubie can learn Photoshop.

Above the first picture: Slave by Igor. It is best just to have a look at the picture. You’ll get the drift.

Exhale by Eliza Wierwight

The next one is Exhale by Eliza Wierwight. No comment either. cause you can read the text, can’t you? We liked the shadows and the light from the back.  The installation looks better then this picture.

UFO Abduction

This one was a bit funny. I hope that it was meant to be funny that is. (You never know in SL). Didn’t say much else beyond: UFO Abduction.  I guess we got a peculiar future to look forward to.


SL11B: The box

The box



The box was an art installation we (that is Taubie and me) made for the anniversary of Emphatic Eccentricia. A slightly altered version was made for the eleventh birthday of second life. That is the one these pictures are from. The box started when Veleda Lorakeet made a frame in Osgrid from prims. She is currently making this frame in real life. The frame made me think of self contained worlds within a larger world. So after some fabrication I came up with an installation based on a thought experiment by Schroedinger know as Schroedinger’s cat. The experiment can be found here.
So here are picture of The box,  the metaverse containing the universes for these mouse-like creatures.




The box installation

The box works like this. When you press the red box you see floating in the above picture, the box will open and show a random set of universes brought to live.

A happy dance.





The one that got away and the one that fell off.

Two nekos: credits for other people’s merits -3 Dream, my prince & The processing center&Thought-Birth-Existence

Dream, my prince, by Nintin.

Originally this was the last picture. It is Dream, my prince by Nintin.  I decided that it should not be last, but first. There is this single object, but it has a little story around it, and a machinima.  Here is the  text from the notecard of the artist

While advances in technology give us exciting entertainment and allow us to play and dream, “we are put to sleep with a lullaby.” The installation reminds us of how vulnerable we have become and how crucial it is to stay alert and fight, if necessary, to keep our freedom.

Description of exhibit: A sphere made of graphic figures, representing the global network, rotates around a sleeping figure. A lullaby starts playing when someone steps on the exhibition parcel via collision script.

The Machinima:

The Making:

The processing center: Merit and Taubie

We kinda cut loose from the original two nekos concept, so instead of two nekos we are doing a bunch of nekos and a raptor, but we are still calling it two nekos. The processing center was a quaint little building with various displays inside it.  There seemed to be no connecting theme, but that didn’t seem to spoil the fun. And we kinda went overboard with a few pictures. Above is a picture of me and Taubie. Me is to the right and Taubie to the left. We liked the cardboard trees, so Taubie gave a bit of cardboard feel to the picture.

The processing center: the entry

The second picture shows the entry of the processing center. We wanted a kind of strange feel, like they do for covers of albums, with people standing around.

Nekos and.. a raptor.

No comment really. Yes, it is a raptor in the back and it is wearing a tophat and a tutu.

The processing center: happy birthday!

The processing center can be found here:


Before visiting the processing center we actually landed on  Thought-Birth-Existence and we spent a while there to get some good shots, but it was all wasted. So after some tweaking in photoshop Taubie made this.  The real installation looks totally different.,  but it was this or nothing. Thought-Birth-Existence can be found right across the processing center:


That is all folks.

For now.

Two nekos: credits for other people’s merits -2: Elin Egoyan and Snail On A Virtual Razor Blade

The first two nekos post hasn’t cooled off and there is a second already, Jenney says.

That is because there is so much to see! O.o, Krisp replies.


So here we go.


Elin Egoyan


Crossroads of Life by Elin Egoyan

(Jenney to Taubie) A bit vivid. Think we overdone it a bit in photoshop?
I thought it would come out closer to real life that way?

Entry to Exhibition

(Taubie to Jenney) Words, words, word. Why?
(Jenney)Well, cause we wanted to experiment with them, don’t we? Broken narration and all. Fractured story telling.
(Krisp)Look at the umbrella.. it is flying!! And the tail.. so cute.


Elin Egoyan – Crossroads 1

No comment needed!
That is a comment!
Oh dillydally.

Elin Egoyan – Crossroads 5

More crossroads?


Snail On A Virtual Razor Blade

This is a philosophical and metaphorical art work

that delivers a cautionary tale about the potential for a nightmarish VR experience.

Inspired by movies like eXistenZ, The Matrix, Inception, and The Naked Lunch. By Tesla Miles and Liz Venenbaum.


We asked Butcher(he is sitting in front of the other butcher) if he minded to be on the picture and he said he was okay with it as we were showing his best side. So there you go. I forgot your last name Butcher, and since there are so many butchers in second life it’s kinda hard to find it. Guess he was right, Second Life must be a meat market, considering all the butchers. (Incidentally we typed meatmarket as meatmaket and the spelling checker  suggested matchmaker as alternative. Go figure).


Thought we make a composition^^


Snail On A Virtual Razor Blade can be found here:
Mind the puddles of green gooey though.


Two nekos: credits for other people’s merits -1

Two Nekos: Krisp

Time to do some exploring again and what better place to be at the moment than SL11B: the eleventh  birthday, a representation of Second Life spread out over six simulators., Jenney says

Wasn’t there some fashion event someplace,? Krisp asks.

Aren’t there always fashion event someplace?

Oh, there might be. Just saying..

We can always look at those later can’t we? The birthday is just once a year.


Two Nekos: Jenney



So Jenney, why credits for other people’s merits?

Cause  we are sort of using other people’s work to fill our blog with and thus taking credit in a way for other people’s work aren’t we? They make the stuff, we make the pictures..

Oh, right.

Or rather Taubie does. We just have to be in them.

Hard work!

Then we have some icecream.


While Taubie edits them pictures.

And have some pineapple juice.

While  Taubie uploads them pictures.

And then you type some words.

And we are done.

Need lot’s of clothing for them though. To look right in the pictures. Don’t want to look like we never have a change of clothes!

Let’s have a look at the first pictures..

Gotz us in them.^^




Notice: the imagery you see in these posts are my interpretations and do not necessarily represent the imagery as intended by the makers involved.  In addition my nekos will often be in the pictures because I want to prevent these pictures from being taken from our website and used without  the  original creators permission.