Two nekos: credits for other people’s merits -2: Elin Egoyan and Snail On A Virtual Razor Blade

The first two nekos post hasn’t cooled off and there is a second already, Jenney says.

That is because there is so much to see! O.o, Krisp replies.


So here we go.


Elin Egoyan


Crossroads of Life by Elin Egoyan

(Jenney to Taubie) A bit vivid. Think we overdone it a bit in photoshop?
I thought it would come out closer to real life that way?

Entry to Exhibition

(Taubie to Jenney) Words, words, word. Why?
(Jenney)Well, cause we wanted to experiment with them, don’t we? Broken narration and all. Fractured story telling.
(Krisp)Look at the umbrella.. it is flying!! And the tail.. so cute.


Elin Egoyan – Crossroads 1

No comment needed!
That is a comment!
Oh dillydally.

Elin Egoyan – Crossroads 5

More crossroads?


Snail On A Virtual Razor Blade

This is a philosophical and metaphorical art work

that delivers a cautionary tale about the potential for a nightmarish VR experience.

Inspired by movies like eXistenZ, The Matrix, Inception, and The Naked Lunch. By Tesla Miles and Liz Venenbaum.


We asked Butcher(he is sitting in front of the other butcher) if he minded to be on the picture and he said he was okay with it as we were showing his best side. So there you go. I forgot your last name Butcher, and since there are so many butchers in second life it’s kinda hard to find it. Guess he was right, Second Life must be a meat market, considering all the butchers. (Incidentally we typed meatmarket as meatmaket and the spelling checker  suggested matchmaker as alternative. Go figure).


Thought we make a composition^^


Snail On A Virtual Razor Blade can be found here:
Mind the puddles of green gooey though.


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