SL11B: Monkey mind: Almut Brunswick

The pictures you see below might look familiar to you, and if they do, then you are right. My reason I am showing you these again is because I had posted my first article about Emphatic Eccentricia’s build for the Eleventh Second Life celebration before I determined that there is actually enough material for a separate post for each of the participants involved. And so I started writing…

This part is about Almut Brunswick who has eventually shaped the overall look of the Monkey Mind. Below you see the initial design as was made as a draft at Emphatic Eccentricia’s (EE) Itsy Bitsy skybox. Our preliminary design was made of prims to establish a basic framework for our ideas to mount in. Almut’s idea was to make the build resembling on a computer rack populated with a bunch of corresponding modules and other components in which data is fed and processed to run the Monkey Mind. This framework became the stage for our collaborative artwork


In this computer Almut  wanted to have spaces to allow different artists to create their own worlds withing the monkey mind. These space became like modules that like computer boards are plugged into the monkey mind.


Above is an already more developed version of the mock-up build still on site in the itsy bitsy EE sandbox.


This third picture above shows the initial build on our SL11B plot. Initially it was a rather high design with a lot of extra levels. Everything was still done with prims, although in this picture the stairs were already made in mesh. We decided, however, to reduce the number of levels in order to let the building looking more compact and impressive but not too dominant on this prominent corner of the celebration area.

The next three pictures show the final build in a normal daylight setting already surrounded by the neighboring assemblies. Monkey Mind had meanwhile its final height and many parts have been replaced by mesh. All artists had their own modules in the board rack. They equipped their inner side after their own ideas whilst Veleda Lorakeet’s talking robot heads literally conveyed curious visitors directly from ground level to this board level high above the sim. The front displays were equipped with a picture changer script, so that the EE group members could show even more of their work. One eye-catching addition was the binary stream raising up from a pool at ground level which represented a constant flow of world impressions feeding the monkey’s head in the building’s glass dome.





Personally I am happy with the overall result. Regarding the building, I think it was   the best one we have had so far, although my personally favorite is still The Masque of the Red Death. Pity that we haven’t had mesh and Almut at this time. I bet she would have been a good addition.


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