BURN2 2014 Santalarity: What’s in the Box?



Jedda Zenovka

A few days ago Santalarity closed. Santalarity is a spin-off from Burn 2, the burning man art festival in Second Life. Tau hitched a ride on the small train that went around the site and then got sidetracked in a forest. Since I liked this forest with it strange trees, I decided to take some pictures and while I was at it, I took some of the other builds. Unfortunately I did not get all the builds, nor did I get the names of all the artists as some of the builds had already been removed and some were removed after I took a break so that I did have a picture of them, but not the artist who made it. If you know the artist or the name of the art(most did not have a name) then by all means place a comment or mail to meritcoba@gmail.com.


Miko Kuramoto
Miko Kuramoto

This forest was owned by Miko Kuramoto although it listed someone else as the creator. I just list it under the owner. I find the mesh trees very intriguing sorry so I made a lot of pictures, especially because the forest was on the edge of the sim and it gave the idea that beyond the wood was a vast tundra stretching out. I also took the opportunity to tweak the pictures by using various settings of poster edges and blending layers. The above picture uses poster edged for the trees, but I did not apply it to Tau. I will intersperse pictures with that of the rest of the builds.

Burn 2
Burn 2
On the edge

This is a view of the center of the sim. It is the central gathering place where sometimes parties are held. Tau never goes to parties as she is too shy. I seldom go because I got other things to go to.


Empathic Eccentricia

The above picture is from the Empathic Eccentricia build which is made by Veleda Lorakeet, Ohmy Shalala and Tau. The monkey is made by Tau, below is a close up to show the rat sitting in the bowl the monkey hold. The rat hold a camera  has an animation for posing.

Empathic Eccentricia
Empathic Eccentricia

This a far off shot of EE. The snowman disappeared when touched.

Empathic Eccentricia


Edge of the forest.
Huntress Catteneo
Huntress Catteneo
iSkye Silverweb
iSkye Silverweb
The far horizon
The far horizon


Daark Gothly
Daark Gothly


Daark Gothly
Daark Gothly



Second Life: Dirty Rat & Vintage Village

Vintage Village during the day..


I haven’t been posting much of late due a very exhaustive real life. Also I am working of various projects that take long to finish, partly because I am struggling to find a graphic style I am happy with and I am not too happy with the results. Currently I am working on a graphical version of my bridge story. But more of that in another post.

Here follows a set of pictures I made at two places called Dirty Rat and Vintage Village respectively. The pictures were taken quite some time ago, but I like them and I wanted to post them anyway.
There is not much too tell. Second Life is mostly an empty place for me. I am basically a loner and a very private person, so I don’t mix easily with people. Besides, most people that I knew in SL left, mostly because after a while Second Life no longer interest them in one way or another.

Dirty Rat is the name for a shop selling various  buildings, furniture and the like. Next door is Vintage Village, which is a small town that looks nice, containing various shops. I am to believe that at times events are held at the place.

Vintage Village during the night//

This is the url for the location: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Verdigris/207/85/66





Art by Second Life: Instincta van Helsinki

Artwork by Instincta

Seems that of late I visit art places. Since I eventually meet other artists, they give me links to their art. I am not sure where this heading, but I sort of like to fiddle around with pictures so I use those visits as a bit of an excuse to do exactly that. At first I had just the idea to show their art without my interference, but I want make sure that what I show is just to report what they make and not to copy their art so it can be copied again. Hence the appearance of myself in these pictures, often as a neko and the odd angles. The art belongs to the artist.


Here is a statement of the artist who made this art. She is also the co-owner of an art gallery in Second Life called Valo Gallery(Second Life location: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Cotton%20Cay/185/55/22.)


This is the information she send along with the invitation about the exhibition I visited.

“The artworks of MBK gallery have been made both in real life and in Second Life. I started to do the exhibition on December. I photographed the ice in my country, Finland. Weather conditions, however, quickly changed the unprecedented warm and the ice melted. It was as if spring had already arrived. The ten-degree temperature in December was really

strange and on the other side of the world was the polar vortex snow storms in areas where not should be snow. I captured with a digital camera how the last ice crystals disappeared.

On January I filmed myself floating in Second Life. Basic idea was make short machinima about woman floating meditatively, where the time, weather and culture does not matter.”

The above art was displayed at MBK gallery which stands for Meisterbastler Kreise.. which in an interesting place. It has eight sim that are a representation of Germany. I explored a little with Missie and later returned to take some pictures that I will show in a later post.

The art of Instincta can be seen until the end of March at this MBK gallery at this Second Life location: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Meisterbastler/65/159/34.


instinct-2 copy

Missie and me agreed that we liked this big layered artwork. It looked so good, it felt real.

instincta-3 copy

One of the artworks on display. Two pictures actually, one on a round prim superimposed over a larger square one.

Henry and Kristl tried to bury Knight of the Dead

Knight of the Dead 1

“Why don’t we shave your head?” Kristl asked Henry while she made a shaving gesture with her hands.

“What?” Henry backed away from her.

“Bald man are hot these days!”

“You mean bald ugly men.”  Henry gave Kristl a look of revulsion.

“At least he got to do the girl in the cave.” Kristl smiled.
“What has gotten into you! You on too much testosterone pills these days or what?”

“Just saying…”

“Just say it someplace else. Or inaudible.”

“Alright. Just you know.. I thought  that you.., being a man.., would have liked to..”

“Do you think I stand a better chance when I am bald?”
“And surrounded by flesh eating zombies (are there any other kind?)”


“And in a cave.”


“Cause that is what got them all hot and bothered in the movie.”


“After you see all your fellow knights being shredded by zombies or turn into them and you end up with the only woman in the story your thoughts automatically turn to sex the moment you are alone with her in a cave. Just the right aphrodisiac: zombies and caves.”

“Enough! Let’s get discuss the other parts of the movie. Like the cinematography. Did you like the way they shot it and the color scheme?”

Knight of the dead 2

“I liked the landscapes. There were some pretty great sights, but they bled the colors from the scenes too much if you ask me. Grey can be strong mood making color. But all the time? I would have added some colors just for diversity. Like sometimes a colorful plant in a grey landscape can have a strong surreal effect.”

“Yeah.. I liked the sights too. Also I liked the companions of the main guy. like that axe wielding guy. He looks interesting. And the introductory part  of the movie is captivating. What would you call it? An animation?” Henry said.

“It was more like stills, but that part made it interesting for me to.”

“You know what is odd.. I didn’t know it was about zombies. It had this moment of insight when I read the title: knight of the dead. I thought.  ‘of the dead’, that is the way those zombie movies are called.”

“I had not thought of it either. I thought it was more about plague victims being scary. Like the first girl they meet. She is a plague victim, I thought, and they had to put her down because she went crazy because of the illness.”

“In hindsight. Would you have watched it if you had known?”  Henry asked Kristl.

“I am not sure. There are too many zombie movies around. They get a bit lame. And a zombie movie set in the middle ages with knights could provide a new angle if properly handled, but to be honest, there is not much of anything special in this movie and as a zombie flick it lacks the horror and tension to keep it interesting. It is more like a group of knight wander aimlessly through a grey landscape for no apparent reason and get assaulted by very slow moving zombies and some guys that have a pick on them.” Kristl said.


“Which brings us to the story and those other people chasing the knights. I really had no idea what it was about or why they chased those knights. In fact, I got the feeling they did not even know themselves.”

“What I found strange is that they kept on fighting each other after they were fully aware that they were being chased and surrounded by zombies. I do not know about you, but I would rather work together to get out than fight you.” Henry said.

“It is a bit of a missed opportunity perhaps? They could have put together a group of unlikely people who have to get together to get out alive. Then the tension in the group between the people could be a factor. ”

“Yeah.. but nothing of that.”

“So, to wrap things up,  what did we like about it?” Henry asked.

“I would say the landscapes and imagery. And some of the fighters looked cool. Even some of the fights were ok.”

“And the bald guy had a nice smile.” Kristl admitted.

“Oh. having cave feelings?”

“You mean, smiling in a cave?”

“Uhuh.” Henry nodded his head, “Sounds like the title of song.”

“Maybe one day..”


“When surrounded by zombies… then… who knows.. I can force myself to smile.” Kristl smiled.

And Henry smiled to.

Knight of the dead 3

Pictures taken from the movie in their original color scheme.


Imagine Nations 3 : Lady Velvet Rose & Wheeler Oppewall

This is already the last of the three series of pictures I found at Imagine Nation,s a gallery in the virtual world of Second Life.

My choices of the pictures is purely based on the idea that the pictures express a story like feel as if it is a part of a bigger story, like a fragment or a scene.

First another impression of Imagine Nations.

Imagine Nations Sim
Imagine Nations Sim
Imagine Nations Gallery Entrance
Imagine Nations Gallery Entrance

This is one called Heledar by Wheeler. I can’t quite say what is going on and the pose seems somewhat strange, but the dress and  the lack of colors sort of work for me. A lady who descended that stairs probably to wait for a car to pick her up or perhaps to drop someone off.

Unknown by Wheeler
Unknown by Wheeler

A magic strange picture that invokes a strange an eerie atmosphere.

Watchers by Lady Velvet Rose
Watchers by Lady Velvet Rose

I liked this picture, because it reminded me a vacation of Ireland. No story, but well a familiar sensation. That is what a picture can do to you: invoke a feeling or sensation.

Imagine Nations Estates: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Wicked%20River/125/86/22