Art by Second Life: Instincta van Helsinki

Artwork by Instincta

Seems that of late I visit art places. Since I eventually meet other artists, they give me links to their art. I am not sure where this heading, but I sort of like to fiddle around with pictures so I use those visits as a bit of an excuse to do exactly that. At first I had just the idea to show their art without my interference, but I want make sure that what I show is just to report what they make and not to copy their art so it can be copied again. Hence the appearance of myself in these pictures, often as a neko and the odd angles. The art belongs to the artist.


Here is a statement of the artist who made this art. She is also the co-owner of an art gallery in Second Life called Valo Gallery(Second Life location:


This is the information she send along with the invitation about the exhibition I visited.

“The artworks of MBK gallery have been made both in real life and in Second Life. I started to do the exhibition on December. I photographed the ice in my country, Finland. Weather conditions, however, quickly changed the unprecedented warm and the ice melted. It was as if spring had already arrived. The ten-degree temperature in December was really

strange and on the other side of the world was the polar vortex snow storms in areas where not should be snow. I captured with a digital camera how the last ice crystals disappeared.

On January I filmed myself floating in Second Life. Basic idea was make short machinima about woman floating meditatively, where the time, weather and culture does not matter.”

The above art was displayed at MBK gallery which stands for Meisterbastler Kreise.. which in an interesting place. It has eight sim that are a representation of Germany. I explored a little with Missie and later returned to take some pictures that I will show in a later post.

The art of Instincta can be seen until the end of March at this MBK gallery at this Second Life location:


instinct-2 copy

Missie and me agreed that we liked this big layered artwork. It looked so good, it felt real.

instincta-3 copy

One of the artworks on display. Two pictures actually, one on a round prim superimposed over a larger square one.

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