Two nekos do Urupe 3: Lundun

jack-the-ripper copy
Hiding out in the London Dungeon was Jack the Ripper.

The first place the two nekos visited was Paris, but because they are pretty unpredictable we do the Lundun visit first. Lundun in SL has many suprises and one includes this rather creepy guy called Jack the Ripper. Deemed responsible for the deaths of many women in Lundun at the end of the 19th century and the start of the 20th century,  he has gotten away with his foul deeds. It is a shame.

His identity and his motif  are a mystery, a mystery that creates one book or movie every decade or so.. no doubt more. Sherlock Holmes was probably not around at the time, otherwise he would have apprehended the bugger.  A pity indeed.

Part of the list of victims.
The street where you can find the London dungeon.
Screenshot - 9_29_2013 , 1_40_02 PM
Some fun activities to do. Also inside the London dungeon. Seems hanging was just as popular in the old times as it is among the young today. Only in a different way. breathtaking view, don’t you think?
Screenshot - 9_29_2013 , 11_30_13 AM
Soho..who does not like trendy restaurants, shop sand the lingering remnants of a darker past? But this is of course not Soho, but Trafalgar square…

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