Identity: American Gothic 2015

I am working on a series of images that play around with identity. Next to the Fatherland and With A Pearl I made American Gothic 2015. It is Inspired by the famous painting by Grant Wood. It is not just a parody as it is meant to be more than a funny change of the original. It is meant to be explored.

The essence of the picture is the two avatars. They are both male avatars with male hair and such. The only female part is their skin and, of course, the way they dress and your thinking. For it is your mind that tags gender on them.

Below is a link to the original.


Art by Second Life: kayly iali

It is not my intention to write about anyone who displays their art in Second Life. Not that such would be a good thing, but given the amount of art that is created(and use the word art  for covering a wide range of artistry) such would be a full time task. It would be fun to be able to do that and get paid for it, but at the moment I do not receive any monetary incentive  for what I write and who knows.. there might be reasons for it.
Anyway let’s get back to what I do like the write about.. Which is simply driven by selfish interests. I have a interest in combining pictures with text to give voice to my stories so anything that sort of helps me with that interests me more. Although.. there sometimes things that are just beautiful.
Now it happens to be that I was looking at some art(istry)  displayed at a gallery and one set of art captured my eye, which is that of  Kayly Iali (A second life name).  She makes her art and displays it in  Second Life, using SL as a way to promote her art.
I took the audacity to copy her profile description:
I am a RL artist and exhibit in SL galleries. I work in oils, watercolor and pastels…using calligraphic strokes to bring about imagery[]
If you are interested in any of my rl paintings, please feel free to IM me. Or check out my website at I’m also on facebook. Thanks.

To be honest I probably would not have shown her art because I am more aimed at showing art that has a kind of story in it, but I liked her studios that her art was displayed in. I know a very arbitrary reason to base your decisions upon. Probably you would say.. you need to show art that is great to be promoted, but is that not a personal taste? And if something is personal, would not any personal reason be enough?
In fact.. you should yourself see if you like her art.  I think that if you want to go and have a look.. then it would be her portraits that you should at least have a look at. Somehow captures human faces is quite a skill..  More can be found here:

kayly-1 copy
kayly-2 copy
kayly-3 copy
kayly-4 copy

Imagine Nations 2: Sil Brandi

Imagine Nations: entrance to the gallery.

I thought I add a small picture of the entrance to the gallery. Actually there are two, but this one is pretty, don’t you think?

The next three images are made by Sil Brandi. If I am not mistaken these are Second Life avatars, but the imagery has been changed so it has gotten a quality of it’s own. Each of the pictures have a kind of color scheme that sets the tone. It shows how colors can create a certain mood.

The violinist-by-sil-brandi-
The violinist by Sil Brandi

The violinist is a beautiful work done with red colors.  I like this picture as it has something mysterious about it. Like those pictures with elves sitting at a pond. The red colors are a bit risky. Red is not a natural friendly color, especially not in its stronger variants, like blood red or clear red. However it seems to work.  Somehow the picture also gives a sense of movement.

The tunnel-sil-brandi
The tunnel by Sil Brandi.

The tunnel is another nice mysterious piece. Normally tunnels are not a way out, but rather a way towards darkness that might have a spot of light at the end.  This pictures turns is around. The woman is almost out of the darkness and about to enter the light. The interesting thing is that I do not find the tunnel feels that scary.  A brown and lavender color scheme creates a warmer sense that black and grey would, which is probably why this picture is lighter than I expected.

The last goodbye-Sil Brandi
The last goodbye by Sil Brandi

It was this picture that attracted my attention.  She almost looks like she is leaving not so much with anger but with a kind of grim determination. The yellow coloring make for a certain unease.  I wonder where she is going to, because she seems to be heading towards a dead end.


Imagine Nations Estates: