Imagine Nations 2: Sil Brandi

Imagine Nations: entrance to the gallery.

I thought I add a small picture of the entrance to the gallery. Actually there are two, but this one is pretty, don’t you think?

The next three images are made by Sil Brandi. If I am not mistaken these are Second Life avatars, but the imagery has been changed so it has gotten a quality of it’s own. Each of the pictures have a kind of color scheme that sets the tone. It shows how colors can create a certain mood.

The violinist-by-sil-brandi-
The violinist by Sil Brandi

The violinist is a beautiful work done with red colors.  I like this picture as it has something mysterious about it. Like those pictures with elves sitting at a pond. The red colors are a bit risky. Red is not a natural friendly color, especially not in its stronger variants, like blood red or clear red. However it seems to work.  Somehow the picture also gives a sense of movement.

The tunnel-sil-brandi
The tunnel by Sil Brandi.

The tunnel is another nice mysterious piece. Normally tunnels are not a way out, but rather a way towards darkness that might have a spot of light at the end.  This pictures turns is around. The woman is almost out of the darkness and about to enter the light. The interesting thing is that I do not find the tunnel feels that scary.  A brown and lavender color scheme creates a warmer sense that black and grey would, which is probably why this picture is lighter than I expected.

The last goodbye-Sil Brandi
The last goodbye by Sil Brandi

It was this picture that attracted my attention.  She almost looks like she is leaving not so much with anger but with a kind of grim determination. The yellow coloring make for a certain unease.  I wonder where she is going to, because she seems to be heading towards a dead end.


Imagine Nations Estates:

Imagine Nations 1: Thea Maiman

I once visited a gallery named Bohemia Eclectic Gallery and  I made a few post about works that were exhibited there that I liked.  One of the artist, Meryll Panthar gave me a  link to another gallery called Imagine Nations Photo Gallery and Studios . Imagine Nations is really a big place. It not only consist of two galleries presented as one, but also has a neat ground level where people can socialize or just spent some time in a nice environment.  The gallery is full with the works of various artists and it was so much that  I started to skip over those I don’t really find interesting.  I do not pretend to have an profound understanding of art. I generally choose the  pictures that seem to have a kind of story or story element in them.  I am not really fascinated by nudes and BDSM pictures because there are so many of them.

However I did like a few that I like to present here as one. I especially like them when they are made with the aid of Second Life.

But first a picture of what is on ground level.

Imagine Nations-1
This is a mesh statue in the water. Mesh makes things a lot prettier.

Here is the first artist that caught the eye: Thea Maiman.

blind things by thea maiman
Blind things by Thea Maiman was the name for a series of pictures made by Thea Mainman and of this picture.
glass of bubbles by thea maiman
Glass Bubbles by Thea Maiman

I liked this picture called Glass Bubbles. It is in intriguing picture. There is a kind of story there.

the chair by thea maiman
The chair by Thea Maiman

I have hesitated to show some of these pictures as it shows nudes. I am not exactly against them, but I often wonder what is actually meant to attract the attention. The nude of the painting? In this case I found the pictures showed more than just nudes.  Is it art? Or an illustrated story? Is that actually not art?

More of Imagine Nations will follow.

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