Signs of life 4: Fuzz

“No!”  Meena, the eldest of the two daughters said with an indignant expression on her face  when her parents proposed to go to the market fair.

Eve, the youngest, fell into an uncomfortable silence squeezing a plushie against her chest. She did not dare to go against her older sisters opinion, yet she feared her mother’s displeasure equally. She withdrew into the only direction she could: into herself.

“We never go to anything that we like. We always have to go to these boring things you like.” Meena continued waving her frail hand about,  ”I am not going and that is final!”

Harry, the father, tried to reason with her, but she was not going to listen: hormones and peer pressure were much more important for the budding teen than whatever considered arguments parents brought to bear.

Jane, the mother, then played the power card. “We all go and that is final!”

Meena grabbed her hand-held, stomped upstairs and closed the door of her room with such an audible bang that even the neighbors heard it. Everyone got that message. Then she started to whatsap all her friends that parents were the worst creatures in the universe by far and her parents were the vilest of the bunch.

Jane then shouted up the stairs that Meena should come down this instance or she would be facing a week of extra chores. Eve started to pout her lips and Harry began to tell Jane that maybe they should reconsider this fair business.

“See, even father doesn’t want to go!” Meena shouted, she triumphantly rubbed the words into her mothers face.

“I didn’t mean that!” Harry said, hearing how his words were being twisted into arguments for the defence.

“What then do you mean?”  Jane said. She felt slightly backstabbed by her husband but also knew that her eldest was twisting the knife on purpose. At the same time she saw her youngest discomfort and she grabbed Eve’s hand.
Harry smiled disarmingly at his wife. Meena had walked halfway down the stairs not wanting to give in to her mother, but also not wanting to face a week of extra chores. She looked down on the scene with her arms folded in front of her chest.

Purr the cat sat in front of the door that led to the garden. She mewed at it and glanced at them to see if they would notice. Purr was certain that door would open sooner or later, and if it didn’t  she would lie down on her cushion on the couch. From that vantage point  she would then stare at them with an expression that seemed to say: what on earth are you all doing?

Henry and Kristl marveled at The Saint(1997)

“You know, wearing that black suit and waving a big Japanese sword around does not make you the Saint.”

“Just play your part.” Henry mumbled through the face cover waving his Katana around. He knew it was a Katana because he knew that kind of thing from the comics. Unlike Kristl who was illiterate because she had never read comics as far as he knew.

“And what part was that again?”

“You are the Russian lesbian who just caught me red handed while stealing a formula from your masters safe. It is the one that changes water into vodka. Just say something with that foreign accent of yours.”

“I don’t play Russians very well. I am Austrian, that makes it a German accent, not a Russian one. And what is with the lesbian stuff all the time?” Kristl remarked.

“Well, your hair practically shouts lesbian.” Henry said.

“What is with the hair? Why does it make me look lesbian?”

“It is shaved but for long hair on top and you painted it black and white, that hairstyle went out of fashion two decades ago. Only women pretending to be men would want to look like that.” Henry said.

“I hate you!” Krisl fumed.

“Good, you can play the bad ass Russian better.” Henry smiled and crouched in a fighting stance.

Kristl face palmed and then said,”You are Simon Templar. An English gentleman thief. He never uses swords like that! Perhaps a saber or a cane, but not a weapon like that. Something stylish and English. You know: Roger Moore? Gentleman, under cooled humor, stiff upper lip, Rolls Royce.?”

“Yeah, yeah. Get on with it.”

“Oh god, you just don’t look at all like him, nor speak like him, nor have the same humor, nor have the style. You are so not Simon Templar.” Kristl groaned,

“Just like Val Kilmer?” Henry said.

“Yeah, just like him.” Kristl.

“Well, it would have not mattered to me, but it’s not even an exciting movie.” Henry put down the sword and removed his mask to reveal a grin.”The action sequences are plain boring. People shooting at him seem to miss even at point blank.”

“It’s pretty bad on any level.” Kristl,”The whole romantic bit is so cringe worthy. And how the Russians are portrayed like a bunch of money grabbers. It was probably meant to be funny.”

“You know that they considered having Kurt Russell play James Bond at the time?”

“Oh? You mean Kurt -Snake Plissken- Russell? ” Said Kristl.”The grumpy anti hero from Escape From New York?” Kristl considered that for a minute.

“It is a joke.” Henry laughed.

“He would have made a better Bond that Kilmer makes a Saint” Kristl said.

“It wasn’t Kurt Russell they considered, it was Mel Gibson.”

Twelve angry men

Message from Noam Chomsky hearing “Japanese Court Rejected Demand to Evacuate Children”

On 2013/04/29, at 11:50, Noam Chomsky wrote:The world-renowned political dissident, linguist and author Noam Chomsky commented on the ruling of Sendai High Court which rejected a demand that a city affected by the fallout of the country’s 2011 nuclear disaster evacuate its children.

Chomsky said:

It is deeply disturbing to learn that the courts have blocked efforts to evacuate children from the Fukushima site, though acknowledging the health risks. Nothing tells us more about the moral level of a society than how it treats the most vulnerable, in this case its most precious possession, its children. I hope and trust that this grim decision will be reversed.

Noam Chomsky”

I was about to like this message, but I decided to look around the internet first before auto reflexing. I especially get suspicious when people start to tell that that courts of law in democratic countries are misbehaving. While I am not so naive as to belief that democratic courts are flawless, I think you need to come with a lot of proof when you say that they are abusive of children. Some of the judges are parents!
In a nutshell: a group of parents and activists filed a lawsuit on behalf of a group of children who live in the city Koriyama, which is about 55(40 miles) kilometers west from the nuclear power plant that broke down during the tsunami of 2011. The lawsuit basically asked the court to rule that the government should pay the costs for the evacuation of those children from that city.
The court ruled that the government is not obliged to pay the costs for the evacuation because there was no reason to evacuate as the levels of radiation in the city of Koriyama are well below the threshold that is established as dangerous, even though there hotspots in the area. 
What the court did not say is: you are not allowed to leave yourself. It said that the government is not obliged to evacuate and thus not obliged to pay for moving.
What is dubious is trying to pressure a court into changing a ruling. It is dubious because courts should operate independently from power groups and popular opinion. It is why they are called impartial. 
If you don’t like the ruling there is the option to appeal to a higher court if you can proof there has been a legal omission.Or you can have a ruling or decision changed via proper democratic means. Another option is to ask you local representative or government to help finance the move. I suspect they got a negative on that request before, which is why they tried to get the courts to force them to paying. Another option is to file a lawsuit against the company running the powerplant, the Tokyo Electric Power Company. Since that would have been the most obvious route I suspect they got a negative on that one as well.
In general it turns out that the complaining party is angry because the court did not rule in favor of that party. It is downright selfish and disgraceful that the lawyer accuses a court of child abuse because it did not favor his lawsuit. Perhap he ought to have a look in the mirror and wonder if he is not crossing a line himself?

I am sad to see that Noam Chomsky auto reflexed his message. His message basically says that the courts forbad evacuation of children, which is not true at all.  And since he is some kind of authority with some groups, all other people instantly auto reflexed. And then calling for the court to change their ruling is dubious method of dealing with this. 
Perhaps people should watch twelve angry men? It deals with the subject of people with fixed opinions and the judicial process.


Masque (voiced)

Masque is a movie about an exhibition inspired by the story Masque of the Red Death by Edgar Allan Poe. I took the liberty to change some things as I also wanted to give a modern day angle to the story.

This is another version of Masque. It was made after Missie said she missed a voice.
I already had the voiced text made. The voice being that of Glenn Hallstrom, also know as Smokestack Jones. His voice fits the story well. The resulting movie has been changed a bit however as I had to find ‘room’ to have the voice sound fit in with the background. I also added some sounds from others, not to much and not of domination.
I changed some of the text and shifted some images around.