Lovely Details: Twink Nation

Sometimes you visit a place in Second Life that is nice or pretty or has good atmosphere.

Like my interest in many things I am also interested in beautiful designed places. Places which keep on getting more beautiful because the availability of mesh and other features that are added to improve the eye candy.

One such place I visited recently and I made a few pictures that only captures a small part of the sim. It is called Twink Nation. It is a gathering place for Twinks: you gay males.

I especially liked the record store that was near the landing spot.

This is the landing spot.

Twink Nation 6

Twink Nation 5

Twinknation 3
I liked the inside and contrasted it with the light that you can set in second life. One turns the sun into a red/yellow ball. The light contrasted with the green of the pictures of the women against the back wall.
Twinknation 4
These are old vinyl records. There are still some stores who sell them. One I know looks a bit like this one.
twinknation 2
The crossroads is near the record shop and shows the strong red and yellow sun. The letters on the sign were mirrored, so it is not my mistake 😛
The power of mesh can be seen here. Mesh is a technique that allows for better looking objects. Wind the right light it can have a strong moody effect.

Twink Nation is an adult sim and advertised as male only(Quote:Men, boys (18+) no females av or rl  please.). Notice that this does not reflect my opinion. I have no problem with whatever gender and I fail to see why women can’t be allowed on a gay sim, certainly not rl women who have male avatars.