A game review: Dead State(a tale of errors, a chicken, a murderess and a ghost.. and lots of zombies too)


(Note: This review is about the Early Access version and not about the full release. I have not had the opportunity to replay the full release game. )

Welcome to my review of the game Dead State,  which is about to hit the market on the Fourth of December, according to their press release. I have to excuse myself for making a rather long post, but I have to because I initially made a review based on wrong assumptions and now, after playing, this game for about 70+ hours I feel that I can make a better judgement of the game.

First an introduction:

You are in restaurant. The waiter asks what you would like to eat and offers you the opportunity to select the ingredients yourself. In fact, you are invited to visit the kitchen and point out what you would like to have, to tell how much of it you think is sufficient and to describe how you like it to be prepared. After doing so you return to your table to await what must be a memorable eating experience.
Some time later the waiter enters the room holding aloft three plates.  He walks over to you, puts one plate in front of you and then tosses the ingredients of the other two on top of the first plate and then shuffles the heap of food. He leaves Then wishing you a most enjoyable meal.

This then, is the condition of Dead State at the end of early access: full of things that would make for a memorable gaming experience, but the overall result is a mess.

But first let’s get you an idea about what kind of game this is.

Dead State is an isometric role play game set in the zombie apocalypse where you take charge of a group of survivors holed up in a school in Texas. The game has two parts: one part is managing your group of survivors, the other part is heading a party of up to four characters to scavenge for supplies, do quests and deal with the various enemies.

Those who are familiar with fallout 1 and fallout 2 should be at home with the mechanics of this game.The game has two map modes that each come with a different way of movement. There is a strategic map that you use to travel from one location to another in which time progress as you move. This movement can be done in three ways: on foot, on horseback or with a car. Each mode has advantages and disadvantages: foot is slow, but cost nothing; travelling on horseback gets you there faster, but requires food for the horses and the car is the fastest of them all, but costs fuel; a resource that is scarce.

The strategic map…early game(left) and late game(right)

The other map is the local map. Local map movement occurs on a tactical map and is real time until combat is imminent. In combat mode you move turn based. As far as I can tell there is no progression of time on the local map.

Local map movement: real time(big picture) and turn based in combat mode(insert)

During combat mode actions cost action points. Walking cost one point for instance, fighting with a small weapon three, shooting a handgun perhaps four, up till complex attack movements which cost perhaps eight points. Therefore, the more action points you have, the more you can do in one turn and the more powerful you become, provided you have other good fighting statistics as well.

Characters have varied attributes and varied skills. Your main character can be customized at the start and can be developed further during the game. Other characters also develop, but you can’t control that directly. They grow over time on their own, although it seems as if you can steer this progress by assigning them to do jobs that require a certain skill which they will thus improve.

Character sheet

You can improve your base by building various upgrades like a wall, a watch tower, a science lab and a recreation room. These upgrades often enable other upgrades or give the ability to create new objects, like the science lab, which allows you  to create such things as improved armor, antibiotics and ammunition for guns.

The job board where you assign jobs such as building upgrades for your shelter. To the right an overview of various upgrades you can build.

The game has a kind of flow.. At first even a single zombie is a challenge, but gradually as you and your companions get better equipment and advanced skills they become less of a threat and you deal with looters, gangs, rogue cops, militia and finally the military.  This shift in enemies means also a shift in weaponry. At the start you deal with you enemies with melee weapons, later on you start to depend more on ranged weapons.

I would like to special mention is that the game has implemented that people killed by zombies become zombies themselves. Which is a great idea. In addition the game also makes zombies appear when you make a lot of sound and especially gunfire, most notably shotgun fire  draws in zombies. This is also a nice aspect of the game.

One important aspect of the game is handling the community of survivors. You become the leader and thus you have to deal with various challenges, like recruiting more survivors, getting to know your fellow survivors, assigning them jobs, bolstering their spirits, handling conflicts, dealing with community politics and making decisions, including those concerning life and death. It is up to you to deal with the situation.

Now doesn’t this all sound great?

Well,  here is the other side of the game…

The game is beset with many issues. Just a list of random examples: a character dies, but her avatar stays on the map the rest of the game; doors return to undamaged state when you reload a game and you haven’t bashed them open; the fresh food you gathered on the day is not preserved when you restart the game;  some doors allow no entrance after being opened; locations are unfinished; you have to reassign jobs to your characters every day even if you just want them to prolong the job; your fishing rod is removed from your inventory and put in the storage every time you enter the shelter and thus has to retrieved again when you want to go fishing again; somehow the fourth party member is afflicted by bad pathing which could make him/her run the other way and right into enemies.

My four avatars facing off a group of zombies . There are plenty of zombies on this map, but nothing else. Note that one of my party members is Fiona.. We will have a special part about her further down.

A rather annoying aspect of the game is that there is no log of conversations so you can’t find out what you have heard the other day: you have to write it down yourself. Sometimes a character tips you on a location, this location might or might not appear. There is no check if a location has already been found nor does the location offer new things..
And more: you can build a chicken coop, but that requires a chicken, when you bring a chicken, it is slaughtered automatically because there is no chicken coop. There is quest where someone offers you to trade medicines for food, but you can’t bring food from the shelter as any food that you take to your shelter disappears into an inaccessible storage. Some quests are broken: like one where you are asked by Aggro to pick up her friend Alan at the Dublin bar: he never shows up. There is one where I got a tip to go to Eden next to the Wicked Lily. Whatever Eden is remains unclear and I could not find it.

The chicken and egg problem: to make a coop you need a chicken, to bring a chicken to the shelter you need a coop.

One of  broken story line is the story of  Fiona Parks. At some point during the game Davis, the wheelchair guy who is your sidekick, comes up and told me how sorry he is about what Fiona did. I was left to wonder what he was talking about, but I through she was killed or commited suicide. But whenever I checked Fiona, she was alright and could be assigned jobs and taken along with parties, just like all the other party members. From that moment onwards Davis kept telling me every morning the same thing: that he is sorry about what happened to Fiona or was she did.

Davis telling me about Fiona.. the same story every morning.

Then one time I am told she has killed someone. A trial is organized and after the trial I had her expelled, and just after the trial has finished, I am told another murder has occurred: Fiona had killed again!. After a second trial Fiona is expelled again!Then the next morning Davis approaches me yet again to tell me how sorry he is about what happened to Fiona or what she did, and the morning after that one and the morning thereafter:basically every morning I have this same conversation.

Oh… you did do what???
Funny detail: Fiona is a supporter of Sandy, who votes to have her killed…

After a while it becomes clear that there is no progressing storyline and there seems to be no finish to the game. There is a conflict brewing between the militia and the military, but you can’t do anything with it.. They even have accessible headquarters, but I never get the ability to talk to their leaders and even killing them outright doesn’t seem to do much. It for instance doesn’t even make the rest of the militia angry when you shoot their fellows at the militia hq. It seems like this part still needs to be worked upon.Just like for instance the suggestive skill of Karen. She can fly a helicopter and at one point this is brought up in a conversation, which seems to imply that it is something important. but what it is, has still to be revealed.

Now all of this and much more needs to be looked at(just another bone: the dogs in the game can only be attacked from the front and the back) and fixed, but we are to believe that game has entered Beta in Augustus and should be in state that will allow it to be released to market on the 4th of december. It could be that all these issues will be solved around that time, but it is strange that they haven’t been solved in the current version and I have my doubts if all these issues can be fixed in that time.

The final straw that makes me give this game the thumb down is simply the price. The developers asked to be funded via kickstarter and got more than double the money they asked for. In addition they ask a whopping 27 euro for an early access indie game(compare that to state of decay: 18 euro’s). Yet the game is not finished and I wonder in what state the game will be released. There is a lot of fixing to do and we have to believe that all this fixing is done at the time of the official launch.

Some random  things that need to be looked at:

Some errors: at Coleman(left side) you can walk right through this barricade. Items still need icons(top middle). The interior of that shop is on the move(top right). And sometimes you are blessed with a random 5th party member(lower right). The door is no obstacle for this soldier(bottom middle)
The ghost that haunts the shelter: Elaine killed herself early in the game, but her presence lingers on. Even the sun won’t chase her away.

A state of mind 1: show time

Clipboard58 copy

Zombie stories have been crawling out of the woodwork with impunity this last decade or so(yeah, I know cheap line). The appearance of the Walking Dead series shows that the zombie apocalypse has even intruded into the mainstream mindset. I do not know what makes zombies so popular nowadays and your guess is a good as mine, but perhaps it is all about the economy. It usually is..No doubt someone in the future will be far more able to define the reasons why.

There are many interesting sides to this type of end to civilization as we know it.  When our neighbors turning into unreasonable flesh eating creatures we can simple shoot  them down without any remorse.  Shoot them down? My, we can bash their heads in, burn them at the stake, impale them and do anything else we can think of. Things that in any other context would pass as crimes against humanity, but then zombies are not humans.. well not any more. Which is great because you can do all kinds of things you always wanted to do to that pesky annoying neighbor: Homo homini lupus est.. But this post will be not about wolves.

The shuffling dead. They are very easy to recognize. And when they are like this we can show no remorse. These came crawling out of the burned coach on the left. Did they decide to return to their seats after it burned out? Odd.
Anyway.. what would the guys have done before they became undead? Does not look like they were from the same background. Undeadness is the great equalizer.. every zombie is the same..
Rick in an episode of the Walking Dead sees a former colleague shuffling towards him. Lucky he used to be some kind of asshole… so…
have a nice day, buster.
Screenshot - 10_27_2013 , 7_36_51 PM
And in Stake Land the protagonist Martin discovers this sleeping beauty in a house devoid of life because everyone inside is either dead or…
Screenshot - 10_27_2013 , 7_38_02 PM
Screenshot - 10_27_2013 , 8_11_18 PM
Sleeping beauty does not turn int a rabid dog like creature unlike many others of her kind.. instead she approaches the hero as a curious innocent child. She is not evil yet.
Screenshot - 10_27_2013 , 7_37_21 PM
A touching moment almost when she reaches out for Martin but actually her hand goes to the dagger that he is clutching. As if..
Screenshot - 10_27_2013 , 8_11_29 PM
she senses what is about to happen?
Once you are undead there is no mercy for you. Rick in the Walking Dead has to shoot this child zombie dressed in pajamas and a robe. Now go to sleep, already! See the cuddly bear fly away. Interestingly.. when played backward slowly one sees that the splash of blood is already on the ground. So.., no they did not shoot her in the head really. It is just a movie..
Screenshot - 10_27_2013 , 7_21_18 PM
In Stake Land the destruction of the undead is almost a casual affair. When the protagonists enter this rest stop along the road they pass a group of men who are busy tying a female vampire to this contraption. She is burned, almost like a witch was in days gone by.
Screenshot - 10_27_2013 , 8_58_04 PM
The next day, when the two heroes drive away they pass in front of the rest stop and we see this girl who sang in the bar the night previously. She is young, pretty and pregnant (as we later discover)… in the background to the left is the burned corpse of female vampire  An obvious glaring contrast..And behind the scared remains what appears to be the United Sates flag, much more visible in the daylight.
Screenshot - 10_27_2013 , 7_20_50 PM
Car meets undead. In Stake Land the vampires resemble zombies. In almost all movies, games and books cars are a humans best friend against the undead. If they get them to work that is. In Stake Land zombies do not seem to die as easily by being driven over as in other tales. This walking dead just scrambled to her feet after being run over by the heroes. They are giving it another try.If you do not succeed the first time.. try and try again.
Screenshot - 10_27_2013 , 9_35_19 PM
Fire works great to get rid of pesky undead regardless of how strong they are. It is also a bit dangerous for actors who play them. So you won’t see many Molotov cocktails being used in movies.
Screenshot - 10_27_2013 , 9_35_57 PM
I would say.. missed.. but those actors would have thought.. drat, that was close. Molotov cocktails are great crowd control weapons. Burn baby, burn.
Screenshot - 10_27_2013 , 9_26_29 PM
Tools of all kinds are used against the kind of undead that feature in those early zombie movies. They work well against the kind that are slow and alone. The faster ones that come in groups are much better dealt with with firearms.. or flamethrowers.. or by just hiding and pray that they have forgotten about you.
Screenshot - 10_27_2013 , 9_14_56 PM
The Night of the Living Dead has a kind of dark humor for at the end the hero of the movie gets shot by these vigilantes because they think he is a zombie. In the end titling you see vague pictures in the background that show what they do with the bodies. It is a kind of reminiscent of nazi practices as you see the people using meat-hooks to drag the bodies to stack them high to burn them. The corpse of the hero is among them.

Being undead means you are the great enemy. These stories allow us to clearly define who is the enemy and kill it with any means available. We do not have to feel remorse to kill something that is already dead and is hunting us and the job is a simple straight forward task. Kill, kill,  kill. No more complex society.. just you, it and a weapon. Perhaps that is what we miss. And that is it for part one and in part two we will talk a bit more about the guys you see in the last picture in the next post about A state of mind..

residentevil1 copy
Zombie movies often contain only a few touching moments like this one. In the first resident evil movie Alice goes through some strong emotional moments when she thinks Rain is about to die and turn zombie. It is curious as in the whole movie there are actually no moments of bonding between them. Later in the movie when Rain does turn zombie and Alice has to shoot her, Alice breaks down and cries. Yet this behavior might actually be very plausible for people who are under a lot of stress.

State of Decay (for pc) 1: evaluation


This post consists of:

An introduction

An evaluation of the game

An introduction

Originally this post was one long post, but I decided to cut it up into more manageable parts. This is the evaluation part.

Someone from Undead Labs requested to not review their early release of their game State of Decay for PC. An odd request because the game has already been out for over three months on the Xbox and one wonders what could be so different  between the two releases that merits this request? It is not like they are going to radically alter the game in a few months time. More likely they are just ironing out some issues that a port from xbox to pc will have and tweak it a bit here and there and then release it to the market. Time is money. Especially for a game that is going for 20 dollars a piece.

But I will humor the guys at Undead Lab and not make a review. Personally I don’t like reviews anyway as I just want to rant a bit and most of all remark on some things that helps you a bit getting around. Things about which you might have said: if I had known that before I would not have been torn to ribbons by flesh eating zombies so often.

Flesh eating zombies? Did you say… zombies?


Groan… not again..

Yes, it is another of those zombie apocalypse games, but it has a few things that make this game interesting unlike some of those others. But first let us see one zombie in action… A big one called a Big Uns or Juggernaut. And the girl with the dread locks is Sam trying to down a one with the aid of three soldiers.

Have at you, you… you… you ugly big person!
Well.. he did not take that very well.. and neither did Sam.. Her life(vitality) just dropped by 50%.
Fat luck for fattie though.. he gets clubbed to death by the army.
That was the last of him. No zombie messes with Sam and the army.

Notice the bag Sam is holding? It is called a rucksack and that contains resources with which you run the base where your community of survivors are trying to get by. It is the reason you actually have to get out and expose yourself to danger.. well one of those reasons.

State of Decay is a game where you lead a ragtag collection of zombie apocalypse survivors until you decide to flee the place after which the story basically ends. Although you are free to continue the game afterward, there will be no further developments. In the game you gather and lead that group of survivors, set up a makeshift base and do some scavenging, random missions and plot based missions to get by. During all of this you have to deal with zombies of all kinds, scrounge around to replenish those ever dwindling supplies, keep the moral up and bail people out of (zombie related) trouble.

But who is you?

You are actually not one person, but a group of persons. At first that part of your group of survivors that have a friend status. Eventually that will be everyone in your community, but at first you can only play Marcus and Maya. Maya joins Marcus already in the introduction part of the game, so you basically start out with two characters. But you will find that your community will quickly grow in size for better or worse, for more people means more mouths to feed and more beds to fill. On the other hand, more people increases the chance of having one with that special skill that makes the garden grown more food or that can turn a workshop into a munitions shop.

But regardless of anything: your supplies keep fading away. In a fortnight(real time) most of it is gone. Lucky you can end the game before you run dry. You could of course stave of the end by having some of your lesser members ‘accidentally’ killed  but I sort of don’t like that.

Marelee Melissa consulting her ipad(?) containing an overview of all her fellow members. Some are tired.
Eventually you end up with something like this place: the Snyders Trucking Warehouse.
Maya consulting the state of the home base. See my greenhouse in the back and to the left is the cooking area.
Trumbull Valley.. that is where you at. Notice the little green symbols? They represent my homebase and all my outposts. The Snyders Trucking Warehouse can have eight outposts.
A more detailed look of the warehouse..that is the green top left one: a small house with a green flag. The approaches are covered by outposts.Outposts are small bases that act as a resupply area, generate a resource, kill of hordes that wander into their zones of control and keep zombies from spawning in the area.
Oh Noes, a horde of zombies is on the loose..lets get them before they get killed off by the outposts. Hordes are at first very dangerous but in the end your best warriors wipe them out in no time. Something you probably want to do yourself because killing the hordes endangering your home base actually increase influence, moral and even fame but if your outposts destroy them it only increases moral.
A horde streaming towards my car.. cars are zombie magnets.
Unfortunately an outpost does nothing against individual zombies wandering into the area.. Like this rotter zombie.
Well.. Sam did not get that one, the guy on the platform behind her was quicker on the trigger.
Another pastime is infestation cleaning. Here Marcus is facing of a few zombies with a companion.
The most annoying zombies are screamers, they scream when you close with them and their screams stun you and attracts other zombies from all around. Shooting them in the head from a distance is an option, especially when you got a silencer. Throwing a molotov cocktail at them is another option. Or.. another fun way is blowing them to smithereens with a grenade launcher.

So that is the game down to the bare bones: resource gathering, crew running and zombie killing until the story ends.

An evaluation

State of Decay is classed as an Indie game. Indie is a buzzword nowadays and often covers companies that are as far away from the original sense of the word(independent) as mainstream companies are. A certain development among the games development world is to have new ideas developed by outsiders so that when all fails they do not financially bring down the house of mainstream developers. It is probably also used partly as an excuse to generate sympathy for crappy low budget games.

Undead Labs are actually in business with Microsoft Studios and you know who they are. It is Microsoft jumping on the indie bandwagon. Is that bad?  Well, I do not know, but do not be fooled by that word. This is not some zombie fanboy coding into the wee hours in his shed. These are professional programmers of the kind that used to work for Microsoft Studios, and they still work for it, but on paper they are no longer part of it.

So how about the game?

If I was to compare State of Decay to a meal, then I would say that it managed to get most of the basic ingredients into a right mix to make a decent meal, but there are no extras on the side.

The game gives you command of  a group of survivors and a base of operations that needs protection. You then get a few excuses to go around massacring scores of undead, but that is basically all that there is to it. There is hardly any story there and the many painful and revealing moments that one sees in movies or stories are only casually referred to. The whole plot is as thin as it can be  and the thirty plot related missions are often something like: drive to a person and hear what he has to say. You then get delivered a few lines of voiced text in which you have no options but to listen and your chosen avatar of the moment will be scripted to agree to do what is being asked. Only once will two different plot lines interact and you faced with a moral decision. This is not a roleplay game with heartbreaking decisions to any degree.

Random missions are generally of three kinds: go someplace and kill something, drive to a place and save someone from being killed or go there to trade and protect the trader(s).

The homebase you get can be established and provided with facilities. A few can be upgraded once, some twice. There are like eight home bases available in the game. That sounds like much, but down to earth there are actually only two that make any sense: McReady Farmhouse and Snyders Trucking Warehouse. All the others are actually too small and the only other big one, the Trumbull County Fairgrounds becomes only available (too) late in the game and would require to hold back upgrading facilities until you can move into it.  You will find however that you want to upgrade your home base as soon as possible and you will be done upgrading mid game. Hence moving to a new base to start again from scratch is hardly an option and would required a lot of extra materials.

Mid game I found myself actually staring at the clock wondering when the next plot related mission will become available. There is just so much fun in clubbing countless undead hordes to death, especially when it does not matter that you do.

There seems to be a certain randomness in when plot related missions become available. In my second playthrough there were already events happening in Marshall while I still had no option to move my homebase.This required me to drive around up and down the map.

In the first playthrough these events did not happen until I had established a home base at the trucking warehouse. It is part of the deal, but once you are staring at the clock you rather wished the game would get a move on.

One of the issues with the game is that  much of the fear and uncertainty that are part of a horror experience is taken away by providing us with too much information.

We get conveniently warned about freak zombies in the vicinity, for when you near one  it will make a certain noticeable sound that warns you. The same is with a horde, We get warned when one has seen us:


And the radar provides us with an early warning system. While not every zombie will show up in the radar it will inform us about the ones that have noted us: they turn red.  And we have no fear of the horde seeing us the arc of vision(?) is pointing away. How convenient.


And when zombie hordes are threatening our home base we are often neatly informed about it. We have a direct line with Lily over the radio so at any time we can open the map or look at the state of the home base.


In addition the game almost lacks humor.  For instance; one would have thought that the game would have added a chainsaw for laughs. A noisy heavy zombie killer that kills undead by scores but attracts them by the scores as well, but there is no such thing. Nor are there zombies dressed up as Bozo the Clown. I would have expected at least one at the fairgrounds… but no dice. Erik Tan is about the only one who sort tries to crack a joke, albeit mostly sarcastic and cynical ones.

Most of what is in the game is basic. For instance the modern pickup comes in two colored versions.. that is about it. You can not tweak cars or weapons.


One seriously lack is being unable to influence other survivor colonies.  They will show a trust bar, suggesting you can recruit them if they fully trust you, but except when they offer you a random mission(usually not more then twice) there is no way to increase their trust.  In fact it looks like that was never meant to be and the trust bar is a relation towards how much you pay for buying items from them, strangely enough some do not even have items to sell. After a while most of these colonies disappear because they are overrun by hordes, except when they are required for the plot. I tried to save one of these location by surrounding it with outposts, which went well when I was playing, but when I logged in the next day it was gone anyway.

All in all the game is a decent basic game for it’s money and well balanced to provide you with a basic zombie apocalypse experience for a short while. It has a limited replay-ability
, but really limited as the flimsy main story will play out the same way as it has done before and end in the same way.

Confession time: Erik tells me about his neglect to read the field manual.. the shame!
What else is new?
And the game ends quite unresolved… you never know when you need a sequel.


Henry chases Kristl after seeing Dawn of the Dead(1978)


“Talking about Dawn of the Dead with you as a zombie is not going to work.” Kristl remarked. She was sitting on the couch in the garage they had turned into a movie theater.

Henry was shuffling towards her with outstretched arms. He was covered in light grey makeup, dressed in ripped clothing and dripping some glowing red liquid. His face was smeared with what looked like lasagna left over from yesterday’s dinner.

Before his reappearance as corpse Henry had walked out of the room, saying he would be back in a short while. He had also turned on ten screens with ten different stations blasting a stream of images and sounds at her. She had not seen those screens before.

She had waited for ten minutes while the screens showed her news without emotion, soaps with fake emotions, reality television with even faker emotions and a fat guy telling others how to live.  And when the corpse appeared she had to suffer another five minutes of it advancing slowly while various television channels entertained her at the same time. Her eyes kept moving from the screens to the zombie and back again.

“Gosh, this is so.. tedious!.”  Kristl picked up a cup filled with popcorn and ate some of it while watching Henrys ponderous approach, “I can finish this cup before you are halfway.”

Henry shuffled onwards.

“Oh hell.  Do I have to do this on my own?”

She threw the popcorn at Henry. Showering him with it and then threw the cup.  It bounced of his head, making Henry flinch. Kristl laughed because some of the popcorn had stuck to his face.

“So dawn has these four people, three guys and a girl, in a huge mall trying to sit out the zombie apocalypse.. A huge mall. A world in itself. They won’t make another  movie like this one. I mean it sparked a huge sequel of similar movies that developed the genre and tried to outdo each other by upping the gore element and removing the satire element.”

Henry gurgled loudly.

“You might say that this is even more the father of the zombie movies than Night of the Living Dead.Or would that be the mother?Not that it would be flattering to be the parent of a series of movies that seem mostly to revolve around mindless cadavers eating clueless people..

At this point Kristl stood up and moved around the couch, keeping it between her and the oncoming zombie. The living dead lurched at her,  but she was too quick for it, although it almost caught her hair for it somehow had been much closer than she had estimated.

“It surprised me that it wasn’t as gory as I imagined it to be. Most  is at the end. It’s as if they added it as an afterthought. But maybe it is because the decades in between birthed such fine upstanding movies as Saw and  Saving Private Ryan. It took me some time to find the courage to see this one, so I might even be able to see Saw one day!  Maybe I can see it when I am undead too?.”

The corpse had moved around the couch to get at her. Kristl backed off to the other side of the couch. She grinned at the lumbering corpse, the corpse moaned..

“At first I had a hard time to connect to the characters, but eventually they sort of grew on me. Even that dumb helicopter pilot Stephen, who in the end messes up the plan to use the zombies against the gang that raided the mall.  All the careful plans go wrong in the end. That Roger guy gets to cocky and ends up being bitten. And Stephen eventually starts shooting at the gang because he gets angry that they loot the place. He forgets that almost everything they steal is worthless. Like one gang member says to that the other when he picks up a television set: what are you going to watch?”

The zombie had moved around the couch again, as had Kristl, but in the opposite direction.

“God Henry. Look at the mess you made. There is red stuff and lasagna all over the floor.” Kristl exclaimed, “Such a waste of good food. And I am the one that is going to clean this!”

Suddenly the garage fell silent as the screens stopped their cacophony of sounds and images and showed the face of Henry. All ten of them.

“You know there might be a gun in the  room under the stairs at the end of  the corridor.” Said the face of Henry.

“You are on television!”

“We all have guns here. You keep saying that. So if I had one, it might be there, but you have run down that small corridor and the lights are out.”  At that moment the few lights in the room turned off as well. Now only the televisions illuminated..

“It might be that there is another zombie there. Maybe two.Who knows? And maybe there is no gun. Or no ammo for it. Or the wrong ammo. Can you actually handle a gun?  You can always try to use it as a club. Or use the fire extinguisher. If there is one.”

“ Is there a point to all of this?. This running around in the darkness is not much fun. And what is with the televisions?.I do hope I am not paying for my own anxiety?” Kristl shouted.

“No worries: I am paying and that is all that counts.”  Henry grinned at her ten times.

And the zombie moaned loudly when Kristl set her steel-tipped combat boots to work; they were relics from days gone by.