Traces of a Second Life: Mau Delarosa & Le Grenier du Chateau

I wish I was able to show you a picture of Selina Greene as she is always impeccably dressed in clothes from twenties and thirties of the previous century. Once she was dressed in this very beautiful dress and I asked her why she was always dressed like that and where she got these clothes from.
The first question she answered by saying that she had fallen in love with the clothes from twenties and thirties of the twentieth century.
The second question she answered by saying that she got them from various creators, but the dress she was wearing at that moment came from a shop name after the creator: Mau Delarosa. Mau Delarosa sells her clothes as part of the Le Grenier du Chateau store. A store
that makes clothes “[] inspired by antique paintings and plates of the Baroque, Victorian and other historic periods.[]” (quoted from the shop profile)
Since I love to show things that people like to make I went to make a few pictures.

Dress by Mau Delarosa


This is the dress Selina Greene was wearing. Incidently Selina Greene is also the owner of Book island a place dedicated to writers and readers. So if you like to write or read then you might give Bookisland a try. Be sure to pick up the newsletter first because in between the events it can be a pretty empty place. I am somewhat fuzzy on details but my estimation is that this is more a dress from the end of the century: the fin de siecle period.  It is a bit less strict than the hardcore Victorian style in which almost every part of the female body was covered or blurred.

Screenshot - 8_10_2013 , 10_47_44 PM



This is another item you can buy there. There is a good selection of make clothing like this one. This picture is actually for selling the hat, but garments on this picture you can buy as well. There are even a few freebies to get in a freebie story outside and they even give away a hat like that one away for a discount. So be a navy stud and get your cocked hat.

Screenshot - 8_10_2013 , 10_46_56 PM


A very expensive looking outfit fit for a king. The french king Louis the XV in this case, a man who ruled France in from 1722 till his death of small pox  in 1774. He thus missed or escaped the start of the French revolution roughly fifteen years later that saw his grandson Louis XVI beheaded. You can now be Louis the XV for a short while, no doubt there is a role play place somewhere that you go.

Screenshot - 8_10_2013 , 10_29_08 PM


From men back to women with this Victorian Bathing Suit which perhaps give you and idea of how repressed that period was. They actually went into the water with this. There was not much swimming being done as it would probably hinder any such activity, but then who could swim anyway?

Screenshot - 8_10_2013 , 10_33_20 PM


Last one is this more twenties look.  As you can see most of the clothes are not mesh yet. But I assume it will eventually come.

Le Grenier du Chateau can be found here:




SL: Why do fashion models look unhappy?

merit-fashion-jumpsuis copy
A cool jumpsuit from Gizza for half the price. I really liked this look, so I had a hard time not smiling. My other me, Taubie pulled some stuff from the inventory. Like the old factory, a couple of cars and containers.

I was recently reading a post on the blog of the SL Enquirer.

It was about the latest summer fashion.

They all showed people looking very smart and  unhappy.

I wondered why people who looked so  pretty did not look happy.

Why did they not smile?

I was not the only one on the internet.

So I browsed around the internet to find some answers. I added some of my own.  I tried to make some fashion pictures of my own.

Maybe this post is just a way to show off my pictures.. 😛

It was fun to create these shot, although I am not sure if they captured the right mood.

Here is what I think:

Smiling is a delicate expression that can have good effects when well done, but also bad effects when smiling goes wrong, here is why:

– If your smile is fake or perceived as fake the effect is actually the reverse of what is intended: it repulses.

– Not smiling is sometimes seen as cool and can create a desirable image. This depends on the situation and the people involved.

– Some people have weird smiles or bad teeth. While the latter is somewhat unlikely in high fashion it still is a factor.

– The default facial expression of people is actually not to smile. Look around you. When people are not communicating with others they don’t smile. They don’t look sad either though.

– As an extension of the above: smiling is communicating. It therefore draws attention away, which might not always be welcomed.

– Some models might actually be unhappy, tired, stressed or scared and thus not in a mood to smile. Or not even able to.

– Smiling can give a false image. It might give the idea you are laughing at the situation, audience and outfits you are wearing.

– Smiling can cause wrinkles.. which might make people look older. This can be an unwanted effect.

A smile well done might actually be a great plus, but you need all the right factors to be in place. Since a catwalk, for instance, is generally a very stressful affair, the choice not to smile seems a more logical and safe choice.
These are my two cents.. maybe you can add some of you own.

Here is the post from the sl enquirer :

And another fashion post :

merit-fashion-car-3 copy
Another outfit from Gizza for half the price. I thought this look fits well with the fast car Taubie found in her inventory. Almost everything is from Taubies inventory. Except the trees. They are mine.