SL: Why do fashion models look unhappy?

merit-fashion-jumpsuis copy
A cool jumpsuit from Gizza for half the price. I really liked this look, so I had a hard time not smiling. My other me, Taubie pulled some stuff from the inventory. Like the old factory, a couple of cars and containers.

I was recently reading a post on the blog of the SL Enquirer.

It was about the latest summer fashion.

They all showed people looking very smart and  unhappy.

I wondered why people who looked so  pretty did not look happy.

Why did they not smile?

I was not the only one on the internet.

So I browsed around the internet to find some answers. I added some of my own.  I tried to make some fashion pictures of my own.

Maybe this post is just a way to show off my pictures.. 😛

It was fun to create these shot, although I am not sure if they captured the right mood.

Here is what I think:

Smiling is a delicate expression that can have good effects when well done, but also bad effects when smiling goes wrong, here is why:

– If your smile is fake or perceived as fake the effect is actually the reverse of what is intended: it repulses.

– Not smiling is sometimes seen as cool and can create a desirable image. This depends on the situation and the people involved.

– Some people have weird smiles or bad teeth. While the latter is somewhat unlikely in high fashion it still is a factor.

– The default facial expression of people is actually not to smile. Look around you. When people are not communicating with others they don’t smile. They don’t look sad either though.

– As an extension of the above: smiling is communicating. It therefore draws attention away, which might not always be welcomed.

– Some models might actually be unhappy, tired, stressed or scared and thus not in a mood to smile. Or not even able to.

– Smiling can give a false image. It might give the idea you are laughing at the situation, audience and outfits you are wearing.

– Smiling can cause wrinkles.. which might make people look older. This can be an unwanted effect.

A smile well done might actually be a great plus, but you need all the right factors to be in place. Since a catwalk, for instance, is generally a very stressful affair, the choice not to smile seems a more logical and safe choice.
These are my two cents.. maybe you can add some of you own.

Here is the post from the sl enquirer :

And another fashion post :

merit-fashion-car-3 copy
Another outfit from Gizza for half the price. I thought this look fits well with the fast car Taubie found in her inventory. Almost everything is from Taubies inventory. Except the trees. They are mine.

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