Two nekos do Urupe 5: Venice.

Screenshot - 9_29_2013 , 1_53_46 PMMerit: “Venice is actually a kind of strange place for it looks like someone forgot to add new buildings to it after the sixteen century or so. So it is a place that seems forever in old times.  So it is a good background for eerie and strange novels, movies and assorted imaginations. Of course.. there is Death in Venice the book by Thomas Mann and of course: Don’t look now…”

Dont_look_movieposter (1)
Strange poster really, you might have expected a little bit more red in it.That is what the movie is throwing at us all the time.
Dont_look_movieposter (1) copy
So we just fiddled around a bit with layers and stuff.. I do say.. the result is not half bad. Wanted to capture the recurring theme of water and red.

Kris: “That is the kind of movie that slowly gets appreciated more and more until everyone gets fed up and it either gets damned for being overrated or becomes a cult classic… or both.”

Merit: “Do you like my picture??”

Screenshot - 9_29_2013 , 2_10_51 PM
Staring out over the very water of Venice. Someone said that eventually it will sink into the water, so better visit it before it does.

Kris: “Your picture? I somehow spot the hand of Taubie in this.”

Merit:  “Well, I thought of it. Making pictures takes a lot of thinking….”

Kris: “So you does the thinking. And Taubie does?”

Merit: “She makes them pictures..”

Kris: “But no thinking?”

Merit: “Ehm in another way… you know.. like… well,  let’s have a look at the next picture.”


Kris : “What is this… and what has this to do with Venice?”

Merit: “That is the book were the story of the movie comes from..So actually Daphne thought of it.. and Roeg made it into a movie. A bit like me and Taubie. I thought of the pictures.. she made them.”

Screenshot - 9_29_2013 , 2_08_43 PM
Water and a watery sun.. Venice is a harbor city that borders on the Adriatic Sea. Which is nice if you like water.
Screenshot - 9_29_2013 , 2_06_26 PM
Why do I have the feeling that we are looking from Venice at Venice? Maybe it is a Mirage. A surreal appearance of something that is not there..

Merit: “So Venice is another possible candidate for being the Capital City of Urupe.  Like it has got it all: books, movies, water, boats, historical buildings and landmarks. And you know a lot of Italians went to the US, so there is a sort of intimate connection there.”

Kris: “I wouldn’t know. That movie makes the city pretty scary.. I mean if you see a little person wearing a red coat then you better run.. Did they ever get that killer?”

Merit: “It was just a movie.. besides.. that movie was made like in the last century… decades ago.. Bet if there was a killer he or she will be pretty dead by now.”

Kris: “You never know.. some people might not be people at all..but something supernatural. Like ghosts… or devils or demons.”

Merit: “I think we getting a bit in the depressed zone.. let’s go for an ice-cream.. Which btw Italians are also famous for.. Italian icecream!”


Two nekos do Urupe 4: Alors Paris

Honestly, we went to Paris first. We just wanted to confuse you. Paris  might possiblly be the capital city of Urupe because it has a very big tower (= bog tower). Other cities have big towers as well, but not as iconic as Paris has. It is the Eiffel tower, a huge early industrial age tower.  We wondered if it is still  can be considered to be the same tower or that it now has all its constituent parts replaced so that it is actually not the same tower that Eiffel had built, but a totally new tower. Would that not be like a living being, a creature that recreates itself?

Eiffel tower. It has a kind of grace somehow, that is why the french people kept it. Or just because nobody knew how to remove it.
Eiffel tower. It has a kind of grace somehow, that is why the French people kept it. Or just because nobody knew how to remove it. It must  produce  a heap of metal
Screenshot - 9_28_2013 , 6_25_58 PM
This is a fun thing, You spin around and around until your face turns green and you puke your innards out. But not really.. it actually did not move that fast so instead of growing green you grow hungry. We have a bit of a problem with wheels like this because they are for us associated with Vienna ever since we saw the Third Man and the speech about cuckoo clocks.
Me(on the left, delivering the famous cuckoo clock speech:)
“In Italy for 30 years under the Borgias they had warfare, terror, murder and bloodshed. But they produced Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci and the Renaissance.
In Switzerland they had brotherly love, five hundred years of democracy and peace, and what did that produce?
. . . The cuckoo clock!”
Kris: “Did you know there was a Marx Cuckoo Clock Corporation, run by the Marx brothers?”
Me: “Really? The Marx brothers? Are they still in business?”
Kris: “Don’t think so.. you know the Marx brothers. By the time they actually start to make a profit they squander it on something.”
Me: :”I can’t really imagine the Marx Brothers making Cuckoo Clocks. Maybe it was an import company.”
Kris: “It should have read Marx Cuckoo Clock Corporation, Import.”
Me: “Something like that. ..You know what?”
Kris: “Sure?”
Me: “It is time for you to get off.”
Kris: “Oh.”
Me: “Yeah…time for you to leave the car.”
Kris: “Why?”
Me: “Because we are at ground level and you block the exit.”
Kris: “Oh right.. sorry.”
Me: “What else did you think.. wait you thought I was going to have you jump out?”
Kris: “You were quoting from the Third Man after all…”
Me: “Ah yes that is right..”
Screenshot - 9_28_2013 , 10_06_42 PM
L’arce de triomphe. Napoleon copies over ancient Roman symbolism. What battle did he win again? Nevermind.


Screenshot - 9_28_2013 , 10_07_10 PM
Just loved this tram going underneath that monument.
Screenshot - 9_28_2013 , 10_17_51 PM
Le Moulin Rouge. Can can dancers, cabaret, snobby people, sensuality for the upper class. We were not properly dressed so we were not allowed in. Next time we will get us a huge dress or two.. At least that is what seems to be required.
On the other hand.. we could always watch the movie..