Another story: Trinity

When talking about collages, a friend of mine asked me why I think that making a pictorial story would work because as far as he knows most imagery, a catch all phrase for pictures, photographs and other ways to display (un)reality, is often one single depiction of a single event. Like a snapshot or a painting of, say, Mona Lisa.
Perhaps he is right, but then I find it fun to work some kind of story into a depiction or playing around with imagery that is just something more that just one picture.
So here is another one that I worked upon. It is called Trinity.
Now I personally think that pictures should tell their own story.. or at least should inspire or fascinate, without needing words to explain more, as it is probably that the words will not always be connected to a picture. Perhaps I should looking into that.
This picture was inspired by the fact that in Second Life you can make a copy of yourself that looks exactly the same as another avatar, however through behavior and other ways of being they can be different and perceived and treated differently by others.



Avatars: Sunny

I once had an avatar  in Second Life called Sunny. She was often black skinned. I deleted her a while ago, but because of changes in my life I recreated her.

I would not have really made a post about this picture, but I wanted to just talk a bit about it because I managed more or less to capture her being as wanted to.

Sunny was probably the most sweetest of my avatars. This needs a bit of explanation because most people have not like me had different avatars with different personalities.

I have had various one’s because I felt a desire to find out what works or works not. Merit is my most driven avatar and most opinionated. As such rubs people the wrong way, which is almost an inevitable consequence of being brash and opinionated. Sunny was probably the opposite, not so much in not having an opinion, but in the way she expressed them. Because she never forced her opinions on others.

Anyway.. I wanted to capture her on a picture and these are the pictures and I think I succeeded well. There is however a slightly difference. Sunny would never had the tattoos. That is something very Merit like.

Merit-sunny-2b copy

Merit-sunny-2 copy