Empathic Eccentricia: Bitter Sunday(s)

Bitter Sunday


Sometimes one gets these visions or images. Trying to capture them is half the challenge. Bitter Sunday(s) is one of those. This one is made by Tau using prims in second life and a lot of tweaking with windlight(= the name for the light scheme used). Hence Tau made it, cause Tau does all the lighting stuff. Made at Emphatic Eccentricia.

I should write a story with it. Well maybe later.

Pictures from the unreal: wildlife



A picture I made using Osgrid, Secondlife and real life pictures. The set is made in OSgrid. The animals are from OSgrid. The statues to the right have been made by Laughton Mc.Cry using sculptris. The fish are from the public domain and the advertisement  is from the Library of Congress. The avatar and the spot lights are from second life.  For my next step I want to be able to merge pictures from various sources into an overall picture. That way I won’t be depended on one source.


Second Life & OS Grid: All hail to the torus

All hail to the torus


That title requires some explanation. Especially for people who are not familiar with Second Life or the OS Grid. Second Life is, as you might have heard, a virtual world. OS Grid is another one. Both OS Grid and Second Life are based on outwardly similar technology. There are more virtual worlds that are based on this same technology. Here you can find more info about it http://opensimulator.org/wiki/Main_Page. (A note aside: do not try to find these worlds with the catchphrase virtual worlds.. you will get lost in the woods as you stumble over all kinds of game sites, sex places and what not. While I do not want to say anything for or against these, it is more fitting to refer to the worlds that are similar: the key word that let’s you enter the proper multiverse seems to be: open sim).
One aspect of this sameness is that primary objects can be manipulated in a similar fashion. In fact you can copy over the settings of one world to the other. A primary object, if you have not heard of it, is a basic object that comes in a basic shape that can be altered so to make it look different. Basic shapes are for instance: the cube, the sphere and the torus. The latter which is the subject of this post(or actually.. should that not be.. the object?).
Now all this technobabble aside this post is actually just to show that you can create fun things with the basic shapes available in virtual worlds. You do not need to be a highly skilled person to do that. You just make an object appear, add a touch of fantasy and start changing them parameters. Like, that prim is not going to bite you.
(A side note: i sometimes wonder if it is not much easier to lord it over them prims instead of trying to dominate other people.. which is something some people seem to like to do. Your control of them is total. Prims don’t have a mind of their own and you can do to them things you would want to have done to yourself and get away with it!)
Now I wanted to show some exampled of how the torus can be altered to create interesting new forms that can be used to create great new effects.

Oh, show it already!

poetry-in-motion copy

The vehicle in this picture I made for a Burn 2 two event some years ago. It is almost completely made using torii. The vehicle was called Poetry in motion and that is what it did. It read out loud random poems and showed the text overhead as text on a picture. Oh and yes.. the one who actually built it was Taubie.. who you see on the picture above. She is  my other main avatar. Actually emotionally she would be THE main avatar.

Now some days ago I was finding some new shape to use and I found a nice one, which I so like that I showed it to Veleda Lorakeet. It is nice to be like a little kid sometimes. She like the shape to, copied it and gave it her won twist. And then she told Laughie who in turn changed it into something else.
Now this is the fun thing about inspiration.

Let me show

Screenshot - 1_28_2014 , 8_24_48 PM
Starting shape: two manipulated tori, one turned 180 degrees. Each tori is cut down in half.
Screenshot - 1_29_2014 , 10_20_13 AM
Tori above shape twisted b Veleda.
Screenshot - 1_28_2014 , 8_18_40 PM
Two changed tori shapes with shine added to give it a metal look.
Screenshot - 1_29_2014 , 11_10_57 AM
Many tori in depth with slightly changing each setting
laughie copy
Laughie used the same tori shape, but now used 100 % of the shape and added three prims to create a face.

This is the face that Laughie made using the same shape but now using 100 percent of it. Adding three prims and turning it around creates a kind of face. I thought it looked like a bear or dog. Laughie thought it looked like a pig. It is interesting that our mind sort of turns these shapes into a face. It would make for a logo or a personal marker.


page-2 copy

page-1 copy

And when you play around some more and add some windlight effects you can do all of these.

Screenshot - 1_29_2014 , 11_26_55 AM

Well. These are things you can do with just a few twists. But what is probably the most fun aspect is that people get inspired by other people. Which is the fun side of this all.


Hope you enjoyed it..