“The scent of her” by Chuckmatrix Clip. Virtual Sculpting

"The scent of her"
“The scent of her”

Some time ago I went to a place(sorry I forgot the name) because I felt inclined to do so and there was an exhibition of  the works of various artists. The art that stuck in my mind were these sculptures made by Chuckmatrix Clip.  There are not that many sculptures being made as compared to the amount of pictures(and paintings). The reason for this might have something to do with the fact that is seems more connected to real life then paintings are. It requires the ability to make something from nothing, while most paintings use avatars and other thing already available in Second life. Perhaps a statue or sculpture is more down to earth?

"The scent of her"
“The scent of her”
"The scent of her"
“The scent of her”

The sculpture that I took pictures of was made with primary objects, called Prims. Prims are basic objects in SL(and worlds like that) that come in various basic shapes like a sphere, a cube, a cylinder.. each of these basic shapes can be manipulated. This statue was made using more than twohundred prims manipulated into various forms. The limit on this is that in Second Life using prims requires an area that can hold them. To get an idea of the cost. I rent a space for eight dollars a week that supports nine hundredth prims.  In other worlds, like the os grid one can rent land that support much more prims. OS grid even allows for a more refined manipulation of the prims.

Basic primary objects called prims
Basic primary objects called prims. Basic shapes are the sphere, cube and cylinder.

bundleboy copy

Prims twisted at -36.
Prims twisted at -36.
Tapered prims.
Veleda made Ragdohcchio with prims..
The torus
The torus is another basic shape and offers more complex possibilities.
“Puck” our deceased cat, made using torii only.
Steammonkey made with prims
Steammonkey made with prims
A sculpture representing the avatar Brokali (when he was in his blue man mood). Made with prims in torus shape.
The blue particles are meant to suggest the shape of the face.

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