Two nekos do Urope 1

Two Nekos do Urupe

Two nekos (= cat peope) do Urupe for those who have never been there. Nice snapshots that might entice you to go and visit that country… or not as the case may be.

The first task they got was to actually find the capital city of Urupe and make some interesting snapshots.  But first on this page let’s meet the the two neko team.

And here they are.

Two nekos: Kris & Merit
Two nekos: Kris & Merit

The two neko team: that is Merit to the left and Kris to the right. They will be in the pictures.

Two nekos: Taubie

This is Taubie. You won’t see her that much cause she is making them pictures.

The next installment will be see them visit the Capital city of Urupe which could be Paris.. or London.. or Berlin. Those Urope people never can make up their minds about it.

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