Henry and Kristl sat through Resident Evil(2002)

“More zombies.” Kristl said in a tried voice. She put down the empty cup that had held her raspberry slush puppy. It had not really helped with the exhaustion she felt, which had been brought on by watching a marathon of Resident Evil movies..

“I like zombies.” said Henry.

“Love at first bite?”

“Gosh. That is so lame and that from you..”

“Just tired.” Kristl whispered.

“Overall an adequate movie. Zombies, shooting, people dying, weird monsters and Milla Jovovich. The tension is built up slowly as it takes a long time for the movie to show the monsters. I think they appear past the thirty minutes mark. It is a good thing. Don’t lay down all the cards at once.
While I don’t get attached to most of the characters they aren’t too disturbing. Personally I find it a pity that the Hispanic girl Rain at the end turned zombie, but i didn’t feel sorry either as she might as well die, because she just kept having the same facial expression. Overall it was is pretty predictable with forgettable characters. Even to Milla seems a bit tame.”

“I find it hard to rank a movie like this. How can you compare this movie to something like the Godfather series or to stick to the same genre, movies like those from the Dead series or Aliens. Just very hard to do.” Kristl said.

“Personally I think the movie marred by the start. The whole movie hinges on the fact that this super secret high tech laboratory controlled by a computer is incapable of stopping a virus from spreading through air-vents. Also a bit strange that people and dogs turn into flesh craving monsters by an airborne virus but when a few hours later the soldiers appear, they only get infected by being bitten. You have to accept that this one virus behaves in different ways depending on how it infects living beings. It might be conceivable ,but it all is a bit stretching it.” Henry said.

“So..what it comes down too is an adequate zombie flick that might entertain people. Mostly people who are interested in zombie films that aren’t too scary. Anyone else will probably find better movies to watch.” Kristl said

“There is one thing that puzzles me and it is the reaction of Alice to the death of Rain. Although Alice reacts to the death of the others with suitable shock, she burst in tears when that guy shoots Rain in the head when she turns zombie. I mean she cried like she just lost her lover. I wonder.”

“Maybe she just collapsed from exhaustion?” Kristl said.

“Maybe they were in love?” Henry suggested.

“You thinks so?”

“Hot steamy lesbian love.” Henry said, “You know it.”

Not again, Kristl thought.



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