Bleh man

This flash story requires a bit of a background and explanation. One is that it is written because I heard about a row between Denmark and Sweden over a shows in which naked people were discussed. I sort of fantasized about it.The other is that I am sneaky introducing two characters from my vampire stories. 

The couple was still dressed when they entered, as this was demanded for the show.

“Fine specimen.” said the girl with the broad grin and brown curly hair.

Her companion jury member, a young blond woman wearing dark sunglasses, smiled at this remark and said,”Lets see more.”

The women gave directions and gradually the couple undressed. The jurors then commented on the revealed parts and giggled a lot.

“Ladies, It is time to make a choice.”  the showhost remarked at some point.

The two women then had a momentary private conversation, tossed a coin and then the blond girl said,”We like them both, but she takes the boy and I take the girl.”

Then the blond guided the woman off stage and the brown haired girl did the same with the man. The infrared cameras then showed how the brown girl became a ten feet werewolf and ripped the man apart, while the blond girl bared her needle-sharp fangs and ravaged the girl.

Afterwards the jury members retook their seats..

“This show is great!. We found our species don’t need to hate each other: we can share.” they said in unison. The showhost laughed heartily at that and fantasized about the rising rates.

7 responses to “Bleh man”

  1. Interesting. One thing though, you don’t need to capitalize words after speech every time. For example:

    “…share” They said.

    should be

    “…share” they said.

    It was easy to visualize what was going on though, I enjoyed it.

    1. Thanks…good tip.. I change it..

      1. I did the same thing throughout my whole novel and had to go back and change it all, haha!

    2. When I find out how to do it I post it as a sticky..:P In the meantime.. I browsed the internet to find some more information about spoken text and how it interacts with descriptive text, since I might be needing it. For those who are also interested: here is a link I liked.

  2. I liked this story! Very cute twist! You have a very neat narrative style.

    1. Thanks you. You know what is strange. I first had to approve all comments, but now they just happen. Which is why I was amazed there were comments around I had not seen. But maybe I am just confused 🙂

      1. No problem:) yeah I just started noticing the automatic posting thing myself. I thought it was just something they’d updated on the Andrpid app, but it’s the same thing on my PC.

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