Movie Review: Zombieland

That Woody Harrelson can play something else besides the buffoon roles he seems to be condemned to can be gathered from a movies as the People vs Larry Flynt. He does however play the buffoon well, even to the point of being adorable, so he stars like a buffoon in Zombieland. He is joined by a cast of three, Jesse Eisenberg, Emma Stone and Abigail Breslin to make up a group of survivors in a zombie apocalypse that has depopulated the world.

If you are a zombie nut you will be upset by Zombieland, either because you think it hogwash or because you find it hilarious. Zombieland is sheer baloney and that tends to gall people in unpredictable ways, just like it makes people giggle. The keyscene is probably the one in which Bill Murray dies, which makes Emma Stone suddenly giggle, saying; he still makes me laugh. Thus purposely ruining one of the few serious moments in the movie. The movie does at times build up to a serious moment but knocks it down flat a frame later.

The whole thing thrives on the interaction between the cast with the zombie background propelling the plot forward. How inconsequential everything is can be gathered from the fact that they basically travel from nowhere in particular to nowhere in particular. As Harrelson says: some go west, stating it is safer there, some travel east, thinking it is safer there. Hence his drive is not safety, but twinkies. Just as scarce and as important as to endanger himself(and others to boot).

There is a very awkward romantic fling between Eisenberg and Stone who simply have nothing in common, but even that is in tune with the movie that turns everything upside down. The interaction between Breslin and Harrelson is much more believable, the first playing a twelve years old who hasn’t heard of Gandhi and Willy Nelson, much to the astonishment of the Harrelson who in turn has no clue who Hannah Montana is(that will be a bit more dated, I am sure).

While Harrelson plays the buffoon, Eisenberg plays the social misfit and Stone and Breslin play two sisters who make a living cheating others, out of their money before the zombie apocalypse and their cars and guns after the zombies have inherited the world.

The end scenes sees the two girls power up a theme park in the night so Breslin can have some fun. Where the power comes from doesn’t really matter, what does matter is that every zombie from miles around converges on the park, thus requiring the two men to save the girls.

Zombieland is not to be taken seriously really, which is the whole point. If that gets your feathers ruffled you better skip this one. But then you might not like Shaun of the Dead either. Which is really a shame. Perhaps refocus?
(I heard someone planned a spin off or something. I hope they rethink that, for there isn’t much to tell, unless the premise of the movie is changed into something more serious, which means it’s a different thing altogether)

Henry and Kristl enjoyed Zombieland

“Woody Harrelson is just damn funny.” Henry made as if he was chewing on something,  “Funny, that is right.”

“You are aware he is a man?” Kristl remarked, “Not  a jump-about gun toting woman in a tight suit?”

“He is not a man!”

“Oh god,  we just lost just half our audience.”

“He is a cowboy.”

“Did we get some back or did we loose the other half?”

“That fight in that booth is so funny. Dual wielding guns and shooting all them zombies. Kabang, kabang. “ Henry made gun gestures and with his fingers shooting imaginary zombies.

“Don’t forget the others, that nervous kid, Jesse Eisenberg, and the two girls, Emma Stone and Abigail Breslin. They put in believable performances that make the movie whole: it is not a one man show.”

“Yeah, the movie has a great cast. It pokes fun with the zombie genre, but in a good way,  and it is better than most other zombie movies, even the serious one’s. And that camo of Bill Murray is damn funny too. All in all a  damn good movie.”

“I think you should practice your cowboy some more. You start to repeat yourself.” Kristl interjected.

“And there are some funny running gags that are well, spaced out and given twists to keep them interesting such as the double tap: making sure a zombie is really dead by shooting it twice if necessary. Or the rules of surviving the zombie holocaust. Or the zombie killing of the week. All in all a fun movie. What do you think?”

“You are right. It is a fun movie.” Kristl said, “I just hope one thing..”

“Which is?”

“That they don’t make a sequel. It is unlikely to be better.”

“That’s so right, pardner.” And Henry made as if he spat an imaginary piece of chew on the ground.