They are gods


After delivering his speech on outsourcing, the head of the IT department made a gesture as if to fold some papers in his hands, but he had none at the moment, as his department had been committed to substantial cost savings by becoming a real paperless office.

The handful of people that were with him in his room moved to congratulate him. They were familiar faces: the painted one of his secretary, the stubbled ones of the managers and the fresh ones of the management assistants who would become managers themselves in a few years time.

The amorphous mass of employees who were watching them on small and large screens in small and large rooms all over the world saw only the smug smiles on those faces. They had not yet been disconnected, but then.. they never had been connected anyway.


“Let’s ask the woman in our midst.” His Most Divine Emperor Maximilian the third said.

The gathered nobles of the realm, fitted in their shiniest armors adorned with silver and gold, turned their gazes towards her.

Eveline, envoy of the empress-mother,  looked at the princess Isobel, who was laying at the feet of the emperor. Even in defeat the rebel princess was a comely figure, with her long golden hair, blue eyes and armor that hugged her slender young figure.

Eveline waited for a few seconds, then gave the much rehearsed answer. “Kill her or marry her. She will be trouble either way.”

The nobles laughed loudly as the emperor dismissed both idea’s..

Isobel and Eveline smiled at each other. The empress-mother had exactly predicted this reaction.  They would be great friends, Eveline was sure of it.

Flash Fiction: Walking Dead

The undead employees in his office didn’t make Henry panic. The Human Resource manager quickly ascended the nearest bookcase; the one containing files a650 to c1278.  The unliving started to besiege him there, making guttural sounds and clawing gestures.
Henry considered his options. He could either jump from bookcase to bookcase and possibly find safety that way. Or he could throw himself through the window to plummet towards the asphalt ten stories below.
His decision was made for him when the bookcase toppled over and he became with of them..
A month later the insects ate them all

Flash Fiction: Love Song

Love Song
She popped up, with that crooked smile on her face, and strew butterflies all around. Then she skipped away over the beach, occasionally picking something up. A colorful flower? A curious rock? An odd piece of driftwood?
At night, when she slept, I  chased her shadows away.
She was the maiden.
I was her dragon.
When we reached the boiling red water that surrounded the dark lord’s abode, I grew ten times my size and flew her over.
There she smiled at him, handed him her bouquet of flowers, then hopscotched to another dawn.
And finally he saw a rainbow..