Sign of Life: Lab-coat fallacy

Perhaps it already exist in one place or another.. but I am introducing a new fallacy called lab-coat fallacy. Lab-coat fallacy is created to me in disrespect for a person called John Morris Pendleton and actually in honor of Logicked who called him out for pretending to be a scientist on spurious credentials and wearing  a lab-coat for pretense.

Deductive logic
Scientists wear white lab-coats.
John wears a white lab-coat.
John is a scientist.

In movies of Carl Baugh Morris is even called a professor. I am amazed that people, professing to be guided by moral principles like the christian ones, just lie.
This should not be translated to: people who are christians lie by default. Just these guys like Pendleton and Baugh do.

Inductive logic
Scientists have been known to wear white lab-coat.
John wears a white lab-coat.
John might be a scientist.

Lying for jesus can, to my mind, only be done if one doesn’t belief that jesus or god exist. Hence, from my standpoint these guys might just be bad atheists in disguise, knowing very well that whatever they say will have no consequence at all in the after life, because there will be non.

Abductive logic
John is wearing a white lab-coat.
White lab-coats are sometimes worn by scientists.
John might conceivably be a scientist.

These people are far from honest and decent atheists like Amon Ra, Logicked,  Mister Deity,  Matt Dillahunty, Richard Dawkins, Darkmatter2525, Thunderfoot and the like. Some might want some kind of money, but they do not to lie to you because of it, but basically because they are passionate about people and need some money to do what they do.

Moronic logic
John thinks scientists are god deniers.
John pretends to be a scientist by wearing a lab-coat.
John becomes a god denier.

I have no specific favorite but if you want my opinion of the smartest atheist out there on you tube, my vote is for Tracie Harris.My second vote would be for Jen Peeples who goes down to the human level. I am happy that two women like them are on you tube showing that they can be as smart and concerned as any man.   Mind you, I don’t want to make Jen into a lesser version of Tracie. That would be very unfair to both of them.


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