(Not) Being Andrew.

Christine Romein, a friend, had a link to the story of Andrew on her facebook page.
I thought it would be fun to make some random images in reaction, because someone’s burden is an inspiration to others.. and a source of income to booth. So here are some brainstormed ideas in reaction.
Initially I wanted to go with Stay Calm.. I am (not) Andrew. But since the font is copyrighted I decided to use my own font and because my font is connected to a rather fuzzy way of letter placement it became something else entirely. The reason I like to play around with letters is because it’s fun to garble a message but so that you still can get it. It is a study in messing around with the structure. I read in a book that it might be post modern. But let’s call it fun.


This was the initial picture.

I fiddle around with font’s which are made up using primary objects from Second Life(there is a post about one I often use: the torus). I thought I add two pictures of how my builders area looks in Second Life(with my two main avatars(I always use them together because one is the camera and the other makes the things you see.. I bet it will be similar to other places were artist and builders mess around. This is the are that is cluttered with all kinds of things that have been part of projects, are part, or never will be.

After fiddling around with prims, my own font type, the Andrew picture and Photoshop Elements I came up with these:

Andrew: I am Andrew

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