Fear of Flying: Covering a controversial book.


I never read Fear of Flying, a book written by Eric Jong and published in 1973. It was a controversial book at the time as it was about sexual fantasies held by a woman who actually gives in to them. Women freely indulging in sexual fantasies was something of a shocking novelty especially when openly written about in a book.

Nowadays we have books with erotic subjects aplenty and with Fifty Shades of Grey making bondage mainstream, Fear of Flying is reduced to that status of a precursor in at least one advertisement. It is probably meant to boost sales by hitching Fear of Flying to the bandwagon of Fifty Shades but it seems to me that these books do not belong together. The one is about liberation of women, the other about a woman subjugating herself to a man. Of course some people claim that subjugating is actually liberation(mostly people who actually practice bondage). I wonder if Erica Jong or feminists would agree.

But I never read any of these books and I do not intent too, but I was involved with Fear of Flying because it was used to inspire the name of a place in Second Life. Since the book is now over forty years old and has sold over twenty million copies throughout it’s history there were a lot of covers available on the internet. Since these covers a peculiar to their time I collected what is out there and placed them together.

What follows is a sample of book covers that I collected from the internet. The quality varies and I cannot tell you from which year they are, but it is interesting how varied covers can be. Perhaps you can guess from which year  or decade a cover is. Have fun browsing.

Due to the fact that this book has an erotic subject some covers are adult by nature.  Since I do not want to make my blog an adult one just because of one post I have put them below.

A slight note: in Dutch the title is not translated from Fear of Flying but it is Het Ritsloze Nummer, which translates as the Zipless F**. This concept is put forward in the book. What it means you can find in the wikipedia of this book.

Below are pictures of a more adult nature. If you do not like such please do not proceed. I also added two of my own making as I wanted to see if it was possible to make something using second life avatars.

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