Movie review: Farewell (2009)




“That was different,” Henry said. They we lounging in the front seats, as usual. He ruffled his short dark hair, longer on the top and short on the sides. Then Kristl handed him a bottle. He glanced at it. Weltenburger Barock Dunkel, an European beer of some kind. Sounded German.  The beer was something Kristl had brought with her. He had looked at it with a certain wariness. She liked to buy these heavy beers that knocked you out flat after you had taken two. All fun, unless you had a date with Jennifer. He didn’t want to mess up that one.

Kristl waved any remarks away before he could had a chance to say anything, “Only four point seven percent. Enjoy.”

“I thought it would be a movie, but it’s more like a story read out aloud illustrated with footage from the area,” Henry continued.

“I found it interesting nonetheless. It is strangely catchy, even though there isn’t any acting. A love story during a voyage around the world in a zeppelin. And with the footage from 1929 it was interesting to look at.  It created a mood from the time.

“And there was even some excitement and anxiety, for instance when they travelled over the soviet-union or were blown off course when they crossed the pacific.. ”

“I just wonder if we had looked at it if we had known. It wasn’t actually a movie, but more a documentary brought in the form of a related story. I think we would have skipped it, wouldn’t you think.”

“Uhmm well, I did not check if it was a movie. The cover intrigued me, you know. The era is fascinating with flappers, jazz music, experimental cinema, bauhaus, prohibition, zeppelin and such. And perhaps also because shortly after the wall street crash would occur and the economy would take a nose dive. Then hitler would come to power and the world would become a lot more grim.”

“In this case it was okay. I liked the story and the narrator has fitting voice. I could belief she was that female reporter, alone in a zeppelin full of men.”

“Somehow you seem to…”

“I didn’t mean to make it sound like a cheap you-know-what movie.”

“Heh… Nevermind about that. I am happy though that you liked this non-violent story. Did you realize that there was no violence in it at all?”

“No violence? True. It was a love story with no fighting. Strange..”

“You could even label this movie with: absolutely nobody got hurt in this movie,” Kris paused and looked at Henry, “What do you mean with ‘strange’?”

“Usually I like a bit of action and action usually implies…violence or the promise of violence.”

“Maybe you are changing?”

Henry thought about that in the silence in which he finished his beer. Kristl was about to hand him another one, but he shook his head.

“Even more changes?”

“Not at all. I got a date with Jennifer. A dinner date. I like to have my wits about me. ”

“A date? Before you know it you have settled, a mortgage and a score of kids trailing you.”

“Who knows,” Henry said.

“Good luck then.. dad.”

Henry looked at Kristl taking a sip from her second beer.

“I could save you one for later,” Kristl said.

“It wouldn’t mind that.”

“Done.. now off you go. Your destiny awaits.”

And Henry exited the garage-turned-movie theater leaving Kristl behind with three bottles of Weltenburger Barock Dunkel.

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