Art by second life: ⊱The Gateway⊰

The gateway is the short name for a place called The Gateway to BDSM. Next to providing a meeting place for people interested in a certain lifestyle, there happens also to be an exhibition/auction there. I like to discover art in Second Life, especially when it uses Second Life avatars or scenes. This has to do with my ongoing attempts to use Second Life for the making of pictures for my stories. So this was why I went there to have a look.

So here follows a selection of pictures shown at the exhibition at the Gateway. I picked a them purely because I liked them and not because I feel they are far better than the others that are there but not in this post. One factor in the selection is that I avoid overtly erotic scenes, not because I am against those as such, but more because they do only charm me just for being erotic, I prefer to be something more to them. I also took the liberty  to change the pictures by overlaying black templates. This to cover over some parts of the human body that people might have problems with and to avoid these pictures being used. These pictures are the property of the makers and here only shown so you can get to know them. The gallery has a lot more to show and even sells them as part of a way to raise money.

The Gateway can be found here and you can bid on the paintings^^.




The first I want to show are the these black and white picture made by Barbie Adored. Yes I am somewhat biased to this cartoonistic/ popart/ frank miller style of art. I cannot say much more about it but that I liked them.

'Power of  A kiss' by Lita Loire
‘Power of A kiss’ by Lita Loire

This is a picture showing a detail of the drawing Power of a Kiss. According to Lucia (Lucia Ruby Bird) who was organized the exhibition, the maker took a day to draw this(sic).

'Bring Me to Life' by Lita Loire
‘Bring Me to Life’ by Lita Loire
'The Devil Is Female' by Nastjenka Navarita
‘The Devil Is Female’ by Nastjenka Navarita
'Show Me Your Backside' by Nastjenka Navarita
‘Show Me Your Backside’ by Nastjenka Navarita
'The Thinner the Air, Part 2' by Sabbian Paine
‘The Thinner the Air, Part 2’ by Sabbian Paine
'Bound' -Hillany Scofield
‘Bound’ -Hillany Scofield
'Grey' - Hillany Scofield
‘Grey’ – Hillany Scofield

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