Without is a movie made by me using images from the movie The Colony in an attempt to make a (slightly) different storyline. It uses the song that is partly played at the end of the movie, when the titles are shown.
The idea is to experimenting in a way Lawrence Weiner does.. using text and words to add information, but at the same time leave enough freedom for the viewer to fill in the blanks.
The idea is to tell story, but leave room for filling in your own ideas. A movie offers the opportunity to use sound, music, moving imagery.. add text to change some of what you see.
Because the colony is in essence a story about a world in the grip of an eternal winter and the way the handful survivors deal with this I removed I changed the images to show that.
What remains is a story of three men on a quest to find a tower that controls the weather and to discover what happened or maybe.. to use it.. It is up to you..


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