Mei was in a shemale bar.

Mei is the name I give to my little sister. I could have thought of a better name than Mei, but I decided to call her like that because we agreed to hide her real name and I wanted to show somehow that she is my little sister. So I looked up what little sister was in Chinese and it was Mei Mei. Mei sounded like an apt name, because in Dutch it is the month May, which is the month in which nature blossoms. A joyful month therefore. And little sister is much like that.

So Mei was in a shemale bar.

She is like that: she visits places we read about, but never go to. Mei is easy in many ways, especially in accepting other people’s habits. Unless those habits hurt people. Mei doesn’t like it when people get hurt.

Shemales are a curious group of people, mostly because  people tend to confuse them with transgenders. To explain something about them, I have to tell what I think a shemale is. I accept the fact that many people might not agree with me.

Shemales are men who behave and look like women and often have had surgery that made them more female. For instance: they have often breasts. However they always retain their manly bits.

Transgenders are people who want to be the other gender. Sometimes transgenders look like shemales because they are  physically in transition, but that is usually a temporary and unwanted state of affairs.

Shemales want to a be in that in between state.


So Mei was in a shemale bar looking at some of the shemales dancing on the poles. Mei doesn’t get excited about people dancing on poles, but she likes to talk and pole dancers have to chat to their customers as part of their job description so the chatting was easy and free of charge..

There were also a few other customers in the bar.. One who expressed that she had some trouble with her computer. Her name was Isa and Mei offered to help her, because Mei knows a few things about computers. She doesn’t want to let people know that, because she finds it boring and before you know it people think you are a computer expert.

With Mei’s help they got the problem sorted and then they chatted about other things like:  ‘‘where are you from?’ , ‘what do you do?’  and ‘would you like to dance?’

Mei likes to dance so she said yes and they danced, chatted, kissed, cuddled and did things that people who are attracted to each other do.  And much to Mei’s surprise Isa was actually a shemale.  You could say Mei was falling in love and Isa seemed to be falling in love with her.. Soon they discovered that hours had passed and they were planning to find a place to live together and have kids. And all of this in just one night.

The next day Mei woke up elated. She was sure she would see Isa again soon, although they had not talked to about meeting each other the next day. She knew a small place that she might be able to rent. It was a very small tropical island that was just enough for two people to live upon. She knew of it’s existence because her older sister had rented it once.

Mei visited the place and although it was not available, there was another small island that was.. She decided against renting it at once because she wanted to know  if Isa liked it.

While Mei was really happy, she also felt doubt creep in. And when she thought some more about it, she realized that she would be required to give up her whole happy-go-lucky lifestyle she had led the past few years. Mei decided that Isa and she needed to know each other better before she rushed into a long term commitment.

Mei send Isa an enthusiastic mail telling her that she had found a place and that she hoped all was well with Isa and ended the mail telling Isa that Mei loved her.

After a few days Mei had not received an answer from Isa. In fact she had heard nothing from Isa at all.

Now Mei became worried and she decided to go to her old sister Nali for advice. Unfortunately  Nali was not the right person to ask, because she had been in a bad relation and mostly because the other in that relation did not keep her appointments. Nali remembered days of herself waiting for hours on her date to appear, sometimes she waited in vain. So Nali advised Mei to stop the relation before it even started if Isa did not bothered to answer Mei.

A few days later Mei got an answer from Isa. Isa wrote that she was busy due to the holidays(it was around Christmas) and would come and see Mei three days later. That was all she said,

Mei felt hurt. Isa had not answered her for almost a whole week and when she had done so the answer was very business-like. Now she was getting second thoughts.. She was going to give up her life for someone who apparently was not as enthusiastic as Mei thought she was. This made Mei write Isa an angry mail saying that the moment was passed and she was already seeing someone else, because she assumed Isa had lost interest in her by  not answering her first mail within a week.

Mei never got a reply from Isa on that mail. Mei did not dwell too much on what had happened though. She felt sad for a few days, but unlike her older sister Nali she was not one that would hide herself from the world and grief in silence. Instead she went into town to party and soon forgot what had happened.

A year later Mei was looking through her mail to find a mail from a friend when she found a mail from Isa. It had been send half a year after they had met and somehow she had missed it.. It was a very short mail. Isa asked if Mei wanted to be friends again and she ended with a please.

It made Mei feel sad -actually it gave her tears-  that she had missed the mail from Isa and thus had not been able to reply to her. In hindsight she felt that she should have given Isa at least the chance to explain herself. So Mei decided to answer the half year old mail and tell her she would be happy to be friends again.

Until this day Mei never received an answer.

Mei told me this and I wrote it down.I don’t know why I did other than that I found it a sad tale that might have had another ending. Perhaps also because I very much like my little sister.


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