Henry and Kristl took the Bridge at Remagen

“Once more over the bridge, my dear friends.” Henry waved a stick around and was wearing a bucket for a helmet. Kristl had noted that this bucket was quite versatile as it functioned as helmet from any time period and place and universe, including ancient roman times, fantasy worlds like Lord of the Rings and Star Wars. Sometimes Henry would add something to make it fit the mood. Like adding a plume to it to signify it being a knights helmet.

However today the bucket was sprayed over for the occasion with army green and was a Second World War helmet. It would function like that for some days to come.

“I thought that it was Shakespeare who had some king say that.” Kristl mused.

“I made it up, although it was inspired by Shakespeare. King Henry the Fifth said something like, once more unto the breach, my dear friends..”

“Shakespeare.. I never took you much for a lover of the arts.”

“I saw the movie.”


“So over the bridge, my dear friends.” Henry waved his hand.


“And they took it. Right up the fritzes asses.”

“Uhm..Lucky for them. I think they tried to blow it up. It must have been painful to push a plunger and nothing happens. Or it went boom but not  boom enough. Like in the movie.
Here is an interesting notion. Should a movie about the historical taking of a bridge be historically accurate or not?”

“What do you mean. Was the movie not historically correct?”

“Not everything. I read that the movie actions displayed in the movie were not although the background was: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Remagen#The_capture_of_the_bridge

“Wadda you know. The whole fighting was made up.”

“More or less.”

“But it was an exciting movie. A bit cynical.  Very sixties and seventies. It reminded me a bit of Kelly’s Heroes, but more serious.”

“I think Vietnam was already having an effect. Like it shows the enemy, Germans, as normal people. In fact this is something I haven’t seen for a while. I recall the Longest Day and Bridge too Far being the same way. And of course Gettysburg, but that is probably because the opponents were American. So here Germans are not crazy creeps that shave their heads bald and seem to take pleasure from killing other people by stabbing them to death slowly.. These are normal people; just opponents. Of course such movies are very disturbing, for what is a movie without a proper loathsome enemy?”

“Well, it makes it less justified to kill them. It is less troubling to kill someone when he deserves it.”

“There is even this scene where Gazarra kills  that German boy who is shooting at them. When Gazarra finds out it is a boy he killed,  Segal tells him to plunder the corpse another day. assuming Gazarra is again robbing the dead for souvenirs.  Sort of: war is not fun idea.“

“Hmm.. I rather have them as heroes, then as these disgruntled figures.” Henry frowned.

“You know. I always find that typical Hollywood or even American. The idea that the enemy has to be loathsome so we don’t feel bad when we kill them. I realise now that it’s not typical for Hollywood or America to do so. Many nations cast their enemies into the role of despicable repulsive beings. I recall an Indonesian movie where  the Dutch are cast in the roles of  dumb greedy foreign oppressors. An interesting aspect is how these roles change over time.. In the old days for instance Arabians were cast in the role of noble warriors, remember Lawrence of Arabia? The Turks were the enemy, so they were revolting individuals. I think there is even one scene where Turks rape Lawrence.. or at least it is suggested. Now the roles are probably reversed.“

“Well.. in the end it has to be an exciting movie. Where people fight each other and the good side wins.”

“Even if it is all silly and unhistorical.” Kristl said.

“The problem with most people is that they take movies far too serious. They start to think that the nonsense that is seen is the truth.” Henry said, “My rule is simple. Whatever is on a screen, big or small, is entertainment or opinion and therefore not true. Let is just be good at entertaining for it will never be good at  telling the truth.”

“The power of imagery. One false image says more than thousand lines of historically documented, investigated and checked information. Historians must be pulling their hairs when they see nonsense become fact, because history has become democratic. When the majority believes something to be the truth.. it becomes the truth because wikipedia makes it the truth.” Kristl said.

“Whatever.. I like this movie. It had some guys bickering with each other, but finally working together to capture the bridge.”

“Well, I find the matter of fact almost cynical attitude better than the hopelessly over romanticized mood displayed in…..” Kristl mumbled.

Henry put a hand on her mouth thus stopping the last words and  then he put an outstretched finger on his lips, “We will not compare this one to another one.” Henry said. “Kapish?”

Kristl shook her head in acknowledgment

Bridge at Remagen on imdb

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