Bohemian Eclectic Gallery 3: Sina Souza

Another set of pictures with stories made by an artist with the aid of second life.  She also combine pictures with stories.

Her art differs somewhat in that it had been changed a lot more then the previous artists.  Some are so changed that you hardly can see they are made in Second Life.

Desire for humanity by Sina Souza

I would like to be able to love and hate
to see the Color Variations of the World.
But I only see Black and White
and I feel nothing …
I just feel the Desire for Humanity

I made a picture with myself in it. Heh. This image I found interesting because I am intrigued by the concept of identity. In Second Life (SL) we can choose our looks. We can be something we can’t be in real life (RL) and we can even experiment with behaviors we can experiment with in RL. And interesting example is here:  I am less interested in the article,  but more in the movie, as I  am not so much interested about the sexual aspect(which is something people like going on about) but about how people somehow have a desire to be something else and thus express it by dressing up as furries in real life for example. I must admit: I was a bit startled by it all(not shocked).   After some thinking I started to understand a bit what people dressing up as those furries might feel. It is something I associate with tinies (a creature that is a often an small intelligent animal or a mix of animal and human, like a furry but smaller).
A kind of innocence.

The above picture is something that touches this subject. What is humanity and what is not? And why do some people want to be something that is not like a human? Is it because as human they lacks something or is it something humanity lacks as a whole?  The one wants to be human and the other doesn’t want to be.

the forgotten victims-sinasouza
The forgotten victims by Sina Souza

In Humans, it is like the Animals
You love them, You bury them
and then it’s over
They become Victims of Past..

I don’t have much to say about this one. Just look at it 🙂

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Sina Souza has flickr place here:
In SL her art place is here:

Bohemian Eclectic Gallery 3:

(Note : BEG is located on an adult sim and exhibits some adult related imagery)

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Notice: the above pictures and quoted texts(those in italics) are copyrighted by Sina Souza and used here to showcase her art.

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