Bohemian Eclectic Gallery 2: Tess Falworth

The next artist I like to mention work from is called Tess Falworth. She makes pictures using Second Life and adds little stories to them.  The above painting has great lighting.  The picture is a talking one breathing a mood of solitude and wandering.

All Who Wander by Tess Falworth

I search because I need to know..
because I need to feel the earth at my feet,
the sand that cascades through my fingers..
I search for the infinite, the real, the surreal.. the beyond and the void.
I search for meaning in the sunset… knowing that I am but singularity in the web
and my thread may be cut when I least expect it, but until then, I will search with an open heart and open soul.

Sweetness by Tess Fallworth

 there are but a few moments in between..
the sweetness of surrender
and the triumph of temptation…

Nude don’t do much for me. I know that some people find them fascinating, I don’t exactly see why. However I am not against them either. This one somehow caught my gaze. I have a hard time to tell why. I is a combination of the pose, the way the two ladies are standing, the hand and the gag.   I like the way the light is used. There is a story there that wants to be told.

Bohemian Eclectic Gallery  in sl

(Note : BEG is located on an adult sim and exhibits some adult related imagery)

Also published  at my weebly website:

Notice: the above pictures and quoted texts(those in italics) are copyrighted by Tess Falworth and used here to showcase her art.

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