Henry and Kristl lacked The Sixth Sense

Henry and Kristl lacked The Sixth Sense.

“Well acted, nice movie. I can’t help to say it.” Kirstl said, “I like Bruce Willis in this one.”

“It was boring,” Henry said, “Nothing scary happened and the whole end was predictable..And I thought you didn’t like kids?”

“Uh. I meant kids that aren’t kid-like or too kid-like. You know the Home Alone kind of kids or very overdone sentimental kids..”

“Right. Well it was a drag. Bruce should stick to Die Hard movies or movies like Pulp Fiction. ” Henry said.

“And that is it?” Kristl raised an eyebrow.

“What else is there to say. Nothing happened, no action. No scary monsters. No creepy situations. And when they finally get to the point where the kid finds out he can help the dead so they leave him be, it is emoted as if he just saw his pet fish die. Let’s get another movie.”

“Uhm. Usually that is my line. You didn’t like the way the kid bonded with Bruce?. The way the mother and son relations developed? And the whole time you don’t quite know if the boy is imagining things or actually seeing them. It was nice acted, a nice story and a nice script. Don’t you think?”

“It was nicely acted, but there was simply nothing happening for most part of the movie. The whole plot could have been told in thirty minutes tops. Think Twilight Zone. Here it just drags on and on and on. People should learn when to quit.” Henry said with a certain anger.

“Wow.” Kristl said, ”

“And all of these senseless things. You know the ‘big surprise’ at the end. If you look back you see there are so many loopholes and it feels like that bag of Tim’s Sea Salt and Vinegar turns into sawdust after you eaten it. Just so annoying.”

“Hold on.”

“And when we know about Bruce the director suddenly gives us the tale tell signs and in abundance too. It is so annoying. And why did the kid not hide from him?:

“Wait…you didn’t predict the ending, did you?”

“Nope..But the strange thing was.. I knew it somehow without knowing it. It was like a big letdown. Like when you watch a detective movie but the most important clue is only revealed at the end by the ‘great detective’. It stinks.” Henry said, “And it took hundred minutes of boredom to get to that point. It’s not a great surprise.. it just unhinges the movie.”

“Well, I like it.”

“And I don’t. Can we rent Die Hard 6 now?”

“Is there such a movie?” Kristl said.

“If there isn’t one, there ought to be.”


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