Henry and Kristl discovered Unbreakable.

“There are basically two Bruces. One is the quick mouthed smart ass action hero from the die hard series and the other is this mature wised up guy that you see in Sin City, Pulp Fiction and this movie. Willis might be the victim of his own success by being typecasted like that, but it works so well for him.” Henry said.

“And with the superb acting Samuel Jackson, interesting plot and story twist this movie is a nice experience.”  Kristl said, “And, from my point of view, one of the few ‘superhero’ movies I can bear to look at.”

“Oh come on,  a lof of those ‘superhero movies’ are watchable. They usually try to add some depth to the characters involved and it is just entertaining to see over the top action being displayed on screen.. and nowadays even in 3D. Why do you want to see a movie about real life all the time when there is so much more that you can make movies about?”

“Hmph.” Krisl said.

“This movie is a good take on the superhero concept although it lacks a bit in the action department and is tad slow overall for my taste.” Henry said.

“And there are no girls in tight suits.” Kristl said, “Only real women.”

“Very funny.” Henry said.

“We should not forget the supporting cast, including the kid. They put  in a good performance as well.”

“I agree.”

“Yet the big disappointment is at the very end. It feels like hollywood stepped in and forced an uncalled for explanatory finish that derailed the whole movie. Without the end it would have been a much greater movie.” Kristl said.

“Yes, it is a pity they did not leave it open ended. Like in a real superhero movie where you know the supervillain will be back with a vengeance in the next story.”

“So we agree it is a nice movie, which would have been great but for the ending.”



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