The bridge

Major Anders was writing a letter to his wife when his intimate thoughts were interrupted. Men barked agitated orders,  vehicles backed up and fumes started to spoil the air.

The cobbled narrow street below the window was cluttering with vehicles and men..

Anders got his jeep and drove up to his most forward unit to find out what was the matter.

To the side of the road he spotted a group of men in the shade of a wall. They were grouped around former sergeant Jules who was now a first lieutenant, being field promoted two ranks for showing uncommon valor.

“It is a bridge.” Jules said when Anders approached, “It is undamaged.”

Anders looked around the corner of the wall to see a stone bridge over a stream that was too small to be important but wide enough to be an obstacle. A thin fog lingered at other side of the stream, were houses showed empty windows.

The men looked at each other.

“Perhaps the Germans forgot about it.” said one of the men,

“Maybe they blow it when we cross  it.” said another.

“We could send someone over to tell them it is no use fighting for a lost cause.” said a third.

They fell into an uncomfortable silence.

“Oh well.. someone has to go.” Jules shrugged..

“Sergeant.” Anders said, not realizing his mistake, “I will go. This is an order.”

“No sir. This is my task.” Jules said and his grey eyes defied the brown one’s of Anders.

“Then we will go together.” Anders said.

The two men walked towards the bridge and then started to cross it.

From the other side two figures walked towards them. One was wearing a grey uniform and the other a green one.

When the four met halfway they all saluted in their way.

The man in the green uniform then said something Anders did not understand.

And  then man in the grey uniform  said.”I  bin Kapitain Lobke, I will translate. Der Major Rustov want dich to know that he is happy to meet dich.”

They all laughed loudly and shook hands fervently.

“Shall I blow it now?” The gefreiter said.

The feldwebel lowered his binoculars and shook his head.

“Nein Son, go home. The war is over.“ And he had tears in his eyes but a smile on his lips.

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