Capricorn Two

The red dust took some time to settle after they landed but that did not dampen their excitement.

“Who goes first?” Tomi voiced their question..

Mission control had told them who would go first, but in the face of history, far off Earth had no say.

Marchand stepped forward, but Indra tripped him. The crew started to fight and they fought all the way down the ladder in front of the camera.

“This is embarrassing.” Humboldt, UN Commissioner for Spaceflight, turned off the player, “In every simulation they start to fight.”

“Going down history as the first to land on Mars gets the better of us all.”, said Sir Irons, project psychologist, “But I have an idea.” He placed old video tape with the title ‘Capricorn one’ on the table.

The first broadcasted Mars landing was an astounding cooperative success: the flag of the United Nation was planted on a red hill and some evocative lines were spoken.

The  next landing, a year later, was equally successful. When the crew of that second  mission scanned  the red planet for signs of the first mission, they found no trace of them.  Not even after they had landed.

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