One more thing..

This is an exercise in editing. I watched this movie and this specific scene and noticed it would fit into the song Angel. So we edited it with Sony Vegas that the music and the scene fit.
It was fun to do.
Imagery combined with music can have a powerful impact on someone’s experience. Change the sequences, sound or cutting the movie in a slightly different manner makes for a different experience.
In movies the relation between and editor and a director is very important, or at least it could be.

To make the scenery fit the music we used reused a some parts, also some sequences have been slowed down or sped up. Especially the end of the first fight has been fit in with the music.



Dreams in Neon

Recommend to set it to HD^^

Dreams in Neon is a movie made at Insilico in Second Life. Insilico is a vast place covering several so called ‘sims’ all done in a cyberpunk, near-futuristic style. Music is Max Waves, called Twareg Rose and made for it. Well that is my opinion. P

Well actually I had reserved the music with the idea of using it in a kind of vampire the masquerade: bloodlines way. That is a game in which you have to travel through sewers at one time and far of you hear the sound of chinese/japanes singing. Very eerie.




Masque (voiced)

Masque is a movie about an exhibition inspired by the story Masque of the Red Death by Edgar Allan Poe. I took the liberty to change some things as I also wanted to give a modern day angle to the story.

This is another version of Masque. It was made after Missie said she missed a voice.
I already had the voiced text made. The voice being that of Glenn Hallstrom, also know as Smokestack Jones. His voice fits the story well. The resulting movie has been changed a bit however as I had to find ‘room’ to have the voice sound fit in with the background. I also added some sounds from others, not to much and not of domination.
I changed some of the text and shifted some images around.