Beautiful Second Life: Unia: Unleash the monster within, an interactive game from Madpea.

Whenever you log on to Second Life, you will be supplied with suggestion of places you can visit in Second Life. One of these was called Unia and I went over to take a look. Unia is a place where you can place  an interactive action game.
I didn’t quite get into playing the game, but I liked the mood of the place and used it to make some pictures. Before I show them here is what Unia is:

Interactive Action Game from MadPea. The desert town of Molimo welcomes all travelers from near and far. All small towns hold many secrets. Dare to discover what’s going on here?

And there is even a website:

Identity: American Gothic 2015

I am working on a series of images that play around with identity. Next to the Fatherland and With A Pearl I made American Gothic 2015. It is Inspired by the famous painting by Grant Wood. It is not just a parody as it is meant to be more than a funny change of the original. It is meant to be explored.

The essence of the picture is the two avatars. They are both male avatars with male hair and such. The only female part is their skin and, of course, the way they dress and your thinking. For it is your mind that tags gender on them.

Below is a link to the original.


Identity: With a pearl

Because of my background I am interested in identity, gender and how one presents oneself. In Second Life one can create an identity according to their own wishes, up to a certain extent.

As part of this I made a few images that capture this.

The first one is called: with-a-pearl after a famous painting(and now a movie): the girl with with the pearl earring.(in Dutch: Meisje met de parel). It is part of a series that explores identity and was meant to be shown at the 12th edition of Second Lives birthday. I think it won’t be.

This picture shows a female shape with a male skin and a mustache. What part makes it male and what part makes it female?


Story Telling: Mass Effect 3

While doing some preliminary research for a short article on Mass Effect 3 story telling I ran into the linked article.
I think it’s an interesting article that investigates how a sequence of stories(games) that allows for shaping your own tale can have impact on the the next installment and, when not handled properly, can lead to making large groups of people unhappy.
I do not agree that this is the only reason as I wanted to show in my short article on one particular story in Mass Effect.

I’ve played through the Mass Effect series a number of times to get a feel for the different directions the story can go and it is clear to me that of the three games Mass Effect 3 is the weakest. It is also the one that has drawn the most ire from fans. So I thought it would be interesting to really dig deeply into what was done not just in the 3rd game but the series as a whole and identify what caused the final game to end up in the state that it is in. The results are long, so bear with me.”

Posted by An Individual on August 20, 2013

CyberArt at Cyberpolis (Lea 12) April 2015

A movie about the CyberArt 2015 contest organized by Asmita Duranjaya and Sable showing works with a cyber motive from 15 artists. Movie is by Merit Coba and Taubchen Sonnenkern. Music is by Tracing Arcs.


Recent CYBERart pieces for the contest at LEA12 2015:

1. Ginger Lorakeet – Cyber Rain

2. Sheba Blitz – Cyber Mama

3. Barret Darkfold – Abstract Cyber 3

4. IanLee Patton – Eli Mecha Musume

5. Corcosman Voom – Plan 9 from Inner Space

6. ChapTer Kronfeld – CyberWorld

7. HOLALA Alter – Small Paradise

8. Duna Gant – Le Monde de Asmita et Sable

9. Solkide Auer – Interstellar Overdrive

10. Ranadeep – “Cyberspace Zen”! 􀀉

11. Elle Thorkveld – TimeFrames

12. Carabella Babii – Pixel Self

13. Lusus Saule – Bryn Oh

14. FeelsEmpty – Zeno

15. Curious Foo – The Perplexer