Traces of a Second Life: Mau Delarosa & Le Grenier du Chateau

I wish I was able to show you a picture of Selina Greene as she is always impeccably dressed in clothes from twenties and thirties of the previous century. Once she was dressed in this very beautiful dress and I asked her why she was always dressed like that and where she got these clothes from.
The first question she answered by saying that she had fallen in love with the clothes from twenties and thirties of the twentieth century.
The second question she answered by saying that she got them from various creators, but the dress she was wearing at that moment came from a shop name after the creator: Mau Delarosa. Mau Delarosa sells her clothes as part of the Le Grenier du Chateau store. A store
that makes clothes “[] inspired by antique paintings and plates of the Baroque, Victorian and other historic periods.[]” (quoted from the shop profile)
Since I love to show things that people like to make I went to make a few pictures.

Dress by Mau Delarosa


This is the dress Selina Greene was wearing. Incidently Selina Greene is also the owner of Book island a place dedicated to writers and readers. So if you like to write or read then you might give Bookisland a try. Be sure to pick up the newsletter first because in between the events it can be a pretty empty place. I am somewhat fuzzy on details but my estimation is that this is more a dress from the end of the century: the fin de siecle period.  It is a bit less strict than the hardcore Victorian style in which almost every part of the female body was covered or blurred.

Screenshot - 8_10_2013 , 10_47_44 PM



This is another item you can buy there. There is a good selection of make clothing like this one. This picture is actually for selling the hat, but garments on this picture you can buy as well. There are even a few freebies to get in a freebie story outside and they even give away a hat like that one away for a discount. So be a navy stud and get your cocked hat.

Screenshot - 8_10_2013 , 10_46_56 PM


A very expensive looking outfit fit for a king. The french king Louis the XV in this case, a man who ruled France in from 1722 till his death of small pox  in 1774. He thus missed or escaped the start of the French revolution roughly fifteen years later that saw his grandson Louis XVI beheaded. You can now be Louis the XV for a short while, no doubt there is a role play place somewhere that you go.

Screenshot - 8_10_2013 , 10_29_08 PM


From men back to women with this Victorian Bathing Suit which perhaps give you and idea of how repressed that period was. They actually went into the water with this. There was not much swimming being done as it would probably hinder any such activity, but then who could swim anyway?

Screenshot - 8_10_2013 , 10_33_20 PM


Last one is this more twenties look.  As you can see most of the clothes are not mesh yet. But I assume it will eventually come.

Le Grenier du Chateau can be found here:




Henry and Kristl sweat during the Reign of Fire(2002)

“So this movie is about dragons destroying the world..” Kristl sat back
on the couch resting her heavy booted feet on the old worn surface of a
table. Something Henry felt as being very unladylike. He wasn’t quite
sure if he ought to mention it, but from Kristl’s eighties punk look,
with her short hair, sturdy black leather jacket, worn jeans and high
laced army boots, he gathered that she was not going to give a toss.

“That alone should be good for big haul. Who doesn’t want to see
dragons?” Henry said.

“Well, people will be disappointed no doubt. It is not like there are
that many to see. Dragons is plural.. I can’t recall to have seen more
than one up close in any one scene. If they had not killed one to show
there are two, it might as well have been only one dragon. The dragon.”

“But when you get to see one it looks really cool. I know people moan
at cgi, but I liked the way they did those dragons.”

“One dragon. They just made one dragon and then reused it. The big male
one they kill at the end looked just like the female one they killed
earlier in the movie. They did not even bother to give it another
color. Just because it was male.. or something. Or different. Little
lacking details.” Kristl added.

“Anyway there were dragons, cool ferocious dragons. Fire Breathing

“Exploding dragons..And for the rest it awash just hogwash..the story
was just laughable. Somewhere under London sleep dragons and when they
are woken they start destroying life as we know it, just like they had
done before with the dinosaurs for instance, so the over-voice tells
u.. I wonder how people found out about it, did the dragons tell them?”

“I liked the scenes where they try to kill one by throwing a net on
them and use people as bait. Really cool. ”

“Yeah, that was a cool scene. Cool scenes are far in between though,
mostly you see dirty scruffy men in brown-gray rags sneering at each
other. They never get along or develop in any sense. Many movies have a
group of reluctant people who have to team up to solve a problem. They
eventually start to respect each other even if they don’t agree. This
movie has no such development. Nothing changes in the persons

“And eventually everyone dies..Haha.” Henry laughed, “almost everyone,
that is. Only the guy and the girl remain.”

“And not one joke or witty line. I mean a movie like that should have
some relief. Some moments of humor to break the continuous gloom that
pervades, but I can’t remember one intentional joke or witty remark,
Not even sarcasm. Just two guys bickering for the sake of bickering. ”

“Yeah. They could have added some jokes in it.”

“I also can’t say there was exceptionally or interesting scenes in this
one. The only memorable screen moment is when the American dragon
hunter jumped from that two with an axe to attack the main dragon.”

“So basically a grim humorless movie that has nothing working for it
but some cgi dragons that some might like and others might hate.
Especially considering the lack of dragon movies overall”

“That is the gist of it.” Kristl nodded.

“Which reminds me.” Henry said and he reached down to open a box, “I
wanted to celebrate the movie with this.” He took out a few bottles.
Most were of different sized bottles made out of brownish glass, except
one complete white one, but covered wide variance of of colorful
labels. “Dragon stout, Double Dragon, Red Dragon, St. George & the
dragon, Dragon Troll Ale, Dragon’s milk, Gulden Draak, Dragon Year,
Copper Dragon and finally Green Dragon. A random selection of beers.”
Henry smiled broadly..

“Oh nice.. though, come to think of it, are we supposed to drink them?
You know I sort of stopped drinking alcohol.. well unless there is a
special occasion, that is.”

“Isn’t this a special occasion?”

“Well, it would have been if we had drunk them during the movie, but
since it is done and I don’t want to see it again the moment seems to
have passed.”

“Ah.. but I have thought of that.. We can go and see the hobbit.. that
has a large dragon in it.. at the end, if we ever get to the end.So we
reserve them for that moment”


“And if you by then still don’t drink alcohol I make sure the beer is
duly replaced with water… or any other non alcoholic beverage you can
think of..” He scratched his head.

“You are my hero.” Kristl said.

“A real dragon hunter.” Henry said.

“A dragon beer hunter you mean.”

“That to.”

Imagine Nations 3 : Lady Velvet Rose & Wheeler Oppewall

This is already the last of the three series of pictures I found at Imagine Nation,s a gallery in the virtual world of Second Life.

My choices of the pictures is purely based on the idea that the pictures express a story like feel as if it is a part of a bigger story, like a fragment or a scene.

First another impression of Imagine Nations.

Imagine Nations Sim
Imagine Nations Sim
Imagine Nations Gallery Entrance
Imagine Nations Gallery Entrance

This is one called Heledar by Wheeler. I can’t quite say what is going on and the pose seems somewhat strange, but the dress and  the lack of colors sort of work for me. A lady who descended that stairs probably to wait for a car to pick her up or perhaps to drop someone off.

Unknown by Wheeler
Unknown by Wheeler

A magic strange picture that invokes a strange an eerie atmosphere.

Watchers by Lady Velvet Rose
Watchers by Lady Velvet Rose

I liked this picture, because it reminded me a vacation of Ireland. No story, but well a familiar sensation. That is what a picture can do to you: invoke a feeling or sensation.

Imagine Nations Estates: