Silly laws 1: moose

Alaskan laws:

It is considered an offense to push a live moose out of a moving airplane.

It is considered an offense to feed alcoholic beverages to a moose.

Moose may not be viewed from an airplane


Raine grabbed the side of her chair.  She made a sudden sideway motion, then felt herself  drop a dozen feet.  Her stomach followed a bit too late with the rest of her body. She felt nauseated.

There was a loud bleating from the back of the plane mixed with some shouts from the other passengers.

Raine worked her way toward the flightdeck, assisted by a sudden nosedive of the plane. She fell against the door, smashing her nose. Then the plane pulled up she almost fell backwards again, but she grabbed the door handle, thus opening the door. There was red on the handle.

“What the hell is wrong.” Raine shouted through the high pitch sound of an engine. There were lamps flashing on the panels.

“We lost one engine.”  Latimer, their pilot said with clenched teeth. He was fighting the yoke as if he I he was in a bullfight.

“We’re crashing?”

“Nah. The ride is just a bit more bumpy.” Latimer grunted. “It can fly one one engine.”

“Planning on an emergency landing?”

“We got nowhere to put her down here, “  he pointed towards the mountains, trees and water, “ And if we hit something at this speed, we will be torn to shreds. Need to lose some weight!”

“You mean as in throwing something of the plane?”


“Mervin!” Raine roared.

“Here!” Came from the back.

“One of the engines has had it. We need to lighten this thing.. Anything we can get rid off?”

“Let me, see.. We got the combat gear.”

“We need those and that is expensive stuff. Something else?”

“We got these crates of beer. Two of them” Mervin said. His voice suggested he was not thrilled at the idea of losing the beer.

“The crates?” Raine said to the pilot, “ Five of them, that would be around 60 pounds I guess.”

“We need lose more.”

“There is the moose.”  Mervin shouted, “It is big.”

“The moose?” Raine and Latimer eyed each other.

“Yeah… we could.. well. We could push it from the plane.”

“You’re mad. The poor thing.” Raine said, “ Can’t we crash the plane in the river?”

“I can’t say what will happen when I do.” Latimer said.”But I figure if we drop the moose into a river it will be ok. The water will break it’s fall. There is the Nowita River coming up.” He pointed forward.

Raine cursed.”We get rid of the moose then. Say when.”

She struggled through the plane to the cargo hold. She and Mervin then buckled up their safety cords and opened the back of the plane.  They saw fir trees rushing past underneath them. The moose moaned loudly.

They removed the gate of the cage holding the moose and started to pull the animal backward towards the exit. The moose had enlarged eyes that shifted rapidly. It  braced itself and it refused to budge.

“Dammit. Can you pull up so it drops out?” Raine shouted. Underneath her she could see the river appear.

“I could give it a slight boost. But the engine will overheat!”

The plane suddenly pulled up, but the moose had locked itself tight in the cage.

“We need make it let go.”  Raine said.

“Maybe we can drop it with the cage.” Mervin mused

“It would drown.”

“Hmm..” Mervin said and looked at the crates. “We could start with losing the crates. Pitty, II could use a beer. Sometimes gives you good ideas.”

“That is it.”  Raine said, “Grab some bottles.”

Mervin got her some beer.

Raine removed the cap of one beer by using the other one and then pushed it into the mouth of the moose. The frightened animal first refused to drink, but then it started to drink.

Mervin grinned..

“Get more.” Raine said.

It took both crates before the animal let go. It waddled towards the open bay door. Then the  pilot shouted a warnin. The planes engine suddenly roared loudly and the plane pulled up. Mervin grabbed something, but Raine dropped together with the moose from the plane. Her safety line  arrested her fall. Dangling underneath the plane she saw the truss bridge  that had forced the pilot pull up the plane, a small village  and the moose arcing towards the bridge. It missed the bridge and plunged into the river. The shockwave caused a group of canoes to topple over and spill the paddlers and the contents into the river. Despite her precarious position Raine could not help but laugh at the ludicrous sight.

After Mervin had pulled her in, the plane labored it’s way towards the nearest airport.

There they were arrested.

“What for?? Nobody was harmed.” Raine excalimed.

“Yeah.. we had to do it.” Latimer said, “Otherwise we would have crashed.”

“That moose of yours. You know what it did?”

They shook their heads.

“It swam ashore, then lumbered into the village, wrecking property, broke into the local store, ravaged the interior before falling asleep. There are reasons we have laws against feeding mooses alcohol!” The policeman growled.

Henry and Kristl descended into The Bunker(1981)

“This is an eerie place.”  Henry said. They had changed their garage-turned-movie-theater into a kind of bunker by removing anything that made it look cozy. The walls were devoid of embellishments.  Kristl had found an old German poster that was actually made to promote reading, but to Henry looked like an old Nazi poster, since it had German words and Hitler on it.

“Nowadays, any movie about the last days of Hitler has the shadow of Der Untergang hovering over it. Simply said: anyone playing Hitler will be fighting an uphill battle compared to the way Bruno Ganz portrayed him.”

“At least I can understand what is being said.”  Henry said, “And the cast is excellent.”

“Yeah. I guess being able to hear what they say is better suited for you than reading what they say. In Germany we put use German voices to replace the English one’s. Kind of funny really to listen to an German voiced English movie that is about Germans.”

“Heraft dat gaz du splechtig kurste!” Henry shouted suddenly while making wild gestures.


“Doing some Hitler.”  Henry said and then rolled his eyes widely and shouted at Kristl, “As du har taraf tha ya sedig krumple!”

“I don’t know what you are saying, but Hitler did not shout at women. He shouted at men, but not at  women.” Kristl said, “He was a bit peculiar.”

“I bet he would have shouted at you, they way you look with your knee high boots, jeans and leather jacket with anarchism rules written large on the back..”

“Hitler shocked….” Kristl pondered this concept for a moment,”Guess he would be.”

“Despite the shouting I found the movie a bit long in the tooth to be honest. Except for the Speer plot it seems mostly to be about things plodding along towards an end. Sometimes things were tossed in to make it a bit more exciting, but it was mostly about people in a underground bunker sitting out the movie till the end. I felt bored at times.”

“I think that touches a kind of weak point about this movie in particular. It just tells what is going on, but doesn’t tell much about why or involves us.. Ultimately I sort of felt like a distant observer watching a show unfold about people who I did not care much. In the Untergang they used at least some people we could connect to. Like the secretary. Here for instance Hitler finds out his ‘friends’ betray him, Himmler and Goering, but I hardly felt anything for it. Not that we ought to perhaps. In Der Untergang it is played out much differently. There you get the feeling of this crazy guy feeling betrayed. You almost pity him. Which is scary really as he is a murderous dictator. A madman..”


“That is probably what this movie misses a bit. It never goes deep. Why is everyone so devoted to Hitler? Why do people stay with him? How come he can bully people around and get away with it? It just observes what happens. The who, what, where and how is addressed, but not the why. “

“So you found the movie…what?”

“It is an excellent movie, with a great cast. Some people are well cast, like for instance Borman and Speer. Anthony Hopkins is a great actor doing a good job. I think it is a good entertaining movie.”

“But a bit dull. I found it dull. They could have added some fighting scenes. They did so in the downfall. Something like a tension. Or something else.”

“I think that is probably why some people won’t like it much and some other people will find it less because it lacks a certain depth. However as a portrayal of events it is a good movie and done with an excellent cast putting in a great performance. Anthony Hopkins does well as hitler with the right way of craziness.. Richard Jordan does well as Speer… Michael Lonsdale does very well as Bormann. I would recommend watching his acting. Personally I would even say he was the best actor of them all. The rest of the cast did a very good job.  I found it eminently watchable.”

“Well. I found it okay. I rather had some more action.”

“Well. It’s not a movie like that.”

“Nope. It is not.” Henry said and held up one hand, putting a finger under his nose, lifted his other hand in a Roman greeting and shouted.”Und wird werden am ende Siegen.” And from somewhere a multitude of voices  screamed in unison “Sieg Heil”

“Wow. That was pretty impressive.” Kristl said.

“Yeah, very funny that recording with the Germans shouting, Kristl.”

“What recording? I didn’t play any recording. I thought you did?” Kristl. “I would not even play one, if I had one.”

“But I didn’t play one either.” Henry said.

And they stared at each other and wondered where those voices of the past came from.
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Henry and Kristl feared Dragon Lore Curse of the Shadow

“ Wow. I actually liked that movie. Not Lord of the Rings of course, but I have seen a lot worse. Worse with a bigger budget. Like that first Dungeon and Dragon movie. Really, what do you think?” Henry said happily. His had this smiled that suggested to Kristl that he had found a new love.

“Must be the sword wielding pointy eared lassie that makes the difference? What is her name: Danielle Chuchran.  Caucasian. Blond.Twenty years old. I fear for you.” Kristl bitched.


“Yeah. You have to face it. You are getting older and they are getting younger. There will be a moment that the gap is so big there is just one way to give it a name: pervert.”

Henry shrugged, “That is how nature works. Attractive people attract regardless of age. She is attractive and they did everything to make her attractive. Which is actually as it should be. She is a high elf. Elves are beautiful people. She was also dressed up as one. But, lady-that-hates-pretty-women, why not give your opinion of the movie instead of pointing out….”  Henry stopped.

“..the pointy eared one?”   Kristl said, “Ok. Like so many movies in this genre it’s a patchwork of good and bad things. Some work, some don’t work. And I find that the people who made this movie tried to go for the sensible decisions at one hand and yet the incomprehensible decisions at the other.”


“Like the main actors. The fighter, the orc and the elf. They work reasonably well together, with the fighter being the serious one, the orc being more funny and the elf the hateful one. I like the way the elf changes character overtime and there is even a certain kind of humor in the direction in develops. Instead of hating orcs she ends up hating those who worship the shadow instead.”

“I like the orc and the fighter too. They each had a distinct part. Strange thing was that I got the feeling there would be a fourth character added. Either a wizard or a thief. It never happens, but I sort of expected it. Or that dwarf. But he is just a bad guy. Pity.”

“I also found it reasonably acceptable how they team up. She being cursed with the shadow and thus being driven to cooperate because she wants to get rid of the curse. The fighter fighting the shadows and promising a cure to the elf while he knows there is no cure for it.”

“I agree. The group of unlikely heroes worked well. I liked that the best of all.”

“But where it starts to go wrong is simply the story line. Instead of keeping it simple they start to develop an epic tale Lord of the Ring kind of tale that simply doesn’t fit the budget.  If the tale had been:  unlikely group of hero’s join hands to get rid of a curse, then they could have simply developed it into unlikely band of hero try to get rid of curse, but end up saving the world by accident.”

“Uhm. Well the battle was kind of cool, wasn’t it?” Henry said.

“What I simply don’t understand is why script writers think they are on par with great writers. There are so many fantasy writers that could have inspired a good fantasy story. Say: Fritz Leiber, Jack Vance, Clark Ashton Smith, Mercedes Lackey and Marion Zimmer Bradley has this series with believable female fantasy hero’s: Instead this story is lackluster and partly steals from others: the rider on the horse is actually ringwraith from Lord of the Rings, the prophetess is Galadriel. The scene with the orc and the mermaids is from Pirates of the Caribbean and seems totally pointless. The girls being offered to the demon is stolen directly from Conan the Barbarian, they are even  dressed the same. Ultimately even the shadow curse resembles the power the ring had over people in Lord of the Rings.”

“Uhm. It was cool though.” Henry was trying to survive the flood of words.

“But besides all that, the worst part is using what is called deus ex machinima. The part where the fighter suddenly gets all powerful is simply bad plot writing. You can do that if the whole movie had been geared that way, but it wasn’t. It also was like they didn’t know how to end the movie, so they pulled a solution out of a high hat.”

“I feel sad really.  I mean I really like the movie. I enjoyed myself.” Henry said.

“Yeah. That is true. Again the actors save the day. I really start to respect actors.”

“I wished they had developed them more. The interaction between them. Their character changes overtime.”

“That perhaps is the point in Lord of the rings for instance. Or many great novels. I also like it when people do a small thing that ultimately has a great consequence. Like in Lord of the Rings Frodo tosses the ring into the mountain.. It is a simple act by an unlikely hero. We can associate with him because most of us are unlikely heroes. They could have done the same in this movie. I almost thought they would at the end when the elf was about to scatter the ashes to the wind. It would have been so fitting to go deeper into her curse. Perhaps with scenes where she is being seduced to her dark side. It would have much better fitted the budget and they could have left out that silly last combat. Almost looked like: wow we have still got money for a big monster. Let’s do it!.”
“So in the end. Did you like it or not?”

“I favor to be positive, but it could have been better. People should cut short on their gci’s and get a good scriptwriter instead. Invest in your actors and your plot instead of graphics. I think that works better. A tad more humor. A bit more characters. More magic.”

“Well I am happy you are more positive :)”

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Bohemian Eclectic Gallery 3: Sina Souza

Another set of pictures with stories made by an artist with the aid of second life.  She also combine pictures with stories.

Her art differs somewhat in that it had been changed a lot more then the previous artists.  Some are so changed that you hardly can see they are made in Second Life.

Desire for humanity by Sina Souza

I would like to be able to love and hate
to see the Color Variations of the World.
But I only see Black and White
and I feel nothing …
I just feel the Desire for Humanity

I made a picture with myself in it. Heh. This image I found interesting because I am intrigued by the concept of identity. In Second Life (SL) we can choose our looks. We can be something we can’t be in real life (RL) and we can even experiment with behaviors we can experiment with in RL. And interesting example is here:  I am less interested in the article,  but more in the movie, as I  am not so much interested about the sexual aspect(which is something people like going on about) but about how people somehow have a desire to be something else and thus express it by dressing up as furries in real life for example. I must admit: I was a bit startled by it all(not shocked).   After some thinking I started to understand a bit what people dressing up as those furries might feel. It is something I associate with tinies (a creature that is a often an small intelligent animal or a mix of animal and human, like a furry but smaller).
A kind of innocence.

The above picture is something that touches this subject. What is humanity and what is not? And why do some people want to be something that is not like a human? Is it because as human they lacks something or is it something humanity lacks as a whole?  The one wants to be human and the other doesn’t want to be.

the forgotten victims-sinasouza
The forgotten victims by Sina Souza

In Humans, it is like the Animals
You love them, You bury them
and then it’s over
They become Victims of Past..

I don’t have much to say about this one. Just look at it 🙂

More Sina Souza:

Sina Souza has flickr place here:
In SL her art place is here:

Bohemian Eclectic Gallery 3:

(Note : BEG is located on an adult sim and exhibits some adult related imagery)

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Notice: the above pictures and quoted texts(those in italics) are copyrighted by Sina Souza and used here to showcase her art.

Bohemian Eclectic Gallery 2: Tess Falworth

The next artist I like to mention work from is called Tess Falworth. She makes pictures using Second Life and adds little stories to them.  The above painting has great lighting.  The picture is a talking one breathing a mood of solitude and wandering.

All Who Wander by Tess Falworth

I search because I need to know..
because I need to feel the earth at my feet,
the sand that cascades through my fingers..
I search for the infinite, the real, the surreal.. the beyond and the void.
I search for meaning in the sunset… knowing that I am but singularity in the web
and my thread may be cut when I least expect it, but until then, I will search with an open heart and open soul.

Sweetness by Tess Fallworth

 there are but a few moments in between..
the sweetness of surrender
and the triumph of temptation…

Nude don’t do much for me. I know that some people find them fascinating, I don’t exactly see why. However I am not against them either. This one somehow caught my gaze. I have a hard time to tell why. I is a combination of the pose, the way the two ladies are standing, the hand and the gag.   I like the way the light is used. There is a story there that wants to be told.

Bohemian Eclectic Gallery  in sl

(Note : BEG is located on an adult sim and exhibits some adult related imagery)

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Notice: the above pictures and quoted texts(those in italics) are copyrighted by Tess Falworth and used here to showcase her art.

Bohemian Eclectic Gallery: The rape of liberty by Meryll Panthar

One of the things I like about Second Life is that people show their works there. I try to have  a look at them whenever possible to learn about making imagery. One day I ran into the Bohemian Eclectic Gallery (BEG For Short). This gallery interested me because it showed a wide diversity of pictures all made in or with the aid of second life. Since I use Second Life to make my pictures, this of course interested me.
I normally don’t review art as I don’t want to end up in some kind of pointless discussion. However I wanted to post a few paintings here and discuss them because these paintings have a kind of story behind them.
For me that makes such paintings interesting, because I am interested in combining images with stories.

The rape of liberty by Meryll Panthar

The first picture is called The rape of liberty made by Meryll Panthar. I send a mail to Merryl Panthar as I think an arists should at least have an idea of what I am writing about them.  She pointed out that I made an error by laying blame with deviantart (for which I am sorry). The blame goes to Koinup. The story is that Koinup seemed to have one day decided to ban male nudes while at the same time allowing female nudes. As an act of protest she made the above picture.  It was made in three hours. Not bad 😛

Personally I think the above image is not all that shocking either. I can imagine a much more deviant ways of representing a rape.

The interesting thing for me is that it is made with Second Life and smartly avoids to be called a total nude because crucial parts are covered. I like the way it is made and the feeling about the painting. It also reminds me that there is a certain breed of people in the world who like ‘power’ for it’s own sake and these people strive to get  positions where they can exercise power. They of course will defend their behavior by pointing  out that rules (we all made) have to be followed (the way they want it). But you know what they really are when they do so with an overwhelming sense of glee or self-righteousness.  And don’t think that people who like power are automatically opposed to liberty. In fact people who like power might  be the greatest supporters of liberty, because they don’t really care for what cause power is used as long as it is exercised: exercised by them.

The interesting about this picture is also that it shows a few limitations of Second Life. The cloth is going through avatar, the avatar is a 3d design made by Linden and has certain unnatural aspects, such as the shoulders. In addition the part where the legs join the body has a clear line where you would expect the flesh to fold or crumple.

The lighting combined with the shadows is well done and makes for half the mood. The other is the little rusty bloody look.

For more Meryll Phantar:

Link to the gallery in Second life(note: the sim is Adult rated)

Notice: the above picture is copyrighted by Meryll Panthar and used here to showcase her art.

SL: Why do fashion models look unhappy?

merit-fashion-jumpsuis copy
A cool jumpsuit from Gizza for half the price. I really liked this look, so I had a hard time not smiling. My other me, Taubie pulled some stuff from the inventory. Like the old factory, a couple of cars and containers.

I was recently reading a post on the blog of the SL Enquirer.

It was about the latest summer fashion.

They all showed people looking very smart and  unhappy.

I wondered why people who looked so  pretty did not look happy.

Why did they not smile?

I was not the only one on the internet.

So I browsed around the internet to find some answers. I added some of my own.  I tried to make some fashion pictures of my own.

Maybe this post is just a way to show off my pictures.. 😛

It was fun to create these shot, although I am not sure if they captured the right mood.

Here is what I think:

Smiling is a delicate expression that can have good effects when well done, but also bad effects when smiling goes wrong, here is why:

– If your smile is fake or perceived as fake the effect is actually the reverse of what is intended: it repulses.

– Not smiling is sometimes seen as cool and can create a desirable image. This depends on the situation and the people involved.

– Some people have weird smiles or bad teeth. While the latter is somewhat unlikely in high fashion it still is a factor.

– The default facial expression of people is actually not to smile. Look around you. When people are not communicating with others they don’t smile. They don’t look sad either though.

– As an extension of the above: smiling is communicating. It therefore draws attention away, which might not always be welcomed.

– Some models might actually be unhappy, tired, stressed or scared and thus not in a mood to smile. Or not even able to.

– Smiling can give a false image. It might give the idea you are laughing at the situation, audience and outfits you are wearing.

– Smiling can cause wrinkles.. which might make people look older. This can be an unwanted effect.

A smile well done might actually be a great plus, but you need all the right factors to be in place. Since a catwalk, for instance, is generally a very stressful affair, the choice not to smile seems a more logical and safe choice.
These are my two cents.. maybe you can add some of you own.

Here is the post from the sl enquirer :

And another fashion post :

merit-fashion-car-3 copy
Another outfit from Gizza for half the price. I thought this look fits well with the fast car Taubie found in her inventory. Almost everything is from Taubies inventory. Except the trees. They are mine.

Henry and Kristl took Die Brucke(1959)

“The irony about bridges is that they actually connect things and that makes them interesting to capture. However, that also makes them points of conflict. Like the bridge at Remagen, A bridge too far or the bridge in Saving Private Ryan.” Henry tapped a large map on the wall of the garage turned movie theater. He was wearing a bucket for a helmet.

“You might call this one the final  bridge.” Kristl said. She had refused to wear any silly items, but then she hardly needed to as she was already dressed in army gear with her combat boots and leather jacket.

“So how is it to have things reversed?”  Said Henry.

“You mean that this movie does not center around Americans?” Kristl said.

“US as baddies?”

“I got the feeling those Americans were not actually portrayed as bad. More as opponents really. They were a bit miffed that they were shot at and shooting at kids.”

“Nazi kids.”

“Uhm…they were more like regulars. Not nazi’s.”


“And they kicked ass. Almost wiped out a whole unit of Americans that hightailed it outta there.”  Kristl said gleefully.

“Hmm.. They acted kind of silly. Driving headlong at a bridge. I think they wouldn’t have done that in reality.”

“You mean.. it might not be very historical?”  Kristl said. Her smile was just a tad too wide.,”Like say… an unit of ss armored vehicles frontally assaulting dug in US airborne troops in a village without any infantry support?”

“I know what you are getting at.” Henry said, “So it was fun.”

“Yeah. It was fun having things reversed.”

“So that is what the movie is all about for you?”

“Not all. The movie is another one that shows the futility of war. Kids play at soldiers defending a bridge that did not need defending at the end of the war. I think it was well acted. It breathes the revulsion of war that Germany in those days felt. Pointless killing in a pointless act of war.”

“The actual fight didn’t really last long.”

“No. It was a small part of the movie.”

“I must say I had a hard time connecting to the kids though. With them speaking German and all.”

“I had some problems with that too. Not because of them talking German, but it felt like I was watching a story from a distance. I think it is because the movie is over fifty years old and we have seen many  with the same message. But we should not forget that this was one of the first. We often forget that.”

“Maybe. For action lovers not the best of movies I think.”

“No. This is not Rambo.. or the Bridge at Remagen. It is slower and less violent overall. Still very watchable.”

“For a German…”

“I am not German..” Kristl said.

“I never said that you were. So make it: for an European.”

“Sounds like that is something bad.”

“It is not American.”

“Well, next time you get invaded, you get to make a movie about the futile defense of a bridge of your choice.”

“That is never going to happen. Who is going to invade us.. Let alone succeed?”



“Or aliens.”

“Double Ha.”

“Or zombies.”

“Hmm. Yeah. They might stand a chance. American zombies of course.”

“Your patriotism is commendable.”

“Yeah.”  And Henry sang the first couplet of the star spangled banner.

And Kristl thought that no power,   temporal or spiritual, on earth or beyond, could face off Henry’s singing prowess and survive.