“We’ll get rain today.”  Isaac said to his cat Myra.

As if to comply with his words drops started to fall.

There was a knock on the door.

Isaac placed Myra on the floor, got his rifle and opened the door.

An Asian man in a camouflage uniform but unarmed, smiled at him.

“Sir! I am here to inform you that we restored order!”

“I see.”  Isaac said.

“We also restored your constitution.”

“Constitution? Let me think..Ah…. I remember! It allowed us the use of firearms.”

“Indeed.  But we took that  part out. Your country broke down because everyone was eventually armed to the teeth. ”

“We see about that!” Isaac growled, “Nobody is going to tread on my constitutional rights!”

“I am sorry you feel that way, sir.” The Asian man hurried away.

A few minutes later two tanks rolled down the street and blew up Isaacs house.

Myra, being a cat,  had already fled.

“We get snow today.”  Isaac said to his cat Myra.

As if to comply with his words white flakes started to float downward.

There was a knock on the door.

Isaac placed Myra on the floor, got his rifle and opened the door.

A Chinese man in a camouflage uniform but unarmed, smiled at him.

“Sir! I am here to inform you that we restored order!”

“I see.”  Isaac said.

“We also restored your constitution.”

“Constitution? Let me think..Ah…. I remember! It allowed us the use of firearms.”

“Indeed.  But we took that  part out. Your country broke down because everyone was eventually armed to the teeth. .”

“We see about that!.” Isaac growled, “Nobody is going to tread on my constitutional rights!”

“I am sorry you feel that way, sir.” The Chinese man hurried away.

A few minutes later two tanks rolled down the street and blew up Isaacs house.

Myra, being a cat,  had already fled.

Twelve angry men

Message from Noam Chomsky hearing “Japanese Court Rejected Demand to Evacuate Children”

On 2013/04/29, at 11:50, Noam Chomsky wrote:The world-renowned political dissident, linguist and author Noam Chomsky commented on the ruling of Sendai High Court which rejected a demand that a city affected by the fallout of the country’s 2011 nuclear disaster evacuate its children.

Chomsky said:

It is deeply disturbing to learn that the courts have blocked efforts to evacuate children from the Fukushima site, though acknowledging the health risks. Nothing tells us more about the moral level of a society than how it treats the most vulnerable, in this case its most precious possession, its children. I hope and trust that this grim decision will be reversed.

Noam Chomsky”

I was about to like this message, but I decided to look around the internet first before auto reflexing. I especially get suspicious when people start to tell that that courts of law in democratic countries are misbehaving. While I am not so naive as to belief that democratic courts are flawless, I think you need to come with a lot of proof when you say that they are abusive of children. Some of the judges are parents!
In a nutshell: a group of parents and activists filed a lawsuit on behalf of a group of children who live in the city Koriyama, which is about 55(40 miles) kilometers west from the nuclear power plant that broke down during the tsunami of 2011. The lawsuit basically asked the court to rule that the government should pay the costs for the evacuation of those children from that city.
The court ruled that the government is not obliged to pay the costs for the evacuation because there was no reason to evacuate as the levels of radiation in the city of Koriyama are well below the threshold that is established as dangerous, even though there hotspots in the area. 
What the court did not say is: you are not allowed to leave yourself. It said that the government is not obliged to evacuate and thus not obliged to pay for moving.
What is dubious is trying to pressure a court into changing a ruling. It is dubious because courts should operate independently from power groups and popular opinion. It is why they are called impartial. 
If you don’t like the ruling there is the option to appeal to a higher court if you can proof there has been a legal omission.Or you can have a ruling or decision changed via proper democratic means. Another option is to ask you local representative or government to help finance the move. I suspect they got a negative on that request before, which is why they tried to get the courts to force them to paying. Another option is to file a lawsuit against the company running the powerplant, the Tokyo Electric Power Company. Since that would have been the most obvious route I suspect they got a negative on that one as well.
In general it turns out that the complaining party is angry because the court did not rule in favor of that party. It is downright selfish and disgraceful that the lawyer accuses a court of child abuse because it did not favor his lawsuit. Perhap he ought to have a look in the mirror and wonder if he is not crossing a line himself?

I am sad to see that Noam Chomsky auto reflexed his message. His message basically says that the courts forbad evacuation of children, which is not true at all.  And since he is some kind of authority with some groups, all other people instantly auto reflexed. And then calling for the court to change their ruling is dubious method of dealing with this. 
Perhaps people should watch twelve angry men? It deals with the subject of people with fixed opinions and the judicial process.

Henry and Kristl wake to another Red Dawn(2012)

“So Kristl, this will be the key scene. You play the commie commander and are about to make a victory speech in the center of the town. And I am the leader of the resistance and we attack because we want to capture you..” Henry explained.

“How about my guards? Won’t they kill you?” Kristl said.

“They will try, but I will shoot them all.”

“With that gun? It doesn’t look impressive.”

“It is a BB gun, just imagine it is an assault rifle.”

“So a teenage resistance force frontally assaults heavily armed guards in broad daylight to capture the commander.What then?”

“Then I take you hostage and have you order all your men to leave.”

“I see. So… how would my men leave? They were parachuted in, they can’t parachute out? Does Spokane even have an airfield?”

“They have a small airfield. Probably too small. However Spokane is an important railway hub. So they leave by train. Easy as pie!” Henry said, “And then we liberate the rest of the country in the same way: we capture the leaders and force them to order their troops to leave..”

“Gosh. I wonder why they didn’t think of that before. Like they could have dropped a band of teenagers into Berlin to capture Hitler. Still, I lack some context to understand this. Like: I am Caucasian commanding North Korean troops, how did that come about?”

“Because you are the daughter of an western soldier who was captured during the Korean war. They brainwashed your dad and you of course. Now you are a fanatical commie.”

“I see.. Maybe I should wear an eye-patch? I mean bad people wear eye-patches, so you know they are bad. Although, Snake Plisken did wear an eye patch too and he was not a bad guy, even though you can not call him a good guy either.”

“You don’t need to wear one, because people will know you are bad, because you wear a mustache. “ Henry added, “And that is because you are a commie.. and a lesbian of course.”

“I am a lesbian..”

“It fits doesn’t it. Most lefties are lesbians and they don’t shave of course. So you got a mustache to show that. And it shows you are an evil commander. It is instinct. And you are sexually frustrated of course, so you torture men.”

“Can I hang some men during my victory scene?”

“Of course. An evil victory is no proper evil victory without a good hanging!”

“So you got that part take care of. How about my henchman, the mayor?”

“What about him?”

“In the movie he is black. Won’t it hurt sales to have a black guy as a traitor?I mean, for the movie the enemy was changed from Chinese into North Koreans because they feared it might hurt their sales in China. Consider what it will do to the sales in your country if a black guy is a bad guy. Or for the rest of the world for that matter? It might even explain why the movie did not do so well.”

“Hmm. You are right. We got to change him into something else..hmm.. But, into what? I mean any substantial minority group might take exception. Maybe Indians?.. No.. Maybe he can be an immigrant from some minor European country.. like.. What minor countries in Europe are there?”

“There is Luxembourg, Liechtenstein and..”

“Liechtenstein will do.. He is an immigrant from Liechtenstein. And a democrat, cause a republican wouldn’t cooperate with commies.”

“A democrat immigrant mayor?”

“Yeah.The only thing we’re missing are some hot girls to spice things up..”

“How about a deadly vixen in a tight suit. Like Milla Jovovich or Kate Beckinsale or Hale Berry?” Kristl smiled.

“Nah. In this movie the hero is a guy. No need for a detraction from the main show. We have some cheerleaders and schoolgirls in pigtails and skirts toting guns. That will be enough.”

“There, you got all bases covered.”

“Right. Now let’s play this scene!” Henry enthusiastically waved his gun around.

But Kristl lifted a hand to stop him. “Hold on! I hear a phone ringing!”

“Not now!” Henry groaned.

“Let’s get it, it might be a Hollywood producer who got wind of this script and wants to turn it into a movie!”

Henry chases Kristl after seeing Dawn of the Dead(1978)


“Talking about Dawn of the Dead with you as a zombie is not going to work.” Kristl remarked. She was sitting on the couch in the garage they had turned into a movie theater.

Henry was shuffling towards her with outstretched arms. He was covered in light grey makeup, dressed in ripped clothing and dripping some glowing red liquid. His face was smeared with what looked like lasagna left over from yesterday’s dinner.

Before his reappearance as corpse Henry had walked out of the room, saying he would be back in a short while. He had also turned on ten screens with ten different stations blasting a stream of images and sounds at her. She had not seen those screens before.

She had waited for ten minutes while the screens showed her news without emotion, soaps with fake emotions, reality television with even faker emotions and a fat guy telling others how to live.  And when the corpse appeared she had to suffer another five minutes of it advancing slowly while various television channels entertained her at the same time. Her eyes kept moving from the screens to the zombie and back again.

“Gosh, this is so.. tedious!.”  Kristl picked up a cup filled with popcorn and ate some of it while watching Henrys ponderous approach, “I can finish this cup before you are halfway.”

Henry shuffled onwards.

“Oh hell.  Do I have to do this on my own?”

She threw the popcorn at Henry. Showering him with it and then threw the cup.  It bounced of his head, making Henry flinch. Kristl laughed because some of the popcorn had stuck to his face.

“So dawn has these four people, three guys and a girl, in a huge mall trying to sit out the zombie apocalypse.. A huge mall. A world in itself. They won’t make another  movie like this one. I mean it sparked a huge sequel of similar movies that developed the genre and tried to outdo each other by upping the gore element and removing the satire element.”

Henry gurgled loudly.

“You might say that this is even more the father of the zombie movies than Night of the Living Dead.Or would that be the mother?Not that it would be flattering to be the parent of a series of movies that seem mostly to revolve around mindless cadavers eating clueless people..

At this point Kristl stood up and moved around the couch, keeping it between her and the oncoming zombie. The living dead lurched at her,  but she was too quick for it, although it almost caught her hair for it somehow had been much closer than she had estimated.

“It surprised me that it wasn’t as gory as I imagined it to be. Most  is at the end. It’s as if they added it as an afterthought. But maybe it is because the decades in between birthed such fine upstanding movies as Saw and  Saving Private Ryan. It took me some time to find the courage to see this one, so I might even be able to see Saw one day!  Maybe I can see it when I am undead too?.”

The corpse had moved around the couch to get at her. Kristl backed off to the other side of the couch. She grinned at the lumbering corpse, the corpse moaned..

“At first I had a hard time to connect to the characters, but eventually they sort of grew on me. Even that dumb helicopter pilot Stephen, who in the end messes up the plan to use the zombies against the gang that raided the mall.  All the careful plans go wrong in the end. That Roger guy gets to cocky and ends up being bitten. And Stephen eventually starts shooting at the gang because he gets angry that they loot the place. He forgets that almost everything they steal is worthless. Like one gang member says to that the other when he picks up a television set: what are you going to watch?”

The zombie had moved around the couch again, as had Kristl, but in the opposite direction.

“God Henry. Look at the mess you made. There is red stuff and lasagna all over the floor.” Kristl exclaimed, “Such a waste of good food. And I am the one that is going to clean this!”

Suddenly the garage fell silent as the screens stopped their cacophony of sounds and images and showed the face of Henry. All ten of them.

“You know there might be a gun in the  room under the stairs at the end of  the corridor.” Said the face of Henry.

“You are on television!”

“We all have guns here. You keep saying that. So if I had one, it might be there, but you have run down that small corridor and the lights are out.”  At that moment the few lights in the room turned off as well. Now only the televisions illuminated..

“It might be that there is another zombie there. Maybe two.Who knows? And maybe there is no gun. Or no ammo for it. Or the wrong ammo. Can you actually handle a gun?  You can always try to use it as a club. Or use the fire extinguisher. If there is one.”

“ Is there a point to all of this?. This running around in the darkness is not much fun. And what is with the televisions?.I do hope I am not paying for my own anxiety?” Kristl shouted.

“No worries: I am paying and that is all that counts.”  Henry grinned at her ten times.

And the zombie moaned loudly when Kristl set her steel-tipped combat boots to work; they were relics from days gone by.

Mother’s day.

“Do you think I am fat?” She asked, looking at his reflected image.

John cringed inwardly.

The mirror revealed her as pear shaped with a pale skin stained with grey-blue imperfections. She was naked but for worn out undies of an undefined gray-white color. Her grey hair hung listless over her shoulders. Her eyes were the only part of her that showed color: they were blue.

The underwear used to be lace before she had delivered her second child. Those lace undies had hugged her figure. It might even have given shape to her figure, but mow everything sagged. After the pregnancies she had rapidly gained weight and the laced underwear did not fit anymore and she never bought new.

When she noticed him looking at her, she swayed her hips and gave him a mock seductive look.

“I think my hips are my best part.” She went on.

The mirror had allies. Their two daughters, merciless in their judgments, had told her she was fat. It was one of the main sins, next to wearing the wrong clothes and listening to the wrong kind of music.

But those allies did not aid him now.

“And my breasts are still reasonably shaped.” She massaged them, then propped them up with their hands. They rested their like two white shaped half deflated bags, the gray nipples run through with crevices.

He thought of the wide range of ways he had learned overtime to avoid giving a straight answer without lying. It was not a skill he admired, although it amused him at times to amuse other people with it.

She looked at him. Her eyes demanding an answer.

“You are okay.” He said..

“Okay? Just okay?”  She was not letting him get away with it. Not today.

“You are pretty to me.” Which as far as he was willing to go to bend the truth.

“Can’t you just say ‘yes’ or ‘no’?”

“I just gave you an answer.”

“Yes or no?”


“No? What no?”

“No, you are not fat.”

“Liar.” She said, “The children say I am fat. I know I am fat; I am 30 kilos overweight. Can’t you tell the truth for once?”

“Not today.” He shook his head, “Not on mothers day.”

Henry and Kristl chat about Resident Evil: Afterlife.

“I like that plane sequence where Alice flies with her companion over a desolate zombie infested country side. I can imagine doing that. It feels safe but eerie at the same time. A bit like when in The Mist they are in the car driving through that mist. On the one hand you feel safe in that car, but on the other you know you are not.” Kristl said, “And I like small propeller planes.”

 “And Milla Jovovich looks great..” Henry added.

 “Like Kate Beckinsale does in underworld, huh? Ladies with guns that kick ass. At the start those Alice clones are even wearing some kind of suit that reminds me of Selene. Is that a reference to Underworld perhaps?”

 “There is a lot of ‘referencing’ being done in this movie. That monster with the big axe walked right out of Silent Hill. And Wesker looks and behaves like Mr Smith from the Matrix. And the dogs and zombies with tentacles somehow remind me off the thing.”

 “I didn’t quite understand where that axe guy came from and why it attacked those people in that prison. Did someone send it? And why?” Kristl tapped her underlip with a finger.

 “I guess the Umbrella people sent them. Maybe to try them out or to chase those people out of the prison. “

 “I also don’t quite understand why Umbrella keeps on experimenting. What for? There is nobody alive to kill anymore, except for a handful of survivors, who hardly pose a threat or have the will and means to buy whatever Umbrella makes. “

 “I think that there isn’t much reason in the movie, just spiffy combat sequences. That is all that matters for this kind of movie. It needs to deliver some hectic fighting scenes with Milla in the middle whacking zombies and other creeps, and in the end she kills the head baddie in a spectacular way. Although in this movie he finally kills himself, which is actually funny, but the effect is a bit lost as it seems too far fetched to rely on him to escape in a plane containing the bomb he sets off himself. Spectacular, but unbelievable.”

 “ The prison sequence reminds me of dawn of the dead, where they are cornered in a mall or the walking dead where they are isolated in a prison.The writer of the script was mostly borrowing from other movies. Seems like lazy writing. Lazy as when Alice and that other girl go somewhere  with a third person, you know that third person is going to get killed.”

 “And wham it happens.” Henry grins..

 “All the time! I wonder how long they can keep on making Resident Evil in this fashion. Dish up some action scenes with barely a story to stitch them together or have some kind of character development.  An Umbrella stronghold gets blown to bits with every movie, even two at times, how many are there left?”

 “ No worries, I think the next Resident Evil installment will play on Mars. Perhaps Alice even discovers they have been on Mars all the time.” Henry laughed, “No doubt it will be referencing Aliens, Doom and Ghosts of Mars.”

 “But you know what I think is the best reference of all?”  Kristl said.

 “Do tell”

 “That Hollywood sign they fly over and is shown as partly damaged and partly burning. It s captures exactly what Hollywood is and delivers with Resident Evil: Afterlife: a smoking pile of junk that looks cool.”

“Amen to that.”

Henry and Kristl saw Black Hawk Down

“So Black Hawk is the name for the helicopter that is shot down and
Black Hawk Down is something like an alert? ” Kristl brushed her
shoulder length hair painted black and white. She had to do it by touch
as the light in the garage they had turned into a movie-theater was
still turned off. Henry flipped the switch and for a moment Kristl  was

“And when that happens the shit hits the fan, because they have to
rescue the crew from those Africans. And so they get bogged down in war
for survival. That is why the general says they lost the initiative.” Henry nodded.

“Those Somalians were pretty angry.” Kristl  remarked, “I mean it says
about a thousand of them died compared to twenty of the US and UN
troops. That is like fifty for every one of them. Wouldn’t you stop
assaulting if you see so many of your people being killed?”

“Your guess is as good as mine. Our troops were the best. So it was
ragtag bands assaulting crack troops. You can see it in the movie, they
shoot a lot, but they almost never hit anything. And if they hit
something it seems accidental.”

“Then they were pretty lucky shooting those helicopters down. They even
have a hard time shooting those rockets at static targets like the
downed helicopter or those guys in the buildings. Imagine the luck they
must have had in hitting the tail of a moving helicopter.”

“It might be very lucky, but that is not what the movie is about. The
movie is about a group of soldiers getting stuck in a nasty situation.
Despite their differences and anxieties they work together to survive
and make it out alive.” Henry said.

”It reminds me a bit about that charge of the light brigade. You know
where an English cavalry unit charges a line of artillery across a valley
occupied by enemy troops and get all but vanquished. It was a
Glorious Defeat, as they say. “

”Maybe it was one, but it showed our troops could kick balls even when
they didn’t get the means. They had no tanks for instance because the
government didn’t want to give them any.”

“That killing made the movie a bit long in the tooth. Scott can make
nice visuals, but after a while I lost track of who was who and where.
Soldiers seems so much alike in a gritty movie. I also missed
information about the context. ” Kristl  said.

”Like what?”

“Like why did those Somalians attack and why did they keep on attacking?
And why were the troops there. Why all this hatred? And why did that one general
not know that the other general had troops in the city?”

“I think they just wanted to focus on the fighting and the
comrade-in-arms mood.”

“And why were there so many Somalians dead? And why did those Pakistani
troops in the armored trucks leave those soldiers on foot behind?”

“I don’t know.”

“I read that the Pakistani general and the Malaysian commander where
quite annoyed at how they are shown in the movie. They say they had a
far bigger role in the fighting than they are given in movie and
suffered losses too. It almost looks that they ride in and then
hightail it out of town leaving those others behind.”

“Well, it’s more about the US troops.” Henry shrugged.

“I even read the comment of one of the soldiers of that other US unit.
He was a bit miffed about their unit being depicted as lackluster and
not doing their part.”

“That happens at times. Sometimes the story of one overshadows those of

“But the final effect is never told. I read a story what the effect was
of this battle on the US foreign policy.”

“Which was?”

“Soon after the US army stopped involving themselves in international
humanitarian aid actions. The only reason US troops got deployed was as
part of the War on Terrorism. When they could make a difference they
were too afraid for another Black Hawk down. “

“Someone finally got what he wanted.” Henry said.

To that Kristl  could only agree.

Henry & Kristl discuss Company of Heroes

“So what did you like about the movie?” Kristl  asked before popping a handful popcorn into her mouth.

“That it shot to pieces a lot of Germans, err. make that Nazis.” Henry said, looking away from Kristl .

“So shooting a lot of Germans is entertaining?” She sniffed.

“I mean Nazis. Because they were bad dudes those Nazis. SS and all.”

“How you know they were Nazis? I mean what was that bad head dude wearing actually? Let’s have a look at his picture: he is wearing what looks like a Luftwaffe peaked cap, a Wehrmacht collar and is in command of what might be SS troops taken from the eagle sign on their arms. What does that make him, an SS Luftmacht or Wehrwaffe officer?”

“They are Nazis. Who cares!” Henry cut her short.

“I hope you found it entertaining.” Kristl  smiled peacefully.

“It is entertaining! A group of GI’s gets separated from the others during the early stages of the Battle of the Bulge and travel deep into Germany to Stuttgart, all the while chased by mean SS stooges, where they prevent the bad Germans from using a super bomb. How more entertaining can it get!?”

“Helped by the stray Englishman and Russian.. oh wait.. make that a Pole, not a Russian.”

“Yes, those are in there too!”

“Like it the real war. There were some others in that one too.” Kristl  added deviously.

“Exact.” Henry nodded enthusiastically.

“So what is it like? Saving Private Ryan? Inglorious Bastards? Kelly’s Heroes?”

“Ehhh.. well they act serious like in Saving Private Ryan but the plot is a bit like Inglorious Bastards but without the actors, a developed plot and interesting dialog. And the Germans are as Germans are in most movies, except I liked that Hans Landa chap who played that bad German officer in Inglorious Bastards. There isn’t someone like him in this one, though, but there is a lot of shooting, which is kind of fun.”

“A lot of shooting…” Kristl chewed on those words.

“I did find it a bit strange our boys were not wearing overcoats in the winter. And they never seem to reload. And they did most of their shooting standing up. And it’s funny they can talk English all the time without being spotted by the Germans around them. And the Germans didn’t quit look like that.. except for the helmet perhaps. Although they had them probably whitewashed in the winter. And they did not have those high boots and those darkish gray uniforms. And they seldom lined up for a firefight.”

“I bet you also laughed at the lousy German?”Kristl  queried.

“I wouldn’t know, I don’t know any German.” Henry shook his head.

“I bet you don’t. Living on that big island away from the rest of the world makes you a bit myopic doesn’t it? I bet you don’t even know where Stuttgart is. I mean Stuttgart in Germany, not Stuttgart in Arkansas.”

“Why should it matter where Stuttgart in Germany is?”

“You are right.. it doesn’t. Although it might have been as it says it’s based on real events. I wished that one day someone will make a movie with real American people and not those fake one’s you see in these movies who are just as fake and cardboard like as their adversaries, so that the rest of the world might at least feel that we all belong to the same species and homo sapiens is not split into homo unitedstatus and homo shootemupus.”

“But this isn’t a movie like that. It’s just mindless fun.”

“Yes, it is mindless fun, but it is also an expression of a culture and in turn it intensifies that same culture. It partly explains why some American soldiers still think they can Gung Ho into another country shooting up everything without regard because they see themselves as a company of heroes and the others as targets unless they wear skirts and have boobs: than the others are exotic love interests.”

“Geez, ease up, it’s just a movie.”

“Yes.It’s just a movie. A sad dime in a dozen movie. I wished we had seen the last of them.”

Henry walked out in a sour mood to get a beer in a downtown bar and for once he did not care which one. After he left Kristl  slid in a blue-ray into the DVD player. The sounds of Zither wafted into the room and she sat back to enjoy the Third Man.. one of her favorite postwar movies.

Henry & Kristl talk about the movie Underworld:Awakening

“You know I hesitate to say it, but Kate Beckinsale is a really cool chick. I mean I wished she jumped right into my bed, even with those heavy boots and that figure hugging suit. Lucky she found them back after she was blown to smithereens and revived in that laboratory. Although she would have been naked without them. Oh god I could device so ways to relieve them of her.” Henry grinned. He twirled the DVD of the movie in his left hand.

“I thought we were going to keep this pg rated?” Kristl  quipped. She knocked the DVD out of his hand and send it flying.

“She just looks jummy in that suit, even after all these years.. I wished I could have…. Awww.” Henry groaned loudly because Kristl  had just booted him in the shin.

“You like them boots?” Kristl grinned evilly, pointing at her worn combat boots. The kind that were cool in the eighties.

“Gosh, that hurts.” Henry rubbed his leg.

“Pity they left out that cute guy.. what was his name?”

“Scott Speedman?”

“That one! That one vampire guy hasn’t much of role. Nor that black police dude. And that kid. I really don’t like kids in action movies. This one can’t quite decide to be a hostage or some kind of remake from a Japanese horror movie. If you have to have kids in a movie, make them quiet and don’t turn them into monsters!”

“Without the kid there would be no reason for Kate to go and shoot up everyone. And how she kills: she jumps and somersaults all over the place. And some moments are really cool. Like that elevator scene where she blasts a hole in the bottom of the elevator so as not to be swatted by it when it rushes down. That one is priceless. Look how sexy she looks in that scene.”

“I wished Stephen Rea had a better part in it. I liked him in V for Vendetta, but here he seems a bit lost. And him turning into a what? A werewolf hit by baldness?” Kristl  mused.

“He did look a bit out of place. But overall I think it’s a fun movie with lot’s of shooting and action and Kate Beckinsale jumping around killing hordes of people and Lycans.”

“I think the werewolves -Lycans – are getting a bit threadbare. I wonder how long they keep on being interesting. ”

“Well, they did add that huge one. It was evil how he tossed those cars about and hunted Kate down. That part where he corners her in a booth is funny. Grawww.” Henry snarled loudly, making Kristl  jump.

“It’s not actually not Kate, but Selene.” Kristl corrected, “Kate Beckinsale is the actress, Selene is the name of the heroine.”

“I don’t think it really matters. She might as well be Kate. Without her it would be a boring mindless slaughterfest.”

“You really like her that much, Henry?”

“I sure do. I am going to start a campaign with the express purpose to get Kate to do all the next underworld movies wearing a tight PVC suit and boots, but with a wider range of guns and weapons.”

“Did you say you were going to wear a tight PVC suit?! That I want to see.”

“Very funny, Kristl .”

“I wouldn’t be surprised you get your wish fulfilled. Although the next director might be called Uwe Boll.”

“Uwe who?”

“Uwe Boll. I think he is considered the worst director currently alive.”

“Well.. it doesn’t really matter who directs it as long as Kate is in it wearing a tight suit killing lots and lots of Lycans in various ways.” Henry shouted happily.

“And to hell with the story and the directing..”Kristl  whispered.